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Judy Hazlett Starsinic
 Dennis H.
Could you tell me about this Gordon House?  I am sure this is my family.  Judy

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church.--April 1885--Bible Teacher A.H. Sellers
and Mrs. Frank Sellers.
List of Applications for taverns and eating houses=1885, George Sellers
Gordon House Rogerville Pa.


Hi Judy, can't help you to much on this family. You will find below the 1850
through the 1880 Census of this family. You can also check out the 1840 Census of his  ( George's ) parents Dave & Elizabeth on the Sellers Green County web site. just click onto this Green County Pa. Sellers  I don't have time now to check this out, but I am sure that David was the brother of my George Sellers. ( Read  # 868 Will of George Sellers  on said web site = listed under Green  County Will's ). I do hope that this has helped . Please let me know what you think. Dennis Haun.

!850 Census Center Twp.  Household #108 (

    SELLARS, George, 30 PA, farmer
    SELLARS, Nancy, 28 PA
    SELLARS, Elisabeth S., 8 PA
    SELLARS, John R., 5 PA
    SELLARS, David, 3 PA
    SELLARS, William, 6/12 PA
    BLANE, David, 70 Ireland, saddler
    SELLARS, Roseberry, 19M PA

Dear Dennis,  Reading your 1860 Census entry into showcase and I think you are correct about this George Sellers being the son of David and Elizabeth Sellers.  I know Nancy is Nancy Rogers and in 1850 they had Roseberry Sellers living with them.  I would love to know more bout this family.  Can you tell me how to get direct my questions and answers to this web site?  Thanks for helping!  Judy Hazlett Starsinic

PS:  I would love to know about Roseberry Sellers who lived with George and Nancy Sellers.  I did see that he was a soldier in the Civil War. I thought he was George's brother. 

APRIL 4, 2003
JUDY,  Please , send a small Name, Age, Places on your SELLERS and where any
of them went, etc.. Will send thro the SELLERS list for more help, etc.

DENNIS, thanks for sending clear notes, etc. I believe JUDY asked about this
ROSEBERRY SELLERS on 1850 census?
Could this be the ROSE----- IAMS dau of Mary? SELLERS and IAMS?
Don't know if anyone has her marriage and 1860/80 census?
ADVISE. marie, iowa
Hi Marie, no the Roseberry Sellers that Judy is talking about was a male Sellers from the Sellers clan of Green County Pa. I believe that he was killed in the Civil War & is buried at the old cemetery at Center Twp. Listed below is the 1880 census of Rose Imes family. Rose died I believe in the year of 1879.
FDH. Dennis H.

DENNIS, thanks.
 YOU can bet I put a M behind his name on 1850 census. Thanks for explaining
and will add her 1880 family info.
Did Roseberry SELLERS'  wife Mary draw a pension? didn't see, unless he had
a middle name, etc?  could be family names in same?
marie, iowa

APRIL 4, 2003
 Thank you for the response!  I am searching for the following
and please edit as you see fit:

George Sellers, born 1820, and Nancy Rogers Sellers, born 1822
Rogersville, Pennsylvania

Looking for the parents of George Sellers, born circa 1820, his brother and
sisters.  I assume the parents are David and Elizabeth Mitchell but have not
found proof of this.
George Sellers and Nancy Rogers Sellers are the parents of my great
grandmother, Anna Sellers Ullom who married Dr. John T. Ullom. 

Judith Hazlett Starsinic

PS: Roseberry Sellers, Civil War Soldier, was listed as living with George
Sellers and Nancy Rogers Sellers in the 1850 Census.  I would love to know
who Roseberry's parents were. 

JUDY, thanks.
okay, see ROSEBERRY SELLERS ca 1831 PA,  male!

and the 1849 will/PROBATE of Christian SELLERS =
 also Receipts of George Sellers Guardian of Roseberry & Atkinson Sellers
 & in his own Right Asa Sellers, Shadrick Sellers Susannah Church & Margaret White, children of David Sellers for their shares in full of the above balance,
LOOKS good. Dennis can probably  help follow you thro this family.
 He should be listed on the 1840 census also with these other children?

ANYthing you want to add, please send.
Do you have the census readings or kids of ANNA SELLERS ULLOM AND where they went?
marie, iowa

april 5, 2003

  Good Morning Judy.

