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James & Emily SELLERS
I am looking for information on the SELLERS family of Virginia and New
York.  James SELLERS was born in 1847 in Virginia (might have been a slave)
and Emily CARTER SELLERS was born in 1848 in Virginia.
James and Emily had six children,
Martha Marie SELLERS, 
Delilah SELLERS,
William SELLERS,

If you have any information or
suggestions on researching African-American SELLERS in Virginia, I would
appreciate your assistance.

Ms. Kenyatta D. Berry

         "Kenyatta D. Berry" <>

        I am looking for information on an African-American SELLERS family in
Virginia who later moved to upstate NewYork.  Do you have any suggestions
or any information on African-American SELLERS around 1865 or 1870 in
Madison or Culpeper County, VA. Thanks for your assistance.

Ms. Kenyatta D. Berry

        I do not know if my ancestors were free persons of color or slaves.  I do
not know if the SELLERS surname was the master's name or not.  I know that
Emily CARTER  born in 1847 and classified as a mulatto married James
SELLERS born in 1848 in Virginia.  I know that they were living in Locust
Dale Township in Madison County, Virginia in 1870 and Martha Marie SELLERS
was born in 1869, in Locust Dale Township.  I am specifically looking for
marriage information on Emily CARTER and James SELLERS married prior to
1869.  Martha SELLERS married John LEWIS (date unknown).  It is difficult
to find information because many records did not contain blacks until 1865
or 1870.  My family were historically farmers and continued to farm in
upstate NewYork.  Any information or suggestions woulg be appreciated.

Ms. Kenyatta D. Berry

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What does the 1860 census show-white or black. Our Texas census makes
that distinction. If James Sellers was classified white, I would work 
on his ancestors as white and the mothers in both white and black, since
there was mixed blood. I have a GGGgrandmother who was (according to her
will) a woman of color) an emancipated slave. She died in 1823 and was
more than likeley a slave (black or indian) who had been owned by the
father of her husband. At this time I have had no luck with her
background, but the 1850 Arkansas Census shows her as white, therefore
I believe that she was also of mixed blood, probably daughter of the
owner and a female slave, whatever color that may be. If you can find
Martha's will it could be a help.  Hope my two cents worth gives you
another lead.  I also have SELLERS and the 1790 census of the US shows
how many slaves were owned at that time. Also some Census up to 1870
listed slaves with owners. Check the Slave schedule film for the years
and states that you are working in. Nothing ventured-nothing gained.
Who knows/ you just might find her. That is the way I plan to go when
I get the time to work on her. Mine was a slave to the BLAKENEY families
of South Carolina and Tennessee. Good hunting, Juanita DaCosta

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        Are there any more SELLERS marriages for Virginia, if you could send me a
copy, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

Ms. Kenyatta D. Berry

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I am looking for African-American SELLERS from New York, Georgia, Michigan
and the East Coast in general.  Please e-mail me at

             Re: SELLERS
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Dear Kenyatta,
There are six listings under Sellers in the Howard Univ. Alumni Directory.
Do you want theses names and addresses?

           Re: VA Sellers

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I am searching for any information on the African-American
Sellers family from Albemarle and Culpeper, Virginia.  My
ancestry is as follows:

James Phillip Sellers b. 1847 in Albemarle County, Virginia
m. Emily Ann Carter b. 1849 in Locust Dale, Virginia.  They
moved to Cedar Mountain, Culpeper, Virginia around 1880 and
in 1887 James Phillip Sellers became one of the founding
trustees of Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Culpeper,

I am interested in any information on the Sellers families
in those counties, including white Sellers who owned
plantations in the Virginia area.

We have several mulatto's and blacks in this area of
Albemarle Co, VA .
Do you know Where they are in 1850.
EMILY ANN  CARTER on 1850 census with parents?
There is a JOHN SELLERS born 1792 VA
and wasn't there an elderly DANIEL SELLERS in this area?

Have you found them on an 1850 census?
DO you have a list or abstract of wills FOR Albemarle Co,
IF you have JAMES PHILIP SELLERS 1847 proven him born 
here , there could be Slaves listed in the wills.
What about Civil War records = Any SELLERS listed?

DO you have the 1870 Census for ALBEMARLE or/and MADISON CO,
WE will link your info and documents to these counties and
send thro the SELLERS discussion group.
WE do NOT have much connection to these SELLERS!
Have the 1880 extraction if you need.
THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa