Mary Sellers/Joel Wood m. 1809/TN
            Wed, 1 May 2002 13:59:05 EDT

I've just joined the list in hopes of finding information on my ancestors,
MARY SELLERS (b. abt 1795) and JOEL WOOD(s) (b. abt 1789), who were married
28 June 1809 in Jefferson Co., TN. Mary and Joel appear in the 1830, 1840
1850 census in Monroe County, TN and then moved to Georgia where they are
found in Carroll County in 1860. In the 1850 Monroe Co., TN census, there is
a NELLIE SELLERS, age 73, living with Joel and Mary, who gives her
birthplace as PA.

Also seeking information on HANNAH SELLERS who married WILLIAM MICHAEL on 6
May 1815 in Jefferson Co., TN. This couple also moved to Carroll Co., GA and
are found in censuses as early as 1850.

Joel and Mary Sellers Wood(s) are thought to have had as many as 11
among them NATHAN WOOD(s) who married Nancy Jane Unknown, MARY (Polly)
WOOD(s) who married William Jasper PAYNE (my line); JOEL WOOD(s) JR. who
married Rachel Unknown, and RACHEL WOOD(s) who married John MICHAEL, thought
to be related to the above Hannah Sellers and William Michael.

There is also another son, NAME UNKNOWN and spouse unknown, who left two
children, WILLIAM WOOD(s) and BETSY JANE WOOD(s). These grandchildren were
named in Joel Wood's will recorded Oct. 18, 1860 in Carroll Co., GA. There
also another daughter, NAME UNKNOWN, who married a YARBROUGH, and left a
child named POLLY ANN YARBROUGH, also named in Joel's will. Other children
are shown in early censuses but their names and birthdates are unknown. One
is thought to be a NANCY ELIZABETH WOOD(s) who may have married Wiett
(Wyatt) WILLIAMS in Carroll County, GA in 1833. This has not been confirmed,

Also, on the Monroe, TN Web site, there is an ELDER MICAH SELLERS, mentioned
in church records. Would like to know if he is connected to Mary.

JOEL WOOD(s)' parents are thought to be REV. RICHARD WOOD and MARY PRICE.
Coincidentally, this Rev. Richard Wood married his second wife, Fanny
Libarger, in Jefferson Co., TN on 14 Jan 1794. These marriage dates are all
from Ancestry.com's database, "Tennessee Marriages to 1825" and thus may be
subject to error. But it at least gives me a place to start.

As I said, I'm just beginning this line. Any connections or info on Mary and
Hannah Sellers appreciated. Have been told that Mary and Hannah were
both daughters of Rebecca and John Sellers but, if so, who was Nellie? If
she wasn't Mary's mother, she would have to be either an old-maid aunt or the
widow of one of Mary's mother's brothers.

Many thanks in advance,
Judy Kilgore
Newnan, GA


JUDY, thanks for the names, dates and places.


The SAMUEL SELLERS who died /will 1839 JEFF CO, TN , wife was ELEANOR.
I don't know if anyone has continued or tried to prove his kids.
This does help each time we find and follow a child thro to where they lived
and went.

IT might help if we had copy of the bondsmen, etc on some of these marriage
We have a few land deeds.
We have some court minutes.
We don't have anyone in War of 1812?
And I don't believe we have proven Where we came from or an Earlier
These are some of the earliest marriages in TN!

there , Rhea, Meigs,  Roane Co, TN. I believe a  couple of the SELLERS from
JEFF CO, TN have been proven to MCMINNVILLE, but, in later marriages.

WE use SELLERS web pages with our discussion group and link to people who
are connected to these counties/states , so others can find you , etc.

We will get a page and info linked for you. If you have additional documents
please send. IF you find more info, please send.
Thank you for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

           Thu, 2 May 2002 14:12:51 EDT

Since I have just started, I have no documents at all except Joel's will,
which is no help because he left so many children out (my own Mary for one).
In fact, I have just recently been confident enough to link Joel in Carroll
to Joel in Monroe based on overwhelming evidence of children's names in 1850
Monroe and 1860 Carroll. Nathan, Joel and Rachel are not run-of-the-mill
names. I am still trying to count children and have revised it to maybe 12
13 but, since most were girls, it's going to be nearly impossible to trace
them without married names. I have left messages on the Michael Genforum
board regarding the marriage of Hannah Sellers to William Michael and their
move to Carroll County several years earlier than Joel and Mary.