I have this day off from work so I decided to try to help you with some of your research on your family, the Sellers & Ullom. The first part of this information was taken from the Sellers Letters of June 1984 Vol. 3 # 3 page 52 written by Mary Sims. I believe that she found said information from the book written in the year of 1935 pages 446 through 450 about the Green County Sellers Clan, also in same book page 371/372 tells about your Ullom family, the name of said book is the "Tenmile County and It's Pioneer Families." By Howard Leckey.  David Sellers. S/O Christian and Susannah ( Hill ) Sellers married July 29, 1815, to Elizabeth Mitchell.  They had ten children, but I will stay with your tree branch. David born about 1792. She (Elizabeth) was born also abt. 1792 the daughter of Shadrack & Margaret ( Rinehart ) Mitchell.  David died DEC, 11, 1837 age 45 - 03 - and 17 days, & is buried at Rogerville Cemetery. David's widow Elizabeth married a Elijah Ullom and moved to Monroe County Ohio. Elizabeth died at the home of her son George year 1874.  ( Judy here is the Sellers web site for Monroe County Ohio,  http://showcase.netins.net/web/sellerfamily/ohmonroe.htm click onto this & see what information I had listed for said family                                                                       Listed here are the children for David & Elizabeth Sellers.
 # 1. Mary Ann born 1825 died 1910 married a John Whyte . Her obituary has = Waynesburg Republican News, September 1, 1910. Mrs. Mary Ann White, widow of John White, died at her home in Rogerville, Friday, August 26, aged 84 years. Her death was due to heart failure. Mrs. White was a daughter of David and Betsy Mitchell Sellers, deceased, and was a member of the M. P.  church. In 1844 she was united in marriage with John White, who did 42 years ago. Four children survive; Ananias White, Mrs. Madison Church and Miss Lou white, of Rogerville, and Atkinson White, of West Virginia. The funeral was held Sunday at 10:00 a.m. conducted by Rev. W. H. Gladden. Interment in Rosemont cemetery, Rogerville.
 # 2. George Sellers (known as little George) born 1820 & died 12 - 29 -1884 age 64yr 11mo 20da.  He married Nancy Rogers their children are # 1. Elizabeth, she married a Benton Frantz.  # 2. John, he married Emma Wood.
 # 3.  David Sellers married Bell A. Ullum (both of Rogersville) married Nov, 7, 1875.  # 4. William listed as never married.
 # 5. Cephas also never married. ( the six child is listed as Susannah who married a Dr. John Thompson Ullom, listed in the Sim's Sellers papers. ( But on page 372 of The Tenmile book it has. ) John T. Ullom born April 11, 1847, married Mary Ann Sellers born January 8, 1875. ( must had meant married in 1875 & born 1855). John & Mary are buried at Rosemont Cemetery Rogerville Twp. On John's marker it has Dr. John Thompson Ullom d. 9 - 24 - 1925, age 78 yr  5mo 13da. & for Mary Ann's marker, Annie ( Sellers ) Ullom d. 9 - 19 - 1917, age 62yr 6mo 29da. 

(?msh #6? msh or do I go way down a few lines, etc? msh)

 # 7 Flora married twice, no name listed for first, second only listed his last name as Redic. # 8. Atkinson Sellers. S/O. Judge Sellers. Married July 18, 1882. To Loma Dunn. Morris Twp.
# 8. Frances she married a John Reese./// --- The third child of David & Elizabeth is listed as Asa born 1828 married Sarah Jane Orndoff . Her obit. reads = Waynesburg Republican News, January 4, 1912. Mrs. Jane Sellers died at her home in Rogersville, Sunday morning,  December 31, age 70 years, after an illness of several months of general debility. Mrs. Sellers was a daughter of William and Salome Wisecarver Orndoff, deceased and spent her entire life in Rogerville and vicinity. Her husband, Asa Sellers, died 17 years ago. Mrs. Sellers was a member of the M. P.  church and was highly respected. The following children survive; William L. of Limestone W., VA; Atkinson, of Kansas, and David R. of Rogerville. She is survived by four brothers and one sister; William Orndoff, of Oak Forest; John of Harveys; Isaac of Holbrook; Lindsey, of Roxbury, O; Mrs. D. S. Orndoff, of Rogerville; The  funeral services  were held on Monday at 1 o'clock,  conducted by the Revs, O. M.  Taylor and W. S.  Martin. interment in Rosemont Cemetery.
( The date of her age according to the 1860/70 & 80 census of Green County should be age 80 not 70 ) ------    # 4. Susanna Sellers born 1816 married William Church.  # 5 Rosberry was born 1830 and was killed in the Civil War his age listed on his stone as 32 - 10 - 23 days, died Nov, 18, 1863.  He married a Mary looks like Remley. Children listed are James R. born 1854, Davis born 1856, Helen born 1857 married a James B. Temple and Lizzie born 1860 she died in 1863 I found her stone next to her fathers in the old Center Twp. Cemetery. ( there are only a few stones or markers left in said Cemetery, for they built a wider road through said town, and moved most bodies & markers to another cemetery, I believe Rosemont.)
  # 6. Atkinson born 1832 married Lillie Detwyler. and the last of D. & E. children is
 # 7. Shadrack married Laura Ann Knicly.  Judy I do hope that this might help you with your family tree research> And if I can be of anymore help, let me know. FDH. Dennis H.

several letters from DENNIS

APRIL 6, 2003
Dear Marie,  Thanks so much for the information!  I have the census records
pertaining to the following family and am still trying to sort some of the
earlier ones.  I am starting to receive help from your Sellers Web Site and
am confident all will fall into place.  I am attaching the 1850 census for
George Sellers and Nancy Rogers.  George is on the first page and is
continued on the second page with Nancy Rogers.  I am attaching the second
page because it has the Roseberry Sellers I am so curious about.

