Kee Family, Illinois & Huffman Washington Co. Pa.
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Hi Marie, to the question you ask, who was this Andrew Keys in Peoria, Ill.
years 1860-80. IM sorry that I can't help you out on that, nor, who was
Morris Sellers who was living in Peoria, 1860-70. If I get a chance, I will
go to Peoria, Library and do some research on this Morris S. As for my
and Sarah Kee, they were living in  McDonough County Ill. when the 1860
census was taken. On said census it has, Andrew Kee. 27, Ohio--wife Sarah
(Sellers) Kee. 27, Pa.-Mary Kee 5, Ill.-William Kee 3, Ill. & Elija Kee
Ill. In the 1880 census of Hancock County. Ill. Harmony Twp. I found listed
William Kee 23, Ill.--Bell w.f. 20, Ill.--Viola Kee. 15 Ill. & Luther Kee.
age 10. Ill. (Just where Andrew and Sarah were at this date?) but William
listed as the head of the household hear. In Sarah (Sellers) Kee, 1922,
obituary, Hancock County Ill. it has that she gave birth to 9 children. How
many live to adult hood?  But the obituary has that 5 children and her
husband preceded her in death. The Kee family (that is Andrew L. or J.
Kee,parents) I will give you some history.--William KeeJr., 1-5-1806 in
Washington County Maryland. He married a Mary Fisher date 11-11-1830. In
Brownsville, Pa, William and Mary Kee, lived in Va. for 18 months, which is
now part of W.V. They then moved to Coshocton County Ohio, where there 7
children were born. Andrew Jackson 8-18-1832, Sarah Eleanor 10-4-1834,
5-14-1837. Elizabeth Ann 1-22-1839, Martha Jane 7-13-1842, Mary Elizabeth
1-17-1845 and Samuel born 3-7-1847. This whole family lived in said county
Ohio, for 22 years, when they moved to Fulton County Ill. year 1853. One
later, they moved to McDonough County, Ill. (This Mary E. born 1845, was
Mary E. Kee that married Henry Albert Maxwell in McDonough County Ill. year
9-19-1867.)-----As for my Sellers clan, ASA and family moved hear (Peoria)
some time in the early 1870s for none of my Sellers clan, ( none of Asa and
Eleanor White Sellers children) are listed in Peoria's census for the year
1870----This 1880 index for Cole County MO. on Thomas J. Sellers age 33 Pa,
and Mary E. age 25 Ill. and children Raymon 8, Ca. and Minnie 5 Ca.--as
as this 1900 index for Henry Co., MO. On F. J Sellers or T. J.  Sellers age
52, Pa. and Mary E. age 45, Ill, and Minnei L. 25 Ca. and Claud O. age 15
sound's very promising, sense it also lines up with the 1920 census that
sent me on Pratt, Ks =Mary E. Sellers age 65, Ill. living with her mother
Sarah Kerg?=Kee age 87. Oh. = Pa. & this Claud Sellers age 34, MO. (What
the odds that this is not the same family ??)  But IM not going to hold my
breath. I am sure hoping that someone will come up with the 1870 index of
Jeff. twp. On this F. J.  or T. J.  Sellers. T. J.  and Mary might not had
been married in the year of 1870, sense there oldest child, was born about
1872. but as you wrote, maybe the 1870 census will tell where T. J.
were from.------------

 The Kee Family.
Andrew Kee, the father of Mary E. ( Kee ) Sellers, mention above. And the X
husband or Sarah (Sellers) Kee. If you recall Andrew Kee, and Sarah Sellers
were married in Coshocton County Ohio 1853, and then moved to Ill. (Sarah
daughter of Asa and Eleanor [White) Sellers) Andrew and his new wife Isabel
were found in the 1900 Census of Jasper County, MO. They had been married
years. They had a daughter named Daisy Kee, in the 1900 Census she was age
17, and born in MO. She later married a Louis H. Schmidt. This whole family
are buried in the Kee Plot, at Forest Park Cemetery. Jasper County, MO.

MARCH 9, 2003

   Morning Marie, if you find that time would you put this obituary on the Sellers of Hancock County Illinois web site. This Sarah was the daughter of Asa Sellers of Green County Pa. born about 1805. & daughter of Eleanor
( White ) Sellers. this family can be found in the 1850 census of Coshecton County Ohio. Thank you. Dennis. H.

