John Mazil <jmazil@ix.netcom.com>
Hello everyone,
   My name is Kathleen Mazil and I'm researching Ruth SELLERS b 1797 NC.

She was married to Sampson H. DOTSON/DODSON b 1787 VA. Ruth was the
daughter of  James SELLERS. Sampson and Ruth lived in Tennessee before
moving to Crawford Co., MO . They arrived in Missouri before 1850 and
on the Crawford Co., MO census for that year, (thank you, Marguerite).
   There is a Sampson DODSON listed in the index of the Claiborne Co.,
census for years 1830 and 1832, (another kind volunteer look up). I
don't know
if the wife's name is on that census.
   Would like to hear from anyone with information about Ruth and/or her
husband and children.

        From:               Rebecca McGowan <rmcgowan@airmail.net>

This is from Ozark Heritage, Dent County Cemeteries & Families, Vol.III.
It is written by the Dent County Historical Society.  Ruth was the
sister of my ancester James SELLERS b. 29 Oct 1791 NC - d. 14 Dec 1853
Crawford Co., MO.  I believe there is a book on Crawford County
Cemeteries as well but I don't think it is being sold any longer.  These
books have limited printing.  You may be able to get someone to do a
lookup from either the Crawford County or Dent County USGenWeb page. 
Also I'd like to suggest you contact Ken Fiebelman, he is the president
of the Dent County Historical Society, and also a SELLERS descendent. 
I'm sure he would love to hear from you and maybe help you fill in some
gaps.  He has been researching Dent and surrounding counties since he
was a young boy.  I'll send you a private email with his number if you

In the Dotson Plot on Big Huzzah Creek, below Boss:

DOTSON, SAMPSON HILLARD b. 23 Mar 1824 in TN. d. 14 Jan 1886, Big Huzzah
Creek, Dent Co.  (s/o Sampson H. b. c1787 VA & Ruth SELLERS b. c1797 NC,
d/o James SELLERS b. 1759 - d. 1842, Grainger Co., TN) m. Clementine
HARRIS, ch: Eliza Jane (m. Dr. L. J. LUTEN {Indian Doctor}, 11 Jun 1889,
Dent Co., to Poplar Bluff -- First lived in Luten Hollow near Dillard),
William Harris (m. Polly Ann SIZEMORE BROOKS), & James Thomas (m1. Sarah
CLARK HARDEMAN, m2. Katherine DYER) -- both buried in Boss Cemetary,
Dent Co.), Robert "Bob" Marion (m. Vinie HENDRICK, both buried in
Hendrick Cemetery), Angeline "Ann" (buried Boss Cemetery, m1. Allen
TINKER, m2. James TODD, Sr.), Daniel (m. Cora Louemma DELASHMIT, moved
to Carrolton, IL), Aminta (m. James Lustipher HENDRICK), and 3 died as
infants. -- Sampson Houston, Andrew Jackson, & Rebecca A.-- all buried
in Boss Cemetery.; Dotson family moved from Grainger Co., TN to Crawford
County Before 1850; Sampson H. was brother to: Houston "Huce" (m.
Margaret "Peccy" Laramore, buried New Dillard Cemetary), Zachariah M.
(d. 10 Nov 1862, Benton Barracks, Pvt. in Civil War), John, Samuel, M.
M. (male), & Others.

DOTSON, S. CLEMENTINE "Tine" w/o S. Hillard; b. c1827, d/o Thomas & Mary
McMURTREY HARRIS (buried Old Dillard Cemetery)

In the New Dillard Cemetery in Dillard, Osage Twn, Crawford Co:

(Laramore), ch: Barbara, (Mrs. J. R. Dunlap), Minerva (Mrs. Philip S.
Anderson), John (Lived Ester, MO.), Brother to: S. Hillard (m.
Clementine HARRIS) -- both buried on farm, Big Huzzah Creek above
Dillard; Lived in Crawford & Washington Counties.

Hope this helps.  Good Luck.

Rebecca McGowan

Hi Rebecca and all,       Thank you for posting the information. Hillard and Clementine were my great grandparents.  Their son, Daniel Oscar, was my grandpa. Yes, please send Ken's  address. I live in Washington state and would greatly appreciate a Dent Co.  connection, especially one that's kin. This is very exciting to me. I try to "share"  with my immediate family here, but they just smile and nod as if to say "that's nice,  mom/hon ".       I want to thank Marcia for the SELLERS Home page info.  http://showcase.netins.net/web/sellerfamily/  I visited there and found some very good stuff, "very good ground".      I'm getting chatty so it's time to go.  Kathleen 
Rebecca and Kathleen - thank you for sharing and perhaps ADDING a piece to GRAINGER CO, TN-  I have seen references to the 1842 Grainger Co,Tn court minutes listing Ruth DOTSON as child/heir of James SELLERS - and don't believe I ever ordered from court house-  BUT, I do have 1842/1854 Adm  and 1833/1852 Inv of Grainger Co,Tn and these names are NOT in there - SO, have NOT pursued - BUT, we should- DOES anyone have copies of original court records?  If so, please send copy or order !  AND we can try to prove these other names and WHERE they are or came from=  WE do need another county or area and a marriage or someone living in that county, sure could add crediability!I have NOT been able to prove the other names or connections except for Elizabeth SELLAR and Rebecca JACKSON, James SELLERS, and perhaps JOHN SELLERS who I believe are still in Grainger Co,Tn 1850?  Sarah GOFORTH,  Nancy DOTSON, Margaret CLEMONS,and Ruth DOTSON , I have been unable to prove, (Dent Co history helps verify enough, WE should work on it more!  AND, I believe this is just living children ?when he died 12-20-1842  in 1853-no month (43? typed over and copy NOT in  pension ) son James states only 3 heirs, himself and two others and IF above court minutes are correct- ONE could be unmarried daughter ELIZABETH SELLARS liviing with sister Rebecca JACKSON on 1850 CENSUS?  John SELLERS, I just am NOT sure - remember, we have 1 or 2 other  SELLERS here with kids to prove! Needs MORE work!  WHEN did RUTH SELLERS DOTSON die? before 1853?  I will try and  post the SELLERS info from the aboveGrainger Co,Tn books I have,but, basically just proves, what we have already posted.  The DOTSON will/estate =  Samuel DOTSON married Mary WILLIAMS, heir of Hannah WILLIAMS (ca1842/3 Gr)  Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa 
Hello from Washington State,    I'm looking for the wife of James SELLERS. She was also the mother of Ruth SELLERS  b 1797 NC . Ruth married Sampson DODSON/DOTSON b 1787 VA. Ruth and Sampson are on the 1830 Claiborne Co., TN census. Thank you. Kathleen Mazil Vancouver, Washington jmazil@ix.netcom.com
KATHLEEN, thanks - Where did we document/learn this info? I can't seem to find her, so you will have to lead me to her! I believe this is all/closest I have and perhaps a Crawford Co,Mo census and info on our Grainger Co,Tn web page.(sent Claiborne Co,Tn Web Page) CLAIBORNE CO, TN (made in 1801 from Grainger,Hawkins)