Here is just a little of what I have regarding Dr. John T. Ullom and Anna

Dr. John T. Ullom,
 (son of Daniel Thompson Ullom and Anna Johnson)
and  Anna  Sellers,
 (daughter of George Sellers, born 1820 and Nancy Rogers, born Dec. 18,1822)
had two children:

#1 My grandmother, Blanche Ullom born 1876 in Rogersville, Pa married  Dr.
Jesse Hunnell Hazlett - born 1873.
 Dr. Jesse Hunnell Hazlett was the son of  Mary Elizabeth Hunnell of Waynesburg, Pa and Dr. Joshua Dickerson Hazlett of  Washington, Pa.
  Dr. Jesse H. Hazlett and  Blanche Ullom
had  two children:  My father, Dr. Frank Dickerson Hazlett born 1902 - died Sept,
1981  and  Anne H. Hazlett born 1904 - died Oct. 2, 1997.  Anne H. Hazlett
married Walter Emerson Arnold of Vanderbilt, Pa.

#2 Dr. Frank Sellers Ullom was born in 1878 - Rogersville, Pa and died in
Waynesburg, Pa in 1929.  Dr. Frank S. Ullom married Lucy Ross of Waynesburg.
( Dr. Frank Sellers Ullom and Lucy Ross are buried in the Rosemont Cemetery
in Rogersville, Pa.) They had the following children:   Betty Ullom,  Frank
Ullom and  John Ross Ullom.  Betty was unmarried and lived in Waynesburg all
of her life.  ( Betty is buried with her parents in the Rosemont Cemetery,
Rogersville, Pa. )   Frank Ullom, born 1910 - died 1986,  married Ellen
Hoskins of Waynesburg and retired to Florida after working for one of the
major airlines. I do not have any information about  John Ross Ullom other
than he married Opal______. 

Judy Hazlett Starsinic

    Census Place:    Center, Greene, Pennsylvania
    Source:    FHL Film 1255133  National Archives Film T9-1133     Page 147C    
    Relation    Sex    Marr    Race    Age    Birthplace
J. D. ULLOM    Self    M    M    W    33    PA
    Occ:    M. D.    Fa: PA    Mo: PA
Anna ULLOM    Wife    F    M    W    27    PA
    Occ:    Keeping House    Fa: PA    Mo: PA
Blanche ULLOM    Dau    F    S    W    4    PA
            Fa: PA    Mo: PA
Frank ULLOM    Son    M    S    W    2    PA
            Fa: PA    Mo: PA
APRIL 6, 2003

Hi Judy, I have a question for you. I sent you a copy of your John T. & Mary Ann Ullom 1880 Census. Listed in said census is a child named Frank Ullom age 2.
I have listed buried with this family a Dr. Frank Sellers Ullom D. 10 - 29 - 1929 age 51yr 4mo 22days. Which makes this Frank Sellers Ullom born abt 1878? So do you know for sure if this is the son Frank listed in the 1878 census.
                      Thanks FDH Dennis.

april 6, 2003
JUDY, thank you!

I believe DENNIS has sent you many pages on our families AND appreciate you showing your connection.
Will continue on.
marie, iowa

april 8, 2003
I was reading some information in my Ullom book
and found the following correction and addition.

Rogersville, Pa. )   Frank Ullom, born 1910 - died 1986,  married Ellen
Hoskins of Waynesburg and retired to Florida after working for one of the
major airlines. I do not have any information about  John Ross Ullom other
than he married Opal______. 

Ellen Hoskins should be Ellen Hoskinson.

John Ross Ullom - born 1907 - married Opal St. Clair - born 1913
John Ross Ullom and Opal St. Clair had a son:

John Ullom, born 1946,  married Catherine Mruk.

send cc/copies of info to DENNIS =FDHaun@aol.com
 he is kinda 'mothering?' your family. and has the knowledge to help you.

