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RE: Joyce Mae Holt Taylor

This is Joyce Taylors husband
I want to let you know that she passed away fri at noon 01/06/06

William Marion Holt b4/7/1837-d 8/6/1929, born Whitley Co., KY, died Douglas Co., Missouri

       Mon, 31 Dec 2001 21:23:24 -0700
Subject:  [MODOUGLA] Re: Douglas County Book

Surnames: Holt, Strunk, Lathrom, Coffey/Coffee,Sellars/Sellers

The book is copyright 1996 Douglas Co Historical Society.
All rights reserved.  Try Turner Publishing Company, P.O.
Box 3101, Paducah, KY 42002-3101  Ph: 502-443-0121  I
believe close to $64 covers shipping & handling and the
book.  Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 95-62450
ISBN 1-56311-282-5  Note:  Says Printed in United States of
America Limited Edition.  Additional books may be purchased
from Turner Publishing Company.

Searching Wm Marion Holt b 4/7/1837 Whitley Co., KY died
Glendale, MO, Douglas Co., MO)  8/1929 and his mother Mary
Polly Holt b 11/1816 married Jackson Strunk Aug 1839 Whitley
Co., KY Mary is buried Omo Strunk Cem, Norwood Mo d Mar 1899
tombstone reads: Mary Strunk
Marion Holt (as he was called) had KY wife & daughter, need
info, was born out of wedlock son of surname Coffey, Tole,
Joel, or maybe Cole Coffey.  Mary Ann Coffey who married
Henry Sellars in Whitley Co., KY 1842 was a sister to
Marion's father. Maron married Talitha Cathern Lathrom Feb
1868, had 10 kids, found in 1894 he wasn't divorced from KY
wife.  Divorce filed Salt Lake City Tape 3/27/1895 from
Elizabeth Holt.  Marion & Talitha married in Ava, Mo.
3/29/1895 same day their son General Sherman Holt married
Margaret Woods.    Need lots of help

will send thro our SELLERS Discussion group. Believe we have had members working on these families.
Please send a copy of contacts to us.
marie, iowa

       Tue, 1 Jan 2002 02:49:26 EST

I don't understand what you mean by "send a copy of contacts" to us other than myself

It would be wonderful if the Sellars group could help.  There was a Melton "Jake" Sellars b Aug 14, 1876 d 1967
who stayed with my cousin Wm Cecil Holt for awhile in MO.  He was the son of Artimissey and George Sellars,
pg 380 of Douglas Co. Family History book. Mary Ann Coffee married Henry Sellars in Whitley Co., KY Mar 17,
1842.  There other children were:  Charles Sellars b June 19, 1883 d Dec 14, 1972' Mary Sellars b 1878 d Jan 1962

Thank you for bringing this to Sellers Discussion group.  So much time has passed since all this happened, I
really don't ever expect to find out more than I already know.   Wouldn't it be great tho.

Marion was married in KY and had a daughter there, name unknown line unknown.  Someone told me she was
named Mary and had married James Gideon Kidd.  However the only Kidd I find in my books by that name was
married to Martha Strunk 1872 Whitley Co., KY.  You know how families used the same names over and over,
perhaps there was later generation named James Gideon Kidd. 

JOY, Thanks.
If you receive connections on any of these families, that is NOT sent thro our SELLERS group,  please send us a copy.

YOU may find more STRUNK info next door in PULASKI CO, KY =

YOUR families went to MO ca when? after 1880?
marie, iowa

1878. Norwood, Mo.

Joyce Holt Taylor 

JOY/JOYCE, thanks.

Was it Melton SELLERS born ca 1876 that went to MO?
or MARION SELLERS born ca 1865?
They are both in KY in 1880.
ALSO, KY has birth cert. If you wanted to check on MARY
OR MARION SELLERS  kids? I believe? they are on the KY
usgenweb page?
They started ca 1900?

Will keep adding info and send any documents / records you
marie, iowa

       Thu, 3 Jan 2002 22:23:27 EST

It was Melton L. "Jake" Sellars b Aug 14, 1876 d 1967 never married.  He lived for awhile with my cousin Wm Cecil Holt & his wife Sylvia Gilley Holt in Mtn Grove, MO.  Try Omo,  Douglas Co, MO.  Jake was the son of George called Uncle Judge Sellars who married Artimisey Strunk, daughter of Mary Polly Holt Strunk & her husband Jackson Strunk.  Went to MO. 1878.

Mahydah/Mahulda Strunk married Frank Sellars (brother to Uncle Judge Sellars, both sons of Mary Polly Coffee & Henry Sellars)  Mahydah was the daughter of Mary Polly Holt Strunk & Jackson Strunk.  She and her husband stayed in KY.

Other Strunk children of Mary Polly Holt and Jackson Strunk who moved to Omo, Douglas Co.,  Mo. in approx.
1878 were:
Armelda (Meldy) Strunk who married F.M. Vanover
Demcy Strunk m 1. Harriet Bruce;
2. Prudy A. Wood;
3. Annie Curtis;
4. May West
Noah Strunk m 1. Sophia Ellen Higginbotham; 2. Mattie Huffman
General Jackson Strunk m 1. Martha Calhoun; 2. Melissa Thompson

Jackson Strunk must have died as he did not accompany the family.
As far as I know, Henry Sellars and Mary Ann Coffee lived in Flat Lick, Wayne Co., KY.  Wm Marion Holt's father according to the Strunk info was Cole Coffey.  Sylvia Gilley Holt, Cecil Holt's wife, recalled him as Joel or some such name;  another cousin, Bea Andrusak has it in her records Jo(e) Coffey.

Melt Sellars (Jake) b Aug 14, 1876, d June 9, 1967 is buried in Omo Strunk Cemetery, Norwood, Mo.  Armeldy Vanover & her husb F.M. Vanover are buried there also.  Mary Polly Holt Strunk is buried there.  Her tombstone reads only Mary Strunk (No mention of "Holt" on the tombstone, later generations won't know) .  General Jackson Strunk's family buried there also.  I've been there, a small farm cem on a rocky hill.

Article page 380 Douglas Co. History Book says:
Artie & Uncle Judge moved to MO when Charlie Sellars was a year old. That would make it 1884.  Lists children Melton L. "Jake" Sellars b Aug 4, 1876.  Lived with various people while working for his keep.  Charles Sellars b 1883 married Minnie Alice Woods Byers.  Mary Sellars was born 1878 first married Hicks & then Berryman.

Next article about Charles Sellars, son of Artie & Uncle Judge,  reads (Charlie) was born June 19, 1883 in KY.
The family moved to Omo, MO in Douglas Co. when Charlie was one year old along with his bro Milton "Jake" and a sister Mary.  The article was written by Charlie Sellars daughter Ruby Sellars Branson.  Maybe Uncle Judge George Sellars moved back to KY after 1878 and you say Melton is shown on 1880 KY census??  Possibility.

Charlie Sellars married Minnie Woods Byers and they had 5 children:
Verlin; Elza; Ruby; Frank & Hazel Sellars.

Note:  Minnie Woods Byers was the sister of Nancy Woods who married my uncle Lorenzo Dow Holt and Margaret Woods who married my uncle General Sherman Holt.

Several articles about Strunks says moved to MO in 1878 These are family history biographies written by 2 different people.  Maybe Artie & Uncle Judge Sellars returned to KY

Joyce Holt Taylor

JOYCE, Thank you.

I believe your MELTON/JAKE SELLARS 1876 maybe here in 1880 PULASKI CO, KY

1880 Census Place: E.D. 88, Pulaski, Kentucky
 Source: FHL Film 1254440  National Archives Film T9-0440     Page 162B
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
George SELLORS Self M M W 32 KY  Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Artimatia SELLORS Wife F M W 32 KY  Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
Milton SELLORS Son M S W 4 KY    Fa: KY Mo: KY
Mary A. SELLORS Dau F S W 1 KY    Fa: KY Mo: KY

 Census Place: District 88, Precinct 8, Pulaski, Kentucky
 Source: FHL Film 1254440  National Archives Film T9-0440     Page 148B
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
George STRUNK Self M M W 24 KY Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Mary STRUNK Wife F M W 22 KY Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
William O. STRUNK Son M S W 2 KY   Fa: KY Mo: KY
Louisa M. STRUNK Dau F S W 3M KY   Fa: KY Mo: KY

 I believe there is a link on there that takes you back to documents on that county and counties  laying next.
THANKS for SHARING, marie, iowa

       Fwd: [MODOUGLA] Re: LATHROM - Wm Marion Holt
       Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:24:07 EST
Here's a copy of info I just received making a connection to Armeldy Strunk Vanover, daughter of Mary Polly
Holt Strunk and half sister of my grandfather Wm Marion Holt.  I don't know if you would want it in the Sellars
group or not.  She does make some mention of Mahydah/Mahulda Strunk who married Frank Sellars.  Mahydah
was a sister to Armedly Strunk.

Joyce Holt Taylor

       Fwd: Re: [MODOUGLA] Re: LATHROM - Wm Marion Holt
       Thu, 10 Jan 2002 00:34:41
       "Carole Bean" <>

Wow, this is great.  I think you must be the Joyce Holt
Taylor I've seen out
on the internet and have been dying to get in touch with?
If so, don't you live in Grand Prairie, TX (or close by).  Well if so,
yippee, I live in Richardson, TX!!!

