DONIPHAN CO, KANSAS (made in 1855 -Original Co)
lays next to Buchanan,  Co, Mo



Don Co, Kansas
Oakland M. E. Church is located in the northwest part of Wayne
 Township. The first M. E. Church organization in this part of the
 county was formed in the spring of 1858 by Rev. T. McK.
 Munhall, and called Independence. The following named persons
 were the first members: Rev. Abraham Bennett, Rachel Bennett,
 Celinda Bennett, Francis A. Baker, Caroline Shaw, Diantha
 Edgerton, Jacob Smith, Rachel Smith, Moriah Smith, William
 Smith and Matilda Adams. At first they worshiped in a vacant
 house on the place then owned by George Buck, which was used
 for a church and schoolhouse. They also conducted a very
 interesting Sunday school at that time. After the Prairie Grove
 Schoolhouse was built, services were held there awhile, afterward
 in Pleasant Ridge Schoolhouse. In 1879, this organization united
 with a small society at Oakland, and in 1880 the Oakland Church
 was built, a frame building 28x40 feet. At the present time, it is
 one of the best churches of its size in the county.


 Of persons subject to military duty in the first subdistrict of the
 Northern District of Kansas, consisting of Iowa Township,
 Doniphan County, under the act of Congress of March 3, 1863,
 "for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other
Sollers, Sabert      32  Near Highland.

Contributed by Steven
From: Doniphan County Kansas 1868-1869 Citizens Directory.
      Published by the Northwest Missouri Genealogy Society

Sollers, Franklin H.    Farmer-renter   Wayne Tp.
Sollers, Marsh L.       Farmer          Bur Oak Township.
Sollers Enus            Farmer-Renter   Bur Oak Tp.
Sollers, James          Farmer-renter   Wathena, Bur Oak Tp.
Sollers, Mrs. M.A.      (Widow)         Columbus, Bur Oak Tp.
Sollers, S.             Farmer-renter   Lafayette, Iowa Tp.
Sollers, A.J.           Farmer          Palermo, Wayne Tp. 

DAVID BAKER, page 142, Wash twn
Emanuel BAKER, page 211,Wolf river twn
Geo BAKER, page 61, Center twn
Mary J. SOLLARS, page 71, Center twn
Sabert SOLLARS, page 71, Center twn 

FROM:        "Steven A. Braman"

> 1870 Census
> page no. 142 film #432
> Inhabitants in Washington Twp, in the County of Doniphan, State of
> Kansas, enumerated by me on the 18th day of June, 1870
> Post office: Wathena   E.F. Dixon, Ass't Marshal
> 29 26 30 Baker, David   61 M W Laborer  0/210   Penn
>                 Jane    35 F W Keeps House      Ind    cannot r/w(dau of Monos T.SELLERS) >  
               David   22 M W Laborer          Iowa   cannot r/w
>                 Henry   12 M W                  Iowa   attend school
>                 Cassey   9 F W                  Kan     " "
>                 Frances  6 F W                  Kan
>                 Adaline  4 F W                  Kan
>                 Clarissa 2 F W                  Kan
>                 Daniel   1 M W                  Kan 

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