The most recent Carroll County Heritage book does give the family of Hannah
Sellers and William Michael, but my John Michael (who married Rachel
is not inluded. I think his living next door instead of in the household
William and Hannah in 1850 may have caused someone to exclude him. But I
have a healthy hunch he belongs with that family. If you think that typing
pertinent points in that story and posting it here would help, I would be
happy to do so. It was submitted by a Coy E. Michael of Huntsville, AL, who
has left several messages on the Genforum boards regarding the Michael
family. I would ask his permission, of course.

Re: Samuel Sellers and wife, Eleanor. Could that be the "Nellie" living with
Joel and Mary Sellers Wood in 1850? Samuel's death date of 1839 indicates he
possibly was an older man and may have been Mary's Uncle? Maybe? Perhaps
Eleanor moved in with Joel and Mary after Samuel died? Although she does not
appear to be with them in 1840. The only older female is Mary and the age is

This family is proving to be very complex, especially with no specific names
in censuses before 1850. Plus, this is my first venture into Tennessee and I
am totally unfamiliar with the territory --- counties and when they were
formed, etc. I am struggling and floundering in the dark. The majority of my
research so far has been in Georgia (which is easy ... well, most of the
... because it's where I live) and Alabama which is only about a 45 minute
drive from me.

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

           Fri, 14 Jun 2002 13:50:08 EDT

Thanks to whoever posted that message. I have since found out that John
Michael (who married Rachel Wood) was, indeed, the son of William Michael and
Hannah Sellers. John is found in 1850 Carroll County living next door to his
parents and in 1860 Carroll County living next door to his in-laws. I am the
descendant who posted the original message on Joel Wood and Mary Sellers, and
I also posted Joel's will to the Carroll County Archives page.

Still seeking proof of Mary Sellers parents. I had thought she was Hannah
Sellers' sister, but that does not appear to be so. I feel sure there is a
relationship of some kind since both Hannah and Mary moved to Carroll County.
Perhaps they were cousins. If they had been sisters, it would have meant that
Rachel married her first cousin. Relieved to know that isn't true. He may be
a relative, but more distant than originally thought.

I have also found a write-up on Elder Micah Sellers, mentioned several times
in Monroe County, TN church records. It doesn't tell anything about his
family, but he may connect to someone later. I will post the write-up to the
list as soon as I can get it typed. I hope this will be okay copyright-wise
if I give credit to the author and the book (source).

 28 Jun 2002 18:16:48 -0600
Subject:  [TNMONROE-L] Help! Monroe marriages

I need some help finding WOOD or WOODS marriages in Monroe County,
please. I understand that records are available only from 1838. I ordered
book "Monroe County Marriages, 1838-1890" only to be told, when my order
arrived, that it was out of print. (Hope they'll take it off their Web site.
this is very misleading). They did refund my money, however, and I thank
for that.

I desperately need marriage information with the surname of WOOD or WOODS
between 1830-1850 as that is my only hope of finding all the children of
Wood and Mary Sellers Wood. Joel and Mary were married in Jefferson County
1809 and were in Monroe County from 1830-1850. They appear to have had 12 or
13 children ... 9 or 10 of them girls (just my luck). I have the names of
only five children ... Nathan, Joel Jr., William, Mary Ann (Polly) and
Rachel. Joel and Mary and all the above named children moved to Carroll
County, Georgia, sometime after 1850 and settled near Villa Rica. Of Joel
Mary's children, this is what I know:

Nathan Wood(s) married Nancy Jane Unknown before 1860, probably in Tennessee
(no record in Carroll County). They appear in the 1860 Carroll County

Joel Wood(s) Jr. married Rachel Unknown before 1860, also probably in
Tennessee. They appear in the 1860 Carroll County census. Joel died in the
Civil War and Rachel is thought to have remarried a McWhorter after 1870.

William Wood(s) married Martha Unknown in Tennessee before 1850, probably
about 1838. They appear in the 1850 census with Polly Ann, 11, William 6,
Betsey Jane, 7, all of whom were named in the will of Joel Wood(s) Sr. in
Carroll County. William and his wife also appear in the 1840 Monroe census
next door to Joel and Mary with two children under 5, a male and a female.
The male child is gone by 1850.

Mary Ann (Polly) Wood(s) married William Jasper PAYNE in 1852 in Monroe
County, TN. They moved to Carroll also where William Jasper also died during
the Civil War. Mary Ann remained in Carroll County, applied for and was
d a widow's pension, and died about 1898.

