Forwarded from Betty SELLERS =
>I have been watching your messages for some time.  I don't see a
>the family I'm looking for, but I thought I would finally ask.
>I was given copies of some Sellers information and I don't quite know how
>fit it into my Butler / Warren family.
>In 1986, Mr. & Mrs. Terrell M. Sellers of Tennessee Ridge, TN, prepared
>information regarding the descendants of John Sellars b. 6-19-1782 and
>Henrietta Norwood Sellers, b 11-4-1784.  John and Henrietta are both
>Sellers Hill Cemetery, Carroll Co., TN.
>Are these names familiar to you?  Do you know of another Sellers
>from whom I might obtain information regarding John and Henrietta and
>Thank you,
>Karla Butler Everett 

Let me explain that this information came from some papers that were copied
for me when my g aunt Myrtie Warren Butler died.  Aunt Myrtie was related
both my grandmother's family - Warren  and to my grandfather's family -

I don't know how to connect the Sellers papers to either of my families.

Children listed for John Sellers (b. 6-19-1782 d. 1-22-1844) and Henrietta
Norwood Sellers, (b. 11-4-1784, d. 7-24-1866) are:

Nancy ca 1894  m. Gideon Falkner
Catharine 1806  m. Jeptha Gulledge
Mary ca 1807
Candace 1808   m. Arthur Tosh ?
Martha ca 1812  never married
John W. 1813  m. Nancy Louisa Scott and Tabitha Tosh
Hardy S. ca 1814  m. Sarah M. Scott
Zilpha ca 1816  m.  John W. P. Wilson
Henrietta ca 1817  m  Vincent I. Parsons
Isaac P. ca 1819  m.  Elizabeth Brecheen and Clory/Clara
Richard C. 1821  m.  Mariah Hampton and AnieLiza Crawford
William R. 1824  m.  Pricilla Scott and Caledonia Scott
Joseph C. ca 1825  m.  Sarah Jane Parsons
Francis 1826 m. Zilpha A. D. Phillips

There's a big break.  The next date I have for my Warren's is 1848 when my
ggrandfather,  Joseph Warren was born in TN.  He married a Sally Pierce
(2-Dec-1860 - 19-Sep-1889) on 25-Sep-1877.  I don't know if Sally Pierce
Pearce) is related to the Sellers or not.

Other names in my families are:  Barger, Funderburk, Swindle, Connell,
Does anyone know of a connection to these names from the Sellers?

Please remember that this isn't my work.  I'm feeling bad already about
posting this information.
The information I have was prepared in 1984 by Mr. & Mrs. Terrell M.
Tennessee Ridge, TN.
Karla Butler Everett

KARLA, Thank You - continue using HER name with your chart till you 'get
the family feeling'
LOOK on our SELLERS Carroll Co, Tn page for other contacts =
ALSO, check the TN marriages for Sellers to WARREN  and Warren to PIERCE

Our marriages May only go to 1850 - but, CARROLL CO, TN will have info.
ALSO, check counties laying next to -
Thank You for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa