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        gerald payne <>

    If possible I would like to impose on you for some information on
the Sellers family.  I got your name from a "cousin" of mine, Randy
Franklin, who is also a Sellers descendent.
    My Pain (Payne) family line traces from Spotsylvania Co., VA, to
Burke Co., NC, after the Revolutionary War, to Maury Co., TN from 1811
through the last half of the 1830s.  From Maury Co., TN, it appears they
went to TX, since their oldest granddaughter was born there about 1837.
>From TX, they moved to Pope Co., AR, in the early 1840s then to Taney
Co., MO, where they were in 1850.
    Family tradition says that my Great Graet Grandfather, Robert Pain,
married a Sellers girl.  Her given name unknown by her granddaughter
Martha Tennessee (Pigg) Beasley who is the one that said she was a
    My Great Graet Grandfather, Robert Pain, was born on Burke Co., NC,
in 1794.  As a boy he moved with his family to Maury Co., TN, where his
father, Daniel Pain, purchased 116 acres of land from a Robert Sellers
in 1811.  Following service in the War of 1812, it is said that Robert
Pain returned home to Maury Co., and married the Sellers girl.  The only
reference to her name that I have found to date is on the 1850 census
for Taney Co., MO.  She was listed as S. Pain.  The census taker only
used initials for the given name.  Her "Place where born" was given as
    There are no records available from Taney Co., MO, for that era and
S. (Sellers) Pain reportedly died in 1859.
    As you can see I don't have too much to go on.  Can you offer any
help, or hope.
Jerry Payne

        Sellers Connection
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        gerald payne <>
    Thank you for your reply to my querry about my Great Great
Grandmother, S. (Sellers) Paine.  As I told you in my querry the link
with the Sellers family comes through family tradition only.  No
documentation subtantiating this claim has been uncovered to date.  The
claim was made by Martha Tennessee (Pigg) Beasley, a granddaughter of S.
(Sellers) Paine.
    The line of descent for this union is as follows, through their
Robert Paine:  b:23 Jul 1795, Burke Co., NC;  d: Date & place unknown
    + m: abt 1817, TN: S. Sellers: b: abt 1792, NC; d: 1859, KS?
        2) Nancy Marie Paine: b:29 Jun 1919, Maury Co., TN; d: 10 May
            Napa Co., CA
        + m1: Alfred Pigg: b: 8 Jun 1818; d: abt 1860, Benton Co., AR,
on 15 Dec 1836
            Maury Co., TN
            3) Sarah Pigg: b: abt 1837, TX; d: Date unknown
                + m: William MacDonald Patrick on 4 Jun 1855, Newton Co,
            3) Jane Pigg: b: abt 1839, MO; d: 1857, Solano Co., CA
            3) William E Pigg: b: 29 Nov 1843, MO; d: 8 Jan 1869, Benton
Co., AR
            3) Martha Tennessee Pigg: b: 13 Jan 1849, Johnson Co, AR; d:
1935, Benton
                Co., AR
                + m: Josiah Beasley on 26 Mar 1867, Benton Co., AR
            3) Elida Eliza Amerantha Pigg: b: 16 Jun 1852, MO; d: 1939,
                + m: John Abrahm Beasley on 23 Nov, 1871, AR
        + m2: Valentine Baughman Cook; no children born this union
        2) William Shelby Payne: b: 1 Aug 1822, Maury Co., TN; d: 15 Aug
            McDonald Co., MO
        + m: Sarilda Park on 7 Dec 1843, in Pope Co., AR
            3) Mary B Payne: b: 2 Sep 1844, AR;  d: 24 Feb 1862, KS
              + m: William C Caskey
            3) Robert J Payne: b: 13 Jul 1846, AR; d: Oct 1911, WY
               + Jennie Dodd
            3) Sarah C Payne: b: 22 Sep 1848, Taney Co., MO; d: 3 Nov
               + m: Henry T Patton
            3) Nancy T Payne: b: 23 Mar 1850, Taney Co., MO
               + m: George Bradley on 9 Oct 1873 in Newton Co., MO
            3) Elizabeth J Payne: b: 23 Oct 1851, MO; d: 29 Mar 1862, KS
            3) Martha Ann Payne: b: 13 Nov 1853, MO; d: 26 Sep 1859
            3) William Elija Payne: b: 1 Jan 1856, MO; d: NM
            3) Saphrona Payne: b: 23 Apr 1858, CA; d: 18 Oct 1882
               + m: James Smith on 2 Jan 1876 in McDonald Co., MO
            3) Caldonia Payne: b: 23 Apr 1858, CA; d: 21 Mar 1862, KS
            3) Matison Payne: b: 12 Apr 1861, Anderson Co., KS; d: 19
Apr 1898,
                McDonald Co., MO
            3) John Carle Payne: b: 31 Jul 1863, KS; d: 30 Apr 1897
               + m: Margaret Elizabeth Holmes on 25 Dec 1879 in McDonald
Co., MO
            3) Andrew Jackson Payne: b: 12 Mar 1865; d: 6 Apr 1865
            3) Jacob Payne: b: 23 Feb 1867, Newton Co., MO; d: 6 Dec
                Hanford, Kings Co., CA
                + m: Sarah Melvina Franklin on 7 Aug 1884 in Neosho Co.,

NOTE: This last couple were my grandparents. They were first cousins.
Their mothers were sisters.

   * Robert Paine, was born in Burke Co., NC, in 1795, moved with his
     parents to maury Co., TN, about 1811.  Married S. Sellers about
     1817, presumably in TN but no record found to date. He, and his
     family, moved from Maury Co., TN, about 1836, appearently to TX.
     From TX they appear to have moved to MO, by 1839.  Their son,
     William Shelby Payne, married in Pope Co., ASR, in 1843, however no
     record has been found to indicate that they lived there.  In 1857
     the family drove a herd of cattle to CA.  They were part of the
     wagon train involved in the Mountain Meadows massacre, in UT, in
     Sep 1857.  In 1859 Robert Paine, his wife S. (Sellers) Paine, and
     both their children started on a return trip to AR.  S. (Sellers)
     Paine died on that return trip.  Although the place of her death
     has not been proven, it may have been in, or around, Anderson Co.,
     KS.  One of her granddaughters, Martha Ann Payne, also died on the
     return trip and her son, William Shelby Payne settled there for
     several years during the Civil War before returning to MO.
   * Robert Paine never remarried after the death of S. (Sellers)
     Paine.  He farmed in Benton Co., AR, until the late 1860s.  After
     the sale of his farm in Benton Co., AR, no record has been found
     that tells where he died.  He may have died in Benton Co., AR, or
     in McDonald Co., MO.