Rachel Wood(s) married John MICHAEL, son of William Michael and Hannah
SELLERS, who also moved to Carroll County. I cannot find their marriage
record in Carroll County, although John and his parents were already there,
having moved sometime before 1850. John and Rachel Michael are living next
door to her parents, Joel and Mary Wood, in 1860 Carroll County.

The granddaughter, Polly Ann Woods, married a YARBOROUGH (Yarber,
possibly before leaving Monroe County between 1850 and 1860. I believe I
found her in Carroll County in 1860 but her name is given as "Nancy." She
George "YARBER" are living just a few houses away from Joel and Mary Woods.

If anyone can tell me how I can get a copy of this book, or if anyone can
copy the pages that pertain to Wood(s) marriages (brides and grooms), I
be most appreciative. I will gladly pay for copies and postage, time and
trouble. Also, if anyone has Wood female marriages in Monroe County in their
family Bible records or family history records before 1838, I would
appreciate your passing that information on to me.

Many, many thanks for any help anyone can give.
Judy in Newnan, GA

I found an ELEANOR DEWEESE SELLERS, b. 13 Sept. 1772 in Philadelphia Co., PA
(no death date), who may fit my Nellie Sellers who was in Monroe Co. in
Tennessee. This Eleanor DeWeese was married to SAMUEL SELLERS in 1789 in
Franklin Co., VA. The information came from a Rootsweb file, but I
subsequently checked it out and received a reply today. The information
to have come from a book on the DeWeese family written by Sara Kennedy Moyer
of New Mexico, and backed up with records from PA and VA, although specific
sources weren't given in the letter/info I received (i.e., name of source,
page number, volume, etc.) The reply contained copious research notes
including correspondence between researchers as development on the line was

(NELLIE)  GEARHART, daughter of Peter Gearhart.

The information sure fits with my Nellie Sellers who was married to Samuel
Sellers, living next door to my Joel and Mary Sellers Wood in 1830 Monroe
Co., TN. There is no further informaton on Eleanor and Samuel in this file,
but I feel it may be a valuable lead.

I attempted to order Jefferson County Will Book 4 (abstracts) from Mountain
Press but there was a flaw in the link on this one book and it would not go
into my shopping cart. (Wouldn't you know it --- the one I really wanted).
Therefore, I haven't been able to check out the information that a Samuel
Sellers with wife named Eleanor left a will there in 1839. Guess I will have
to make a phone call.

Also, in researching, I came across the following family in 1860 Monroe Co.,
TN, which I feel may be connected to Samuel and Nellie Sellers. My Joel and
Mary Sellers Wood and their daughter, Mary Ann Wood Payne (wife of William
Jasper Payne), also lived in this District:

Monroe Co., TN, District 5, Sweetwater, 1860
Thomas Sellars, 52, farmer, $500/$100, b. TN (1808) could be Mary Ann's
Lucinda Sellars, 45, b. NC
Nancy J. Sellars, 12, b. TN (if this is a Nancy Jane we have a lot of these)
Ellener, 10, b. TN (Mary Ann's mother's name we think was Eleanor/Nellie)

Can anyone lay claim to this family? Has anyone ever checked the DeWeese
connection? Any thoughts appreciated and many thanks.

Dont know where you come up with all that good stuff. You must have a house
full of Sellers material. If Franklin County, VA was in the southwestern
corner, then that sure fits with a possible migration to Tennessee, doesn't

And thank you so very much for that reference on the marriage of Eleanor
DeWeese and Samuel Sellers. I will check the information I received and see
if this DeWeese family included another marriage to the Sellers family, but
don't remember seeing one. But there could be a daughter they have no spouse

The name "Nathan" pops up as a son of Joel and Mary Sellers Woods which may
mean some kind of relationship with the Nathan Sellers living (or at least
owning land) in the same tax district as Samuel in 1836. I don't see this
name among the Woods family members, so it may have come from Mary's side.

Also, I found this in Ancestry.com's database on War of 1812 service
SAMUEL SELLERS (possibly Mary Sellers Woodâ€ôs father), 1st Regt. (Wearâ€ôs)
East Tennessee Volunteers.

I think there may have been several Samuel Sellers, though, and I don't know
if this is the same one. If he was 50-59 in the 1830 Monroe County census,
would be born between 1771 and 1780 (probably closer to 1771 since Mary was
born about 1795) and probably in his late 30s or early 40s during that war.