  The Cartage Republican News, March 29, 1922.      ( Hancock County Ill.)
Miss Sarah Sellers was born at Waynesburg Pa. in Sept, 19, 1832, And departed
this life at the home of her daughter Mrs. Charles Bellville March 22, 1922. Age 89 and 6 months and 10
days.She came with her parents to Ohio. Later coming to Ill. She was united
in marriage to Andrew L. Kee. May 1, 1853. They settled in Harmony Twp. east of Bentley Ill. Where a family of 9 children were born. Mr. Kee and five of the children preceded her in death. Those living are Mrs. Mary E. Sellers of Pratt, Ks. Mrs. Charles Bellville of Carthage Ill. and Mrs., Viola Michaelis
of Chicago, Ill. and one son, L. J.  Kee of Plymouth Ill. and a number of
grandchildren. She was laid to rest March 24th. at Harmony Cemetery.// Hear are the list of the Kee children's names that I have taken from the 1860  census of McDonough County ILL. Mary age 5, William age 3, Elijh 5/12 all born Ill. Listed below is where this family is in the 1880 census of Illinois & Missouri

    Subj: 1880 Kee Family, Ill. & Mo

1880 United States Census

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Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
John R. JACKSON   Self   M   Male   W   31   KY   Landlord   KY   KY 
Anna L. JACKSON   Wife   M   Female   W   41   IL   Landlady   KY   KY 
William HINES   SSon   S   Male   W   13   IL   At School   OH   IL 
Clara B. JACKSON   Dau   S   Female   W   8   IL   At School   KY   IL 
Sarah KEE   Other   D   Female   W   47   PA   Cook In Hotel   PA   PA 
Emma DAVIS   Other   S   Female   W   19   IL   Waiter In Hotel   TN   KY 
Charles E. BRYANT   Other   S   Male   W   23   IL   Clk In Hote   KY   KY 
John B. GLENN   Other   M   Male   W   48   TN   Painter   IRE   IRE 
Robert AYERS   Other   W   Male   W   85   IRE   Boarder   IRE   IRE 
Lucius H. BARRON   Other   M   Male   W   35   NY   Dealing In Stock   VT   NH 
Emerson H. GILES   Other   S   Male   W   19   PA   Clk In Dry Goods Store   PA   PA 
Eugene W. MOON   Other   S   Male   W   36   IN   Printer   NY   VT 
George F. MCKINNEY   Other     Male   W   29   VA   Agr. Agt.   VA   VA 
Chester P. HAZELTON   Other   M   Male   W   53   NY   Agr. Agt.   NY   NY 
Elizabeth PASSMORE   Other   S   Female   W   57   RI   Boarder   RI   RI 
John W. EVERETT   Other   M   Male   W   41   PA   Dry Goods Merchant   PA   PA 

Source Information:
Census Place Carthage, Hancock, Illinois
Family History Library Film   1254211
NA Film Number   T9-0211
Page Number   60A

                 Listing of the Kee Children

1880 United States Census

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 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 William KEE   Self   S   Male   W   23   IL   Farmer   PA   PA 
 Bell KEE   Sister   S   Female   W   20   IL   Keeping House   PA   PA 
 Viola KEE   Sister   S   Female   W   15   IL   At Home   PA   PA 
 Luther KEE   Brother   S   Male   W   10   IL      PA   PA 

Source Information:
  Census Place Harmony, Hancock, Illinois
  Family History Library Film   1254211
  NA Film Number   T9-0211
  Page Number   137C
1880 United States Census
       Daughter Mary ( Kee ) Sellers

                1880 COLE CO, MO

THOMAS J. SELLERS 33 PA jeff twn (ck 1900 HENRY CO)
     Daughter Mary E Sellers listed in Sarah's obituary  1920 Census

1920 PRATT CO, KS =

                        Divorce Husband of Sarah ( Sellers ) Kee

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 Name     Relation    Marital Status    Gender    Race    Age    Birthplace    Occupation    Father's Birthplace    Mother's Birthplace   
 Andrew J. KEE      Self      M      Male      W      47      OH      Carpenter & Builder      PA      VA    
 Isabella A. KEE      Wife      M      Female      W      32      OH      Keeping House      OH      OH    
 Maggie CAMERY      Cousin      S      Female      W      15      OH      Servant      OH      OH    

Source Information:
     Census Place    South River, Marion, Missouri   
     Family History Library Film      1254702   
     NA Film Number      T9-0702   
     Page Number      363A