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My great-great grandfather, Jack John Zollar (Sellers) was married to Katie
Murrey in 1881 at the Church of the Advent in San Francisco, Calif.  The
marriage certificate gives his name as Jack John Zollar, but apparently he
used the name Sellers later in life. Certainly Katie was called "Mrs.
Sellers" in local newspaper articles.

Some time later, probably before 1900, he left his family in Mendocino
County, Calif. to return to San Francisco and join the Salvation Army. He
was born in Germany, but we know nothing about when he came to America, or
what port he might have entered by.

Since he left so few records, we have not been able to find anything more
about him. We've contacted the Salvation Army, but they seemed reluctant to
tell us anything.

If anyone has any clues, please write to me at waltnjulie@geocities.com.


        From: MARY ANN
          Did you try this Salvation Army address:

Salvation Army
National Headquarters
615 Slaters Lane
Attention: Archives & Research Center
Alexandria, Virginia 22313

I had success here, some time ago.
Mary Ann