LINN CO, KS made in

Lays next to

LAYS on MO border


Jim Laird []

Subject: Married: SANFORD--HALL

The La Cygne Weekly Journal
Linn County
May 27, 1871

SANFORD--HALL.--On the 13th inst. by the Rev. J.S. Sellers at the residence of Mrs. Powers in Leesburg, Mr. Harvey D. SANFORD, of Missouri, to Mrs. Elizabeth HALL of Leesburg.--Northern Indianan, Warsaw, Ind., May 18, 1871


The La Cynge Weekly Journal
Linn County
October 21, 1882

SELLERS--SURBER.--At Prescott, October 11, by L.H. Lane, Esquire, Mr. John Sellers and Mrs. Mary Surber, all of Linn county.


Jim Laird []

The La Cygne Weekly Journal
Linn County
February 17, 1883

A young man named SANDERS, age about 21 years, now living in Sheridan township, while residing in Arkansas twelve years ago, accidentally had a bullet shot into the bridge of his nose, from which he has since suffered pains in his head. Lately Dr. L.R. SELLERS cut the bullet of the young man's neck, below the right ear.




The 1870 Mortality Schedule of Kansas. Linn County Elizabeth Sellers, age 44, born Ind., female, white, married, died May, Infa. Rheum. (This is more than likely Elizabeth Railsback Sellers since she did not appear in the 1870 census with her husband in Linn County.)



The La Cygne Weekly Journal
Linn County
December 28, 1878

SELLERS--GOSS.--At the residence of William Goss, in Valley township, Linn county, Kansas, December 25, 1787, by L.H. Lane, Esq., Dr. L.R. Sellers, of Prescott, Kansas, and Miss Alice Goss, of Valley township.



The La Cygne Weekly Journal
June 5, 1880

Prescott items.

Dr. SELLERS has become infatuated with horse trading.




1880 census for Linn Co., KS: Sheridan, Linn Co., KS

John Sellers, abt 1823, IN self, farmer, widower, parents born KY (ck 1860 Madison Co., IN
Elvonia Sellers, abt 1857, IN, dau, house keeper

Selena Sellers, abt 1860, IN, dau, keeping house

Alma Sellers, abt 1862, IN, dau, house keepr

Mary A. Sellers, abt 1865, IN, dau, house keepr

Ora Sellers, abt 1868, IN, dau, house keepr


1880 Prescott, Linn Co., KS


Lucullus R. Sellers, abt 1848, IN, self, physician

Alice G. Sellers, abt 1856, OH, wife, keeping house


Georgia Fletcher []


1880 Linn County, Kansas

Liberty Township

District 126


Geo. W. Sellers, M, W, 51, farmer, VA, Va, VA;(ckLeeCo,Il,msh)

Margaret Sellers, F, W, 38, wife, VA, VA, VA;

Mary Sellers, F, W, 16, daughter, IL, VA, VA;

Danie B. Sellers, M, W, 13, son, IL, VA, VA.


See below for 1870 census on this family in Lee County, Illinois two

doors away from Alexander Sellers.


Linn County, KS and Rice County, KS are not close to each other but I

still suspect George W. and Alexander could be brothers.  It is

something that should be investigated.




The La Cygne Weekly Journal
Linn County
January 28, 1882

ATKINSON--SELLERS-- At the residence of the bride's parents, Paola, Kas., January 19, 1882, by Rev. Mr. Broad, Dr. C.C. Atkinson, of La Cygne and Miss Maggie A. Sellers of Paola.








Subject: Misc. Items; LaCygne: May 19, 1899

The LaCygne Weekly Journal
Linn County
May 19, 1899

Mrs. William GOSS left Wednesday for Fort Scott to be present at the commencement exercises of the High school at that place. Miss Peral SELLERS, a relative of Mrs. Goss, graduates there this year.



1900 Linn County, Kansas

  Paris Township

  George W. Sellers, head, W, M, July 1829, age 70, married 40 years, VA, VA, VA

  Margaret Sellers, wife, W, F, March 1843, age 57, married 40 years, 5 children born, 1 child living, VA, VA, VA



Georgia L. Fletcher []

  1900 Linn County, Kansas

  Paris Township

  Alfred Cook, head, W, M, Sep 1854, age 45, married 15 years, Michigan, NY,


  Lizzzie Cook, wife, W, F, May 1864, age 36, married 15 years, IL, VA, VA

  Ray Cook, son, W, M, March 1890  age 10, single, KS, MI, IL


  1910 Linn County, Kansas

  Paris Township

  Alfred Cook, head, M, W, 58, M1, married 25 years, MI, NY, NY, farmer

  M. Elizabeth Cook, wife, F, W, 45, M1, married 25 years, IL,WV, WV

  Roy Cook, adopted son, W, M, 20, KS, KS, KS

  next door is

  Margaretta Sellers, head, F, W, 68, widowed, WV, unknown, unknown


  1920 Linn County, Kansas

  Alfred Cook, head, M, W, 66, married, MI, NY, NY, general farmer

  Mary E. Cook, wife, F, W, 56, married, IL, VA, VA

  Margaret Sellers, mother-in-law, F, W, 79, widowed, VA, WV, WV


  Gracie, it looks like they are saying West Virginia some of the time as to

where they came from.  West Virginia was made a state in 1863, mostly from

Virginia lands. See if you can find if any other states became a part of

West Virginia to look for George W. Sellers and Alexander Sellers.  I have

tried to find George Sellers and wife Elizabeth in 1850 and have had no luck

so far.



