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Hiram and Sarah were my stepfather's great grandparents. Please contact me at dpogrant@new.rr.com and we discuss the family.


THANKS for sharing SELLERS. Would like the child EACH of you connect to and where went to. Esp any of the earlier kids in IL, may help Others find kids in this family. NEED Hiram's kids and where any went = Believe we worked on this family years ago and didn't prove HIRAM N. SELLERS 1838 oh with father and mother born PA. I show a link of Wash Co., Oh/Mercer Co., IL/Rock Island, IL to Stony Battery, Newberry, South Carolina and MANY gaps in between. YOUR help on any documents proving this family appreciated. marie, iowa mari@netins.net


Hiram Nelson Sellers – 1840 – 1926 – born in OH, died in FL, buried in Reynolds, IL
1st wife – Sarah Leeds – 1843 – 1889 – born in IL, died in IL
John Felix Sellers – Sept 1862
Robert Hiram Sellers – March 7, 1865 (my lineage)
Madison Sellers – Feb 8 1867
Mary L Sellers – Jan 29, 1868
Charles Edgar Sellers – June 17, 1870
Oscar Clyde Sellers – May 11, 1873
Ivy I Sellers – Sept 10, 1875
Baby son Sellers – Sept 10, 1875
George Elmer Sellers – Sept 15, 1877
Cynthia Pearl Sellers – Sept 23, 1880
Aaron Leeds Sellers – May 26, 1883
Nellie Dell Sellers – Feb 9, 1886
Baby Sellers – Sept 11, 1889

It’s believed that Sarah died giving birth to the last baby

2nd wife – Helen Fisher – In the 1900 Census IL – Mercer – Aledo - Hiram is married to Helen F and have been married 9 years with no children but Lee (Felix) and Nellie are living with them.

3rd wife – Elizabeth Edwards – In the 1910 Census – OK – Comanche – Temple – Hiram is married to Elizabeth Edwards -

Elizabeth Edwards – 1848 – 1910 – died after 1910 in OK

1920 Census – SC – Newberry – Prosperity – Stoney Battery
Hiram is living with his son-in-law Osmond Simeon Miller and daughter Nellie Dell.
He lived with Nell and her family in St. Petersburg, FL and that is where he died in 1926. He was brought back to Reynolds, IL and is buried there.

My lineage is Hiram N Sellers and Sarah Leeds > Robert Hiram Sellers & Mattie Lewis > Myrtle Mary Sellers and Daniel Webster Fullerton > Merle Burdette Fullerton and Fairy Stocker Fullerton > Kay Pogrant (me).

Information I have on the children; believe all born in Mercer Co, IL
John Felix – Sept 1862 - no further info
Robert Hiram – Mar 7, 1865 – Jan 16, 1926 – buried in Crivitz, WI
Madison – Feb 8, 1867 – Feb 20, 1867
Mary L – Jan 29, 1868 – Oct 7, 1870
Charles Edgar – June 17, 1870 – Jan 20, 1951
Oscar Clyde – May 11, 1873 – no further info
Ivy I – Sept 10, 1875 – Sept 15, 1876
Baby Son – Sept 10, 1875 – Sept 15, 1876
**George Elmer – Sept 15, 1877 – reported that George left when quite young and was never seen again.
Cynthia Pearl – Sept 23, 1880 – Apr 4, 1941
Aaron Leeds – May 26, 1883
Nellie Dell – Feb 9, 1886 – 1974 – died in St. Petersburg, FL
Baby Sellers – Sept 11, 1889 – Sept 11, 1889

Nell's daughter Madge is still living in St. Petersburg.

Kris R, Jacqueline & Madge have been a big help along the way. After all, “it takes a village” when you are dealing with genealogy doesn’t it?

There are others that have much more information than I do. We have been trying to get our info together so we can get a more complete picture of this family.

If I have any incorrect info, please let me know. This has been a long struggle to get what I have and I would like to make it as accurate as possible.



KAY, thank you .

DO, we know these families =

GEO SELLERS, PAGE 284 JOLLY TWP =21000001-0020001=
MALE 50/60
MALE 5/10
FEMALE 40/50
FEMALE 10/15
JOHN HANSELL =000020001/10000001=

1850 WASH CO, OH
HIRAM SELLERS 12 OH, PAGE 1028 JOLLY TWP (ck Mercer Co., Il)
living with


MAY be some HANSELL/HENSELL info to check out?
Do we have Hirams death cert? obit?
I did Not see on a war file.

marie, iowa

Those names aren't familiar to me but as you said, it's s omething to check out. I have nothing before Hiram. I know someone has the obit, pictures, etc., of Hiram and said they would send me a copy but I haven't received it yet.
I don't know if there is something in the obituary that would help me get to older generations or not


KAY, thanks. Yes, obit could list a brother/sister/aunt/uncle. Death cert could show parents.