There is a Joel Wood in the same database (War of 1812) who seems to have
been from the same area:
WOODS, JOEL: Chiles Battalion, Mounted Gunmen, East Tennessee Volunteers,
Rank Inducted: Private; Rank Discharged: Private.

Joel had a brother named Joseph Woods but seems to have consistently gone by
the name Joel. He is listed that way on every census and in his will, so
could be my Mary Sellers Woods' husband. He was born about 1789, so he would
be young and eager.

The dates, locations, etc. on this Eleanor DeWeese sure seem to fit nicely
with my Nellie Sellers. I have a few more Sellers references in the
books I ordered and will post them soon in case the information may help

Thank you so very much, again, for all the help and support. I think this is
the best Rootsweb surname list I have ever seen.


A result of your requested PML search. To refine or cancel this search, please visit http://pml.rootsweb.com/ =====================================================================
Source: PAYNE-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: Family of Fleming and Evaline Payne

I should have mentioned that Fleming and Evaline Payne appear to have moved
from Monroe County, TN (and, yes, they were in the Sweetwater area) to
Whitfield County, GA by 1860. I lost them after that. Fleming was born about 1800-1802
in GA, according to the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

1850 Monroe Co., Tennessee census
...Fleming Payne, 48 (b. 1802) in GA, farmer
...Evaline -- Payne, 41 (b. 1809) in GA
...William Payne, 18 (b, 1832) in GA
...John Payne, 15 (b. 1835) in GA
...Sarah Payne, 12 (b. 1838) in NC
...Mary Payne, 11 (b., 1839) in TN
...Samuel Payne, 7 (b. 1843) in TN
...Rutha Payne, 6, (b. 1844) in TN
...Harriett Payne, 6 (b. 1844) in TN (twins?)
...Findley Payne, 3, (b. 1847) in TN

1860 Whitfield Co., GA census, 10th Dist., Rural Vale, GA, 2 Aug 1860,
...Payne, Fleming, 60, m, farm labor, $0/$50, b. GA
...Payne, Evelyn, 58, b. SC
...Payne, Samuel T., 18, b. GA
...Payne, Ruth, 15, b. GA
...Payne, Findlay P., 13, b. NC

As you can see, Harriett, thought to be the twin of Ruth, has left, either
died or married.

And here's my ancestors' family, still in Monroe County in 1860.

1860 Monroe County, Tennessee census, Dist, 4, Sweetwater, June 1860, #392/402 ...Joseph Pain [error, should be Jasper], WM, 28, Laborer, b. NC [error in
...Mary Pain, WF, 27, b. TN
...Elizabeth Pain, 9, b. TN
...Joel J. Pain, 7, b. TN (my great-grandfather)
...Fleming C. Pain, 7, b. TN
...Rachel S. Pain, 3, b. TN
...James Pain, 2, b. TN

There was one other child, Hannah Jane Payne, born after the family moved to
Carroll County, GA, and after William Jasper Payne went off to join the
Confederacy. He died in Richmond in 1862 (measles) and is buried in Hollywood
Cemetery there. Mary Ann (Wood[s]) Payne lived in Carroll County until her death
about 1897 when she went off the Confederate pension rolls. She was the daughter
of Joel Wood(s) and Mary Sellers.

All the children, except Rachel and Hannah, died in Carroll County. Rachel
(Richards)went to Texas and Hannah (Maroney) went to Alabama.

Judy K in Newnan, GA

aug 2011

I can't contribote because I haven't done any more research but I'm looking at this with interest because of my Samuel Sellers who is thought to have died in Jefferson County about 1839. There is supposed to be a will on file for a Samuel Sellers in 1839 but I don't have a copy. . We believe he was married to Eleanor (Nellie) DeWeese. They were in Monroe County before Jefferson and, I think Jefferson County before Monroe. His daughter, Mary Sellers, married Joel Wood, so the name was lost in the next generation. I have not done any hands-on research on this family, just what I have found on the Internet and in some Tennessee reference books. The name is many generations back. Here are my file notes on Samuel Sellers:

1830 Monroe Co., TN census, age 50-59, living next door to Joel and Mary Sellers Wood

This may or may not be the correct Samuel but I don’t want to lose the reference: MILITARY SERVICE:
WAR OF 1812
Source: Ancestry.com database, War of 1812 Service Records SAMUEL SELLERS: 1st Regt. (Wear’s) East Tennessee Volunteers