BUT, yes, we want copies of info sent to  SELLERS also (cc to me if Not member Will be forwarded to SELLERS) 
WILL add to your page as I don't think we have a separate ULLOM page?
THANKS, best wishes and Thanks for sharing SELLERS. marie, iowa

april 9, 2003
Dear Dennis,  I have been trying to fill in the family history and now
understand there is no proof about Christian Sellers, Bedford, or where they
came before that.  Am I right?  I see some people saying he came from
Switzerland and others saying he ("he" meaning the immigrant ancestor) came
from Germany.  May I ask how far back you have taken your proven Sellers
line?  Do you know if the DAR Application papers posted on the Sellers Web
Site were ever accepted by the DAR?  May I ask why you think Roseberry
Sellers was killed in the Civil War?  I saw the Pension papers filed by his
wife, Mary, but I did not know if they were filed due to his death or filed
because of an injury - perhaps causing him some disability.  He does have a
gravestone in Rogersville?  I did not know they brought soldiers home to be
buried.  I know nothing about this and if you have any information regarding
the policy of "dead soldiers during the Civil War" I would love to have the
information.  Thanks, Dennis

PS: My next big search is to find out way they named Roseberry that name. 
Seems the family could have been related to the Roseberry Family.  I know
this is not always the case but I feel the need to be sure..

april 9, 2003
JUDY, just a note.

MOST of the INFO you have sent/shared with us was Sent thro the SELLERS group.

DENNIS is the One, I saw that responded with help.

SOME of your letters were coming Just to Me? so , I thought you should send a cc to Dennis also, so he could follow thro, etc

I usually send these thro to the SELLERS group also, so they can respond, etc. in case they didn't see others.

NOW, YOU are the ONE who needs to take this info and
 yes, write to others
SOME maybe Old email address (you can try and find new email addresses, just like on any letters, etc)

SOMETIMES, WE don't have ALL answers, etc to ALL SELLERS families, YOU must continue your line.
AND try and find New info/documents to help us.

YOU can study the documents we have collected and follow thro the families.
YOU must SEE and understand the families, also.
NOT just accept info., etc.

DAR files = WE MUST prove these OURSELVES = USE the info they give and check out documents.
SORRY, I have found many errors.
THEY did NOT have as many documents as we do now.

I believe YOU should order the CW file on him =
SOMETIMES good family info,
SOMETIMES not, but, if wife filed, usually good info.
 wives collected AFTER HUSBAND died.
Don't know the rule on divorce? but, doesn't appear to apply here?
BUT grave shows he died?

I AM SORRY to have confused you.
YOU are trying, so you will continue.
THANKS for sharing and Caring.
marie, iowa


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> Subject: Re: The John T. Ullom and Anna Sellers Family
> Dear Dennis,  I think Marie thought you were the only one
> familiar with my
> line and you have been so kind to help me with David and
> Elizabeth.  Perhaps
> she thought you wanted to continue. I  wrote to you to see if you knew
> anything about the immigrant ancestor for our Sellers family.  I
> assume we
> all descend from the same immigrant ancestor?  I also saw the
> following note
> in the Christian Sellers site and thought you might have some information
> regarding him.
> FDHaun@aol.com
> Louis McClain Clark's DAR form
>  I have tried to contact a few people who are working on the line and the
> e-mail is usually returned as being undeliverable.  It is
> frustrating for me.
>  I can understand how busy you must be when you are working, etc.
>  Please let
> me know if there is another person I can contact regarding the
> Sellers family
> and I do appreciate the help you gave me over the weekend.
> Sincerely,
> Judy

Dear Dennis,  Wondering if you know if our Elizabeth Mitchell who married
David Sellers had a brother, Shadrack Mitchell?  Shadrack Mitchell and
Elizabeth Roseberry named one of their children David Sellers Mitchell.  Our
David Sellers and Elizabeth Mitchell named one of their children Roseberry
Sellers.  I am certain Shadrack and our Elizabeth Mitchell are brother and
sister but I can't find the proof.  Other genealogists feel the same way but
do not have the proof.  Hope you can help.  Judy

april 25, 2003
Dear Marie and Dennis,  I hope someone can help me.  I have a photo of six
Sellers men with their parents.  The men seem to be 20 to 35 years of age and
the parents are well up in years.  This photo appears to have been taken in
the mid to late 1800's as the Mother is wearing a very long dress.  The shoes
on the men have buttons.  This photo was given to my family by a Nora
Summersgill High of Waynesburg, Pa - years ago.  There is a note on the back
saying Nora Summersgill had an Uncle Shad who might have been a brother of
George Sellers.  (George and Nancy Rogers Sellers)  I checked what ancestry I
could find for Summersgill but saw no connection to Sellers.  I checked the
ancestry for Fred High, her husband, and could find no connection.  I am
enclosing the photo in this e-mail and let us hope these Sellers' can be
identified.  Judy

PS. The names I see on the back of the photo are George, Uncle Shad, Aunt
Ann, Mitchell, Dave, Fred, Harry.  There is an Asa Sellers  crossed out.  The
names seem to be a struggle for whoever tried to identify th
e photo.