We know we have two brothers here in Monroe and Washington Co., Oh with land in 1830's. George Sellers kids are proven by a court record. John Sellers kids are Not proven by me. But, I see someone has linked Hiram and Nathaniel to his family. These are the extra Sellers kids on the 1850 Wash Co., Oh census living close to their brother George 1815 and uncle George 1789. Its possible the mother died about this time. You'd think some court records, but father still living and perhaps others just cared or let them live with them. I didn't see a Sellers marriage to any of the neighbors.

Send me your email at mari@netins.net and I can share some pages you are welcome to read/study. You may have.

Perhaps the other party writing will share their family with us also.

JOHN SELLERS 1784 dau Elizabeth Sweeney named a son Hiram Nelson Sweeney. Is this a family name?

thanks for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa


Marie, I have sent you a separate message. I have so little on the Sellers family, that I don't know if Sweeney is a family name. I have so much to learn about this family.


From: dan and kay [mailto:dpogrant@new.rr.com] Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2007 6:18 PM To: mari@netins.net Subject: Sellers

Hello Marie; Getting information on the Sellers side of the family has been like pulling teeth from a chicken. My dads side of the family just has no interest in family history and of course, the older ones who may have some information and memories, are slowly passing away. I now have 4 people from the Sellers family who promised me information and have not sent it. The one who has the obits, pictures, newspaper articles, said he'd send them to me and I quickly sent him a packet of what I have. Guess I shouldn't have been so quick; should have held my info for ransom. ;))) Another lady has mentioned several times she has a packet of info all ready to send to me and still have not received it. That is frustrating. Madge Miller, granddaughter of Hiram, is alive and is 94 (I think) and she said she had a photo of Hiram but was going to have to ask someone to get a copy for me. Another lady actually lives not too far from me and does have some Sellers pictures. In fact I sent her a very poor copy of the son of Hiram (only pic I have of that generation) and she told me that she had a much better picture of Robert. Of course, she said she'd send me a copy and hasn't. Marie, what AM I doing wrong.......ha.... The lady who answered my message online has sent me a mesage and said her husband is a great grandson, I believe, to Cynthia Pearl Sellers, Hiram's daughter. She sent a little info but I am not sure she has a lot. Kay Pogrant


KAY, you are doing okay. Others are slow sometimes responding and NEED another email followup. Esp on these pictures of your family. GET them now. before they die, etc. Do you have a cell or free phone? use it, now.

Copies of pictures can be made on the cheap copier at walmart, etc = does not need to be photo copy = for others to share with you. It turns out well . Sometimes, we may think we share too much, too soon. IF YOU DON'T SHARE, you won't find cousins, etc. And you found 4 = Very Good.

All the forum messages go thro our Sellers discussion group and I have seen NO responses. We have worked on this family and went back to Wash Co., OH = Where we may need deeds, court records , etc. I believe they owned land, so deed/land records are there? And no one has sent this info. I post Every document I have or sent to me.

Do you use usgenweb washington and monroe co, oh ? or their message boards? might ask for info on land deeds and a lookup on same. The Cynthia Pearl SELLERS , I don't show = don't have all kids posted = I would Follow up on and ASK for info. THANKS for sharing.

When I don't have info to share, you may not hear anything from me/us. But, we are interested in this family. PARENTS of this possible family are proven to Greene Co., Pa KEEP in touch.

OK, did I say I would send link? . what I think of now is = monroe and washington co, oh and I believe links on there to our other pages. ? http://www.sellers-sellars-sollars-zellars.net/ohwash.htm http://www.sellers-sellars-sollars-zellars.net/ohmonroe.htm These counties lay Very close to each other and county lines changed. marie, iowa


I just asked Melody for more information on Cynthia Pearl Sellers family and sent Kris R a note so perhaps I will get more info. kay


Hi Marie; All good thoughts, Marie. I know I wouldn't have all the info I have if others didn't share and I was just whining about not getting things in return. :))) I worked so hard just to find out that Hiram had died and then find out that others have all of that information and not sharing, is frustrating. I'm like a little kid waiting for something to come in the mail. You know how that is!! Ha.....well, I will get over it and try again. I have sent many pictures out to people and lots of info so I am trying to get the family out there so my end of it isn't lost anyway. I have found no one knows/knew anything about my grandmothers tail of the family. She was a wonderful woman and don't want others to not know her. I will work on the Ohio sites you sent. Thanks so much for sending me the links. I am going to print them out and work on them. I have worked tons on Tuscarawas Co, OH on another side of the family. I also want to thank you for keeping the Sellers site going and asking questions and keeping all of us on track. Kay Pogrant


I did get Hiram's obituary from Steve in Illinois. It is quite long but unfortunately, the only name is Hirams. He didn't list his wives, children or parents. I am assuming he wrote it himself.

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