A Samuel Sellers and his wife (thought to be Eleanor) are living next door to Joel and Mary Sellers Wood in Monroe County, Tennessee in 1830. Samuel and Nellie are not there in 1840. In 1850, a Nellie Sellers, age 73, born in Pennsylvania, is living with Joel and Mary Sellers Wood in Monroe County. A Samuel Sellers died and left a will in Jefferson County, Tennessee, in 1839. Perhaps Samuel and Eleanor (Nellie) moved back to Jefferson County sometime after 1830 and Mary moved in with Joel and Mary after his death. Will of Samuel Sellers not found as of 8/10/11.

A Samuel Sellars appears on the 1836 Tax List in Jefferson County, Tennessee., Dist. 1. Also on the same tax list were John Sellars (Dist. 1), William Sellars and Nathan Sellars (Dist. 8), and John W. Sellars, Dist. 9

There do not appear to be any males named Nathan in the family of Richard Wood, Joel’s father. Perhaps the name Nathan which carried down for several generations in the Wood family came from the Sellers family and their Nathan. --JK

Joel and Mary Sellers Wood were married in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1809 and Joel said in all censuses that he was born in Tennessee. Joel and Mary moved to Carroll County, Georgia, sometime after 1850 and Nellie was not with them. ~~~~~~ I do not have anything on siblings of my Mary Sellers Wood.

Judy Kilgore
Newnan, GA


JUDY, thanks, I believe it is very important, when JEFF CO, TN comes up, to post or repost info and let others SEE these families and kids they connect to and went where.

Thanks for helping.

The Monroe Co, Tn county info looked good.

The only extraction I have of Samuel Sellers will, I believe I posted on our Jeff Co.,Tn page. It was an extraction?= 2-16-1839 - SAMUEL SELLERS WILL/wb 3/540 , 2/16/1839 probated May 1839
exec Richard THORNBURGH
test Wm KURRIN, Charles GATE
I have a copy of this, but, only an extraction, I think. Don't remember if I tried to order an original?
ANYONE have more info? please send.
I kinda THINK??? There was a MS note on here. I must scan original.

Thanks for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa


I might add the family names of Joel and Mary Sellers Wood's children since they may be clues. Joel and Mary had 11 or 12 children. I have been over the Monroe censuses for 1830 and 1840 and one daughter may have been a repeat or may have been an additional child ... hard to tell since the age could go either way.

The known (proved) children are:
William, Nathan, Mary Ann (Polly), Joel and Rachel. In addition, two daughters are suspect in Monroe County marriage records and in later census records... Nellie (married Matthew James Schrimsher) and Hannah (m. James Henry Haskins). Nellie was Mary's mother' name and the name Hannah appears in Joel's family. That still leaves four or five daughters unaccounted for. If I could comb through all the existing Monroe County records, I might could find them. However, because they were all born between 1815 and 1835 and married or died before the 1850 census, it would be difficult and would take a long time. Plus, I'm way down here in Newnan and Monroe County, Tennessee is a world away.

These may, however, be clues for names of children of Samuel and Eleanor Sellers. The names of the executor and witnesses on the abstracted will are not familiar to me. Names of heirs would be a great help.


JUDY, thanks. Will add this info.

Jefferson Co., TN and probably Monroe Co., Tn had early film of their county records. I did some extractions, but, not all. I may still have these , but, my film reader is upstairs or in a diff building. You may be able to ask for a look up on Jeff or Monroe Co., pages??

One thing I saw today on my notes from this film, which I don't think I have posted is Wm Sellers/married Phebe Thornburg,
May 27, 1829, Jeff Co., Tn , was son of Sam and Eleanor. This film is court minutes I believe. , Film or Fische #V202-40, vol 4 #1, page 5. A Richard Thornburgh, was Exec of Samuel Sellers will of 1839/Jeff Co., Tn.

Yes, we need More of this info posted.
Thanks, marie, iowa


GREAT clue. Thanks so much. I will add this to my records and see if I can find more info. Didn't think about the Jefferson Co. and Monroe Co. lists. Can you tell I've been out of genealogy for a few years? :-). At least now my Mary Ann Sellers Wood has a brother. Woo hoo! Also, another family name to watch out for ...Thornburg.

Will post anything I find further.