dutchgal1@webtv.net (Judi Fairchild)
JUDI - don't see on 1850 MO census-

WHEN/WHERE did WM and MARY die?
The child you connect to =
married when/where/whom
went where=
His Kids =

AND info you have on Any of WM and MARYS kids could help OTHERS -
Send what you can -
ANY Obits on Any Children?
Where Any Kids went?
Thanks, marie, iowa

Judi Fairchild wrote:

> my g grandfather was william h babout 1810 in kentucky.was married to
> mary she was babout 1813.
the children were
james b about 1832 possiblyin
> indianan.
josephb about 1842in missouri
phoebe jane b 30 june in 1849in
> rolla ,phelps co missouri.
williamb about 1850 in missouri,
> babout 185a in missouri. this is info was from 1860 census.for maries co
> mo page 609. alsl in phelps co mo censis page 689.
> i believe in miracles.

will i know were phoebe jane was bur, at concrete cemetery in laverna tx
wilson co in 1940 she was my great grandmother. marrier to marion
francis sexton i know who the children were .all i have about the
sellers is wat bill gave me .sorry

i believe in miracles.


I believe I have your William H. Sellers in my database. This is what I

1. Nathaniel Sellers b. ? d. abt. 1795, Lincoln Co., KY

2. James Sellers b.1764, Cumberland Co. PA, d.1827, Garrard Co., KY,
to Mary Crawford.

3. William Harvey Sellers, b.1808,  Garrard Co., KY, d.1875 Phelps Co.,
m.1930, Mariah Williams (1812-1869) d. Phelps Co., MO.

- James nelsen Sellers
- Elizabeth Ann Sellers
- John M. Sellers

I don't think its complete. but I'd like to see your information. My
with additional information is at:


click on th "N Sellers" link and follow the names above for more
(notes etc.) I know this family in my database had several generations in
Rolla, Phelps Co., MO. Let me know if this is a match.

Jim Sellars

From: JIM


Here's a little more detail on William's family.

30.  William Harvey Sellers (James, Nathaniel) was born Abt. 1808 in
Garrard Co., KY, and died Abt. 1875 in Phelps Co., MO.  He married Mariah Williams
March 24, 1830 in Putnam Co., IN. (1812-1862)

Children of William Sellers and Mariah Williams are:
+       157     i.      James Nelsen Sellers, born 1831 in Putnam Co., IN;
died April 01, 1867 in Phelps Co., MO. He married Eliza Ann Chambers.
        158     ii.     Elizabeth Ann Sellers, born January 21, 1833.
        159     iii.    John M. Sellers, born 1838.
                        iv.     Joseph S. Sellers, born 1841 Crawford, MO.

157.  James Nelsen Sellers (William Harvey, James, Nathaniel) was born
in Putnam Co., IN, and died April 01, 1867 in Phelps Co., MO.  He married
Eliza Ann Chambers Abt. 1862 in Maries Co., MO, daughter of William
and Matilda Justice.

Children of James Sellers and Eliza Chambers are:
+       310     i.      William Harvey Sellers, born May 04, 1863 in
Co., MO; died November 11, 1925 in St. Louis, MO.
+       311     ii.     George Washington Sellers, born April 11, 1865 in
Phelps Co., MO; died September 12, 1953 in St. James, MO.
+       312     iii.    John Jacob Sellers, born February 14, 1867 in
Co., MO; died February 10, 1940.

I didn't have Joseph in my database but he was in Joyce Wilsons. I'm sure
there are many other children that are not listed here. I got most of my
information on William Harvey's descendants from Ruby Ruestler
<reustlerj@juno.com> Everything they have I have on my web site. What line
you descend from?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. If you don't mind, please send me
your charts on the descendants of William Harvey Sellers. I'm collecting
everything I can on our earliest two Sellers in America, Samuel and
Nathaniel. Someday a book will be made from all this.

Jim Sellars

can any one tell me who william h father was .

i believe in miracles.