Georgia L. Fletcher []








MARY SELLERS 73 OH, W, DAD VA, MOM   , living alone





JW39 []

Cadmus Cemetery (Elm Grove) Scott TWP., Linn Co., Kansas

Block #9

Lot # 13 - Sellers

Daniel B. Sellers   22 May 1867  -  9 January 1883

George W. Sellers    1829  -  1907 per obit he died 6 Feb. 1906? Contact Ola

Mae for his obit.

Margaret (-----) Sellers  1842  -  1932

Alfred Cook       1853 - 1932

Mary E. (Sellers) Cook        1864 - 1932


Also =Found a John Sellers in Woodland Cem. in Mound City, Linn Co., KS

Block #220  Lot # 3 owned by Brice & J.G. Wortman

John Sellers  1822 - 1912

Elizabeth (Railsback) Sellers   1827 - 1870

Mary (----) Sellers  1847 - 1929  2nd wife

 You also asked about whom to contact for obits, I think probably :

Ola May Earnest,  "President"

Linn County Historical Society

"Vice President", Linn Co., Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 137

Pleasanton, Kansas 66075


They published this cemeteries book back in 1987..and you'll note above in

your family she has made a note about the obituary discrepantcy.  Also, if

you ever need other lookups, it would be appreciated if you have the census

to send the TWP. where they lived, as this book is indexed by TWP's, not

that you would have known that, but its 778 pages in size. Where in Iowa do

you do lookups.  I might have some business for you later.....Ha!

Good Luck and hope I was of help.

Sincerely, Janice





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> JANICE.  I need a look up for a GEORGE W. SELLERS born ca 1830 VA.

> he is on the 1880 and 1900 LINN CO, KS census.

> his wife was Margaret., dau, Mary and son Daniel, that we know of.


> His brother or his dad were 7th day advents.


> HOW do you obtain obits for Linn Co, KS?

> DO they have a genealogy society or who is best to contact?


> THANK YOU. I do look ups also. APPRECIATE.

> marie, iowa

Cadmus Cemetery, Linn Co., KS

Block IX, Lot 13

George W. Sellers 1829 - 1907 (d. 2/6/1906?)  obit
I think this must mean the latter date was from the obit.

Margaret  1842 - 1932  

Daniel B. Sellers  5/11/1867 - 1/9/1883

Mary (Sellers) Cook  1864 - 1932
(I wonder if she died about the time her mother did?)

Alfred Cook 1853 - 1932 (!)  (Wonder what was around in 1932?)

Mary E. Sellers married Alfred Cook in Linn Co. on 2/21/1885.  Book 3, Page 355

Write to Ola Mae Ernest at
Linn County Historical Society
107 W. Park St.
Pleasanton, KS 66075

She has MANY obituaries & lots of information so she may have lots of new information for you.

Best of Luck with your research.


George W. Sellers lived near Farlinville, Linn County, Ks. He died at his
home, 6, Feb. 1906 and was buried  7, Feb. 1906 at Cadmus Cemetery, Linn
County, Ks.  He was born 11, July, 1829 in Jackson County, Va.
He moved from Va. to Ill. in 1851.  Then moved from there to Ks. 35 years
ago.  He leaves a wife and one child.                        

[Parker Messinger: 9-Feb-1906.]


Also =Found a John Sellers in Woodland Cem. in Mound City, Linn Co., KS Block #220 Lot # 3 owned by Brice & J.G. Wortman John Sellers 1822 - 1912
Elizabeth (Railsback) Sellers 1827 - 1870
Mary (----) Sellers 1847 - 1929 2nd wife

Gracie in Okla.
[who is becoming a comp tech out of nessessity.]

gracie []



Linn County, Kansas: A History, by William A. Mitchell, 1928, pg. 351 "John Sellers from Madison county, Indiana, and his wife Elizabeth Railsback from Wayne county, Indiana, were the parents of Emma who married John Miller. The other children were Lucullus Railsback Sellers who married Alice Goss, Estella married O. Manlove, Viola married A. J. Jackson, Alma never married, Ora married Dr. J. J. Workman." (The marriage records show that it was Getella or Gaitella who married Orlando Manlove. Census records both show an Estella and Getella listed together)