Rockingham Co. VA Sellers/Zellers
             Wed, 10 Nov 1999 13:39:38 EST
Marie and everyone,

I've been trying to put together the family of John Henry and Anna Marie
Zellers (Sellers) of Rockingham Co., VA. This is what my "theory" is so
Maybe someone will have more clues or the answers for me.

Descendants of John Henry Zeller (Seller)

Generation No. 1

1.  John Henry Zeller1 (Seller) was born Abt. 1715.  He married Anna Maria
Abt. 1735.
Children of John (Seller) and Anna Maria are:
+   2   i.  Barbara2 Seller, born Abt. 1735.
    3   ii. Peter Seller, born Abt. 1737.
+   4   iii.    Adam Seller, born Abt. 1742 in VA; died 1821 in Warren Co.,
    5   iv. John Seller, he married Elizabeth Perkey.
+   6   v.  Anna Margaret Seller, born Abt. 1745 in VA.
    7   vi. Susanna Seller.  She married Jacob Argabite.

Generation No. 2

2.  Barbara2 Seller (John Henry Zeller1 (Seller)) was born Abt. 1735.  She
married John Jacob Nicholas December 07, 1752 in Peaked Mountain Ch.,
Co., VA.
Children of Barbara Seller and John Nicholas are:
    8   i.  unamed3 son, born July 20, 1753 in Augusta Co., VA; died July
            1753 in Augusta Co., VA.
    9   ii. Anna Maria Nicholas, born September 08, 1754 in Augusta Co.,
    10  iii.    John Nicholas, born February 06, 1756 in Augusta Co., VA.
    11  iv. John Henry Nicholas, born December 06, 1757 in Augusta Co., VA.
    12  v.  Anna Catharine Nicholas, born February 29, 1760 in Augusta Co.,
    13  vi. Peter Nicholas, born April 05, 1762 in Augusta Co., VA.
    14  vii.    Anna Barbara Nicholas, born April 22, 1766 in Augusta Co.,
    15  viii.Susanna Nicholas, born January 25, 1764 in Augusta Co., VA.
    16  ix. Elizabeth Nicholas, born February 09, 1768 in Augusta Co., VA.
    17  x.  Jacob Nicholas, born December 01, 1769 in Augusta Co., VA.
    18  xi. Margaret Nicholas, born January 01, 1772 in Augusta Co., VA.
    19  xii.    Anna Elizabeth Nicholas, born January 04, 1774 in Augusta
Co., VA.

    4.  Adam2 Seller (John Henry Zeller1 (Seller)) was born Abt. 1742 in
and died 1821 in Warren Co., OH.
Children of Adam Seller are:
    20  i.  Jacob3 Sellers, born March 03, 1766 or 1776 in Augusta Co., VA;
died            February 11, 1853 in Warren Co., OH.  He married (1)
Christina           Runkle October 11, 1788 in Rockingham Co., VA.  He
married (2)             Christena Monger    September 24, 1808 in Warren
    21  ii. Mary Sellers, born Abt. 1770 in Augusta Co., VA; died June 12,
1824            in Warren Co., OH.  She married Charles Null August 05,
in          Rockingham Co., VA.

6.  Anna Margaret2 Seller (John Henry Zeller1 (Seller)) was born Abt. 1745
VA.  She married Henry Monger Abt. 1770 in Rockingham Co., VA, son of
Monger and Susannah Brodbeck.
Children of Anna Seller and Henry Monger are:
    22  i.  Catherine3 Monger, born Abt. 1771 in Augusta Co., VA.  She
married             Henry Pence February 16, 1799 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    23  ii. Barbara Monger, born October 20, 1773 in Rockingham Co., VA;
            March 29, 1847 in Montgomery Co., IN.  She married Johan
Frederick           Armantrout February 03, 1795 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    24  iii.    Margaret Monger, born 1774; died 1796 in Rockingham Co.,
She             married John Augh December 14, 1793 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    25  iv. David Monger, born Abt. 1775.  He married Margaret Smith July
            1793 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    26  v.  John Monger, born 1777; died 1801 in Rockingham Co., VA.  He
    married Molly Mary Moyer June 27, 1788 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    27  vi. Mary Monger, born 1779.  She married Nicholas Leib May 13, 1800
in          Rockingham Co., VA.
    28  vii.    Susannah Monger, born Abt. 1781.  She married Henry Patrum
April           13, 1813 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    29  viii.Peter Monger, born 1783.
    30  ix. Elizabeth Monger, born 1784.  She married Matthias Leib January
26,             1804 in Rockingham Co., VA.
    31  x.  Julie Ann Monger, born 1786.  She married George Pence April
        1811 in Rockingham Co., VA.