JUDI - In SELLERS Land, Miracles happen by SHARING!

You have the 1860/70 Census on MO counties that connect to this SELLERS ?
Please Send extractions of names/dates/places - We Need
They may connect to This Census  And then we can check further back on All
Info James Sent You.
marie, iowa
Wm H    42 KY farmer
M (f)   38 KY
J N (m) 18 IN
E A (f) 17 IN
M E (f) 15 IN
J M (m) 12 IN
C S (f) 11 IN
J S (f)  9 MO
W R (m)  4 MO
P S (f)  1 MO
JUDI - We also Need When and Where Phoebe Jane SELLERS married SEXTON =
names of kids, ages and Where Born =
Please Share, marie, iowa

phoebe jane married maion francis 1 march 1874 in rolla phelps mo
.children were martha f sexton, born appt 1875 in rolla ,phelps ,mo
lewis harvey b sept 1876, rolla, phelps,mo. emily (emmy)b apt 1879.john
marshallb feb 1881, rolla phelps,mo.mary elizbeth b jan 4 1883in tx
thomas edward b march 1885,lavernia tx wilson co .william walter b oct
13 1888 guadaloupe co tx .

i believe in miracles.

mary died before 1870.don,t say were.don,t say were or when he died .the
daughter phoebe jane was my g grandmother,she died 29 aug in lavernia tx
wilson co concrete cem. martha and the son marsha is also bur there. i
don,t have a lots of info but a cousin .name bill sexton can give you
more info his email is bsexton@verdenet.com phoebe children were ,martha
f, lewis , emily, john marshall, mary elizbeth my grandmother ,thomas
edward ,william walter.marthadied in florida, lewis died in wasco , ca
.emily bur in concrete cem john marshall died in sept 23 1966 in san
antonio tx bur concrete cem mary elizbeth died 1940 bur in waco tx
.thomas edward died 26 dec .1930 bur in buckeye cem castle ,okfuskee ok
william walter died 10 apr 1967 insan antonio..

phoebe jane sellers children married martha f married a henry achterberg
in laverna tx lawis married in 1898 or 99 wifes name was ida.emily m
louie hibdon , john marshall m clessia shap mary married asa joe barker
,thomas edward m 4 jan 1907 wifes name myrie emma mccury.

i believe in miracles.

             dutchgal1@webtv.net (Judi Fairchild)
    can any one tell me what blood line the seller has. i have been told
WILLIAM H  sellers had cherokee indian in him. can some one tell me how
to fine out this info.

i believe in miracles.


William H Sellers grandfather, Nathaniel Sellers was probably born in
Ireland. The Sellers he descends from were Scotch-Irish presbyterians.
Several of William's cousins bios have said the family came from Ireland
(Northern Ireland more specifically). William's full name is William
Sellers and his wife's name was Mariah Williams Sellers. I'm not sure if
received my e-mails or not. You had asked for William's fathers name after
sent you the information. Would you like the information again. Sometimes
e-mails never make it. William's family is pretty well documented.

Did you ever look at my web site for information on William's ancestry?
me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help.

Jim Sellars

JUDI - will send thru our SELLERS group as I believe our JAMES helped you
before on this family and Wm Harvey SELLERS dad , Nathan?
Did you ever check MO civil war files? might be some extra info in there!
marie, iowa

Judi Fairchild wrote:

> need more info on william harvey born abt1810. in kentucky. wife  name
> was mariah william sellers.

JUDI - sending thro to SELLERS list -

Have you studied the Putnam Co, IN and Garrard Co, KY areas where these
people came from? and perhaps find out a little more info that has been
collected on them?
And Would also check out the USGENWEB pages for these counties in MO
Phelps Co has 1900 census on line
MO has a list of civil war, but, Not All broken down by counties.
marie, iowa

Judi Fairchild wrote:

> i have just got to work on my sellers line. looking for any info on
> william h . his father was james, grandfather was nathaniel. william,
> married a mariah williams.