Larry and Kathy Hall <ljkdhall@netins.net>
         Does anyone have information on the Robert Sellers Sr. of Burke Co, NC?
Do you know his children's names?  Also is there early plat books of the
area?   Where did he live before Burke Co, NC?  Is this Seller line
English? Irish?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks Kathy Iowa

KATHY, Thanks, Yes we have several working on Robert and Sarah HALL
SELLERS - I hope you
have some HALL data to share - We need it to maybe help us connect these
Burke Co, NC
Sellers further back.
We have some land transactions - mostly what was published by Huggins-
Which child do you connect to=name/age and who married , etc- went where?
Thanks for sharing - Where in Iowa are you? marie, iowa

My husband's ancestor's are descendents of
Mary Polly Sellers b.7-21-1774 Burke Co., NC and Died 8-2-1858 Todd Co,
She married Micajah Hall 9-26-1796 Rutherford Co, NC.
Mary Polly Sellers was fittified.
Shortly after their marriage abt 1796 -1799 they moved to Todd Co, KY.
They had 8 children:
John 1797
Micajah 1799
Sarah 1801
Mary 1804
Young 1806
Elizabeth 1809
Seley 1813
Tempey b.1815
I believe Robert Sellers (b. possibly between 1735-1755) is Mary's father
and she had a
brother Jacob
from researching the Hall line. Is the Robert Sellers Sr. mentioned so
often fit this time
frame? I see an Isaac Sellers mentioned in the marriage bonds. (brother or
uncle?)   I need
to tie Mary's siblings together.  I need a listing of Robert Sellers Sr.
wife and children
names etc.  Apparently
there is also a brother Robert?  On the Hall side says that Micajah was
born in Maryland.
Micajah's father is John Hall.   It seems like these early Sellers
and Hall lines may have known each other for quite a time.  There seems
to be land transactions and marriages between the families.  Does this
Sellers line have ties to Maryland also?  Did most of the Sellers stay in
Does anyone have early plat maps or a county map highlighted with the
area of the land that Robert Sellers owned.  I like to take my kids on
driving vacations and show them where there ancestors lived even if no
house exists.
 If you know anyone with Hall information I would be interested also.  I
do not know any of John Hall's children's names nor his wife's name or
any dates/places.  The information must be somewhere since I have such a
definite birthdate.

Thanks so much for your reply.  Kathy

KATHY - Thanks - We Need Documents to Prove SELLERS/HALLS info =
wills/marriages , etc=
PLEASE SEND, and thanks for sharing HALLS/SELLERS,marie, iowa
Is the Robert Sellers Sr. mentioned so
often fit this time
This ROBERT SELLERS born / died in IN - KIDS kinda proven in IN court
I see an Isaac Sellers mentioned in the marriage bonds. (brother or
I BELIEVE, if we send info - we should show source of Proof=
PLEASE - contact your HALL researchers or where you took info and post
sources - marie, iowa