Here's my Strunk lineage:

Mary Polly "Granny" Holt Strunk/Armeldy Strunk
Vanover/Martha Vanover
Woods/Mandy Woods Dolisi/Carole Dolisi Bean (me)

Here's my Woods lineage:
John Sevier Woods/James Franklin Woods/Clarence Woods/Mandy
Dolisi/Carole Dolisi Bean (me)

You have mentioned Woods people in your great note and I
know them, too.  In
fact, my mom is still alive (83) and lives here in Plano, TX
at a retirement
home.  She knew "aunt Pitt", "aunt Nance", Cecil Holt, etc.
We have many,
many Woods pictures and many of Armeldy Strunk and family.
I have one of an
Ann Strunk, Armeldy's niece.

Yes, I was at Omo cemetery just last October when I took my
mom to Mt.
Grove, MO - she was born there although her family moved to
Ottawa, KS when
she was 3.  She has always stayed in touch and visited her
Mt. Grove
relatives and I remember we visited her family there many,
many times when I
was little.  I'm 53.  This last October, we met a Merry Bell
Strunk (real
nice).  Mom knew her husband, Hubert back when mom and
Hubert were kids.
Hubert is gone now.  Merry Bell gave me a picture of Mary
Polly "Granny"
Holt Strunk and that was the first I knew of her.  I did see
her grave -
real neat.  Armeldy, her daughter, is my great-grandmother.
I have many
relatives buried in Omo, in Denlow Cemetery, and Lone Star
cemeteries in
that area.  We went to all of them.

You helped me understand about Marion Holt - I didn't even
know anything
about him except that Granny had a son named Marion.  Heck,
I thought maybe
he was Marion Strunk until I saw that Wm Marion Holt in a
messageboard email
today and had a feeling about him.  Now I see it is William
Marion Holt and
you have great information on him.  Thanks so much.

I've been curious about Armeldy's sister who stayed in
Kentucky - Mahulda -
whatever her name is.  That's my curiosity.  I think it
might be Mahilda.  I
see what I think is Mahilda in a census (1850 or 1860 I
think, I'm at work
and going off my memory).  But even more strong evidence is
the fact that I
spoke last weekend with a Frank Thompkins who is 83 and
lives in Mt. Grove
area and he said he remembered them talking about her and
calling her
"Hilda".  What do you think?  Frank descends from General
Jackson Strunk,
"Hilda's" brother.  Frank remembers lots and he has a whole
suitcase of
pictures, he said.  He has agreed to let me photograph them
next summer when
I will be in Mt. Grove again.  He inherited them from
Harrison Strunk, son
of Armeldy's brother, Demcy.

I expect you have seen the few Strunk pages in the nice
History of Douglas
County Book.  My cousin has the book and I copied the Strunk
pages - just
last October.  That was my first knowledge about the Strunk
family and I'm
very interested.

Please write as soon as you can.  Wouldn't it be great if we
live close by
and can visit face to face.  I know my mom would love it,
too.  I had
actually been mostly working on my dad's family until mom
moved here last
February.  Now I've got her "hooked" and I really want to do
her family
while she is still here to help me.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for the email
information.  I'm a computer geek who works at Southwestern
Bell Internet so
I'm on the computer all the time.

Your cousin,
Carole Dolisi Bean

>Subject: Re: [MODOUGLA] Re: LATHROM - Wm Marion Holt
>Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 16:22:38 EST
>Where are you living now, are you in Missouri?  You didn't
sign your name.
>Do you live close in Omo or Norwood, Mo.?  Omo Strunk Cem
is where Mary and
>your great great grandmother Armeldy Vanover, and more are
buried.  Have
>been to the cemetery?  Ethel Leach lives on the farm, she
is the wife of
>Leach.   Ethel is descended from Strunk line also.  Also
Uncle Lorenzo Dow
>Holt(Marion's son) has one daughter living in Springfield,
Mo.  Dow was
>married to Nancy Woods, Margaret's sister.  Margaret has
one daughter
>Hull living in Yakima, Wash.  Mildred's grandaughter Alicia
and I have
>exchanged all of what we know about the family.  Also Asby
Holt (Gen
>Sherman's & Margaret's son) is dead but I exchange email
with Asby's
>We have Marion's family history from the time he started in
Missouri about
>1865 after Civil War.  Wm Marion Holt was married in
Kentucky and had a
>daughter there, we know nothing about her family and only
that his first
>wife's name was Elizabeth.
>General Jackson Strunk's family I believe own the Omo
Strunk Cemetery
>at the edge of the farm and a blacktop road high on a
scraggly hill.  They
>have fenced the cemetery Ethel wrote me.(General Jackson
Strunk's family)
>Mary and all her adult children moved to Norwood/Omo, MO.
in 1878.  Jackson
>must have been dead then.  The children who moved were:
Demcy Wm Strunk;
>General Jackson Strunk; Noah Strunk; Armeldy Strunk
Vanover; Artimissey
>Strunk Sellars.