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The following story appeared in the WAYCROSS (Georgia, Ware Co.) HIGHLIGHT
(former name of the WAYCROSS JOURNAL HERALD)  on June 4, 1890

NOTE: SELLARS LEE was a grandson and namesake of  SAMUEL SELLARS, REV. WAR
SELLARS (daughter of SAMUEL SELLARS ).  Sellars Lee and DORCAS DEDGE were
married in 1841 and had 9 children.  He died in 1891 - just one year after
this incident.  Both Sellars and Dorcas Lee are buried at Pine Grove Cemetery
near Alma, Ga.

On a little knoll by thick bushes, terraced over by wild shrubbery, leaves
and muck, in the swamp of the Satilla River, not much over a dozen miles form
Waycross, is a lone grave in the swamp.
One day, it was a Friday in February, old man RICHARD GUNTER, who had not
heard it thunder for 65 years or more, a man who had lost all of his
ambitions and aspirations in life (he had no family) and was spending his
later days in going from place to place, staying here and there among his
friends, left JUDGE SELLARS LEE'S home just across the line in Appling Co. to
visit some friends on the Satilla River.
JUDGE LEE, not being home that day, MRS. LEE, a kinder-hearted woman can be
found no where, had a Negro to hitch a horse and carry the old man a few
miles to help him on his way.
Four or five miles over in Ware County, the old man was left to complete his
journey.  The weather was severely cold for the climate.  Along late that
Friday evening he was seen passing MR. WILLIAM BRANTLEY'S.  He failed to turn
up at the place he was supposed to visit.
Some days after that, old man GUNTER was not in the neighborhood he was
supposed to visit.  Inquiry was made but no one had seen him.  A crowd
gathered and instituted a search for him but failed to discover his
whereabouts.  After several days another search was made and about 2 miles
from MR. WILLIAM BRANTLY'S where he was last seen, and just 21 days after
that Friday, in the swamp of the river his remains were discovered by JUDGE
The body was intact and well preserved, the freezing weather kept it from
decaying.  A coffin was procured, a shroud prepared, a grave dug and his
remains were interred on the same spot where the soul took its flight to the
Eternal Land. (note: I just love this "descriptive" phrase of his death)
** This spot is only a couple of miles from  Bunnsville on the Waycross
airlines. (note -I have NO idea what "airlines" means in this context - this
statement accompanied the original article).
This story was reprinted in the quarterly publication of the genealogy
society that I belong to -  The Okefenokee Historical and Genealogical
Society (Waycross, Ware Co, Ga.)
Hope everyone enjoys this little "tidbit" of history on the SELLARS/LEE
Judy Strickland

Thank YOU.
IF you CONNECT to this family, SEND a small, NAME, DATE, PLACE so we can link you to our SELLERS pages.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

Dear Marie,
YES, I connect to this line.  I'm descended through Cinderella Sellars
(daugher of Samuel Sellars. R. War, b.abt 1740, Duplin Co, N.C.) - she
married James Lee, son of R.W patriot, JOHN LEE.  The "Judge Sellars Lee" in
the article is the son of Cinderella Sellars and James Lee.
I have quite a bit of Sellars data, and am ALWAYS happy to share it with
fellow researchers!!
I also have data on the following lines - LEE (John. R.War), CASON, Thomas
b.1604 London, England, CASON, (Hillery, R.War), CASON, Johh B., MCDONALD,
Randal, b.Scotland, MILLER, Jacob and Catherine, BUCHANAN, and others.  Glad
to share all.
If anyone has Sellars data to share - I would love to have that also.
Judy Strickland
Jacksonville, Fla.
Member -- GAWARE (Georgia Ware Co. Gen. list) And - Okefenokee Historical and
Genealogical Society