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Dear Harold & Eddleman Cousins,

This timeline is a great idea!  I had some time a few months ago to do more
research on my West Virginia Eddleman family...checking some census
etc.  So following is the most recent timeline for my family.  I keep
thinking that just one or two more steps back and we have to connect to
someone!  :-)

Keep up the great work Harold!

Chris Eddleman-Buzek

Hundred WV was:
Ohio till 1835 > Marshall Co. VA till 1863 >  Tyler Co till 1846 >  Wetzel
County Seat is New Martinsville

West Virginia became a state in 1863.

1880 Census - Tyler Co. WV
no Eddleman listed in Tyler Co. WV

1880 Census - Wetzel Co. WV   -  (my great, great grandfather)
Edleman, Isaac - wm 34 - farmer - WV, WV, WV
 Nancy - wf 34 - house - WV, PA, PA
 Beunavista - wf12 - dau - WV, WV, WV
 Jefferson - wm 10 - son - WV, WV, WV (father of Earl Jolly)
 Nancy - wf8 - dau - WV, WV, WV
 Mary - wf6 - dau - WV, WV, WV
 (There is a very large tombstone for Isaac & Nancy at the cemetary in
Hundred WV.)

1870 Census - WV.
Eddleman, Isaac - Wetzel Co. - 150 - Church Twp. - WV

1860 Census -
Eddleman, Mary - Tyler Co. WV - 851- Murcers Bottom, PO, 1860 - (?who is
Mary???  no one in the family knows who this Mary is and we have a lot of

1860 Census - Ohio, Carroll County, Carrolton Twp. - page 295, roll 935
Eddleman, Jacob - 33 m - Blacksmith - Real Estate Value $400  -  Personal
Estate Value $100.
 Rebecca - 32 f
 John - 9 m
 Mary I. - 7 f - born Ohio
 Samuel S. - 6 m. - born Ohio
(?Is this our Jacob?  Did Elizabeth die? divorce?  Isaac would be 15 and
James 14 and could be in an apprenticeship, living away from home? )

Could Jacob and Rebecca have been married 10 years, just after the last

1850 Census - Marshall Co. VA - August 6, 1850 - page 263

Eddleman, Jacob - 23 m - born Va. - can't read or write
 Elizabeth - 23 f - born Pa.
 Isaac - 5 m - born Va. - attended school
 James - 4 m - born Va.
(born in 1827, married in 1834)

1840 Census VA:  (no Eddleman in Marshall Co. VA) -- WV doesn't exist yet.

We need to research the Pa Eddleman more closely, as great grandmother Mary
Sellers was born in Rogersville Pa.  Also her mother's first husband was a
 and the 1860 Census Pa. West has
Eddleman, John - Greene Co.  611  Morgan Twp
Sellers, James  - Greene Co.  303 Center Twp.
Lightner, Samantha A.  Greene Co.  284 Center Twp.

CHRIS - Sending thro our SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP - Love These Census Info that tell AGES -
WHAT do you have on MARY SELLERS LIGHTNER and kids etc.

OUR SELLERS are good Sharers - But, we need to Know, Who, Where we Are!

Mary Sellers was born 1874 in Rogersville Greene Cty. PA.
She died in Alliance Ohio  1966 but was buried in Sand Hill Cemetary, Pa.

My Eddleman family comes from Hundred WV which is where Mary lived with her
husband Jefferson Eddleman.  Sand Hill Cemetary is just across the state
line, the cemetary is divided by the state line.

Her father was James Sellers, b. July 1, 1846 - d. 1937.  His parents were
George & Mary Robinson all of Waynesburg Pa.

James brothers were Asa b. Nov. 17, 1852 - d. Dec. 24, 1921, wives Jane
Phillips and Mary Jones.. and Lindsey (no info).

Mary's mother was Rebecca Douston.  Her parents were David Douston & Sarah
Brown 1824-1904.  Sarah also married J.V. Morris, and there were 4 more

Rebecca's first husband was John Lightner, b. 1840 d. 1915,  and she was
3rd wife and must have been young as he died leaving her with a young son,
William Arliss.

James & Mary also had C. Russell, Harry Milford and Sadie.

And that's all for the moment.  With the new timelines on the Eddleman
I just waiting to find the next generation or two and connecting with an
established family line.

TIA for any info on the Sellers family!

Chris Eddleman-Buzek

CHRIS - Thank You, I Think I can see your family here in 1850 GREENE CO, PA
Household #60
SELLERS. George, 24 PA, farmer
SELLERS, Mary, 25 PA
SELLERS, James, 4 PA
SELLERS, Maria, 1 PA

Now, maybe one of our members will explain which family they belong to! Do
know Where this Asa died 1921 died?
marie, iowa

You made my day with the 1850 Green Co. Pa. info!

I have most of an obituary for Asa that says he was from Waynesburg....a
leading citizen.  I could email you a copy if you are interested!

We are having an Eddleman Family Reunion here in Akron Ohio on July 4 since
us cousins have lost touch with each other over the years.  They will be
very excited to hear the news and find out about this new part of the

Again, Thanks so much.