The family of John Henry and Anna Maria appear to have lived near Elkton,
near the Monger family. John Henry was listed in most records as "Henry."
Adam, Peter and John had adjoining farms to John Henry. John Henry had sold
land to these men also, and to Henry Monger his son-in-law. I have seen on
this list that Johannes or John Zeller and Elizabeth Perky were the parents
of Jacob who married Christina Runkle and Christina Monger. The information
have from the Monger history which references the Rush Co., IN history says
that Adam was his father and that he died in Warren Co., OH in 1821 age 79.
I'm thinking that John and Elizabeth Perky Sellers were Jacob's Aunt and
Uncle. Maybe.

Here are some land records which kind of show some possible connections: (I
believe the Henry Sellers is actually John Henry)

Augusta Co., VA

February 28, 1750/1 - Henry Seller, 100 acres joining land he bought of
Lewis, c. g. e. p. (Chaulkey's)

June 13, 1755 - Peter Seller, Augusta Co., VA, 90a. On the north side of
Shanando river. Patents No. 32, 1752-56, p. 591

March 10, 1756 - Henry Seller, 130a. On Pine run between Shenando river and
the Picked Mountain. Patents No. 32, 1752-1756, p. 683

March 10, 1756 - Henry Seller, 100a. On the north side of Shanando River.
Patents No. 34, 1756-62, p. 13.

August 18, 1761 - Henry Seller to son John Seller, 5 pounds, 130 acres on
Price Run between Shanandoe River and the mountain. (Chaulkey's)

August 18, 1761 - Henry Seller to Peter Seller, 30 pounds, 123 acres, 100
acres whereof patented to Henry 10th March 1756; 23 acres part of tract
whereon Henry now lives, on Shanando River.  Delivered: Jno. Seller, August
Court, 1776. (Chaulkey's)

July 7, 1763 - John Seller and Elizabeth his wife, 330a On branch of
River. (Land formerly of Henry Perkey, granted Jan 12, 1747) Patents No.
1762-64, p. 269

August 30, 1763 - Henry Seller, 205a. Between Shanando river and the Peeked
Mountain. Patents No. 35, 1762-64, p. 374

September 11, 1768 - Henry Seller to Adam Seller, 60 pounds, 168 acres
patented to Henry, 1st June, 1750 on Shanando, Philip Long's land; corner
Peter Sellers'; also 205 acres patented to Henry 30th August, 1763, between
Peaked Mountain and Shanando River; corner Stephen Hemsberger.  Teste: John
Seller, Daniel () Price, Jacob Hammer. (Chaulkey's)

August 3, 1771 - Henry Seller, 193a. Between the Peeked Mountain and
River. Patents No. 40, 1771-72, p. 565

August 3, 1771 - John Monger, 84a. On north side of Shenado River. Patents
No. 40, 1771-72, p. 462.

August 3, 1771 - William Monger, 220a. on Naked Creek. Patents No. 40,
1771-72, p. 535

March 13, 1773. Henry Sellers to Adam Sellers. Teste: Jacob Nicholas,
Augustine ( ) Price, Jacob ( ) Argabrite. Delivered: Jno. Sellers, August
Court, 1776. (Chaulkey's)

July 5, 1774 - Adam Sellers, 542a. On the north side of Shenando adjoing
lands of John Miller, Samuel Thornhill & others. Patents No. 42, 1773-74,

July 5, 1774 - Peter Sellers, 183a. On the north side of Shenando River and
adjoing the lines of Adam Sellers, Christian Featers and his own land.
Patents No. 42, 1773-74, p. 592

Rockingham Co., VA
July 28, 1788 - Rockingham Co., VA, Adam Seller, 290a. Between Shanendoah
river and the South Mountain adjoing land of Miller, Single &c. Grants 18,
April 3, 1812 (delivered) - Henry Seller to Henry Munger, between Shanando
River and Peaked Mountain.  Delivered: grantee, 3d April, 1812.

July 22, 1813 - Rockingham Co., VA, Henry Monger, 7½a. adjoining his own
Adam Sellers Land, Grants 63, p. 528.

July 22, 1813 - Henry Monger, 63a. on both sides of the Fredericksburg Road
adjoining land of Adam Seller and Henry Soller. Grants 63, p. 529.

Does anyone have additional information (wills, deeds etc.) on this family.
think its possible that with a little more research the above genealogy
could be considered accurate. I hope.

Jim Sellars