hoaglan@trxinc.com (Karen Hoaglan)

I am a working member of the Buchanan County, Iowa Genealogical Society
and there are Sellers records here. Do you have these records and do you
want them?
As for my Sellers connection - John (b. 4 Feb 1829 in England  d. 19
July 1901) is my grgrgrandfather. He married Mary Ann Mapletorf in
England. (She was born 16 April 1831 in England and died 28 Jan 1924.)
John and Mary Ann's son is Frank (b.1 Dec 1875 & d. 12 Aug 1947.) Frank
married Lela Mrytle Smith 19 Feb 1913 in Vinton, Benton County, Iowa.
Now for the part that I know Marie will like- I have no proof of any of
this. This info is from a family history and I have no sources. I have
not written to this list prior to this for that reason and I would not
be now except that I felt compelled to share my respect for Marie after
Kathy's letter. How do I connect? I know that would be one of Marie's
questions to me.
I wish I could send a big hug via this great internet to Marie and the
many others who share their genealogical work and are so helpful.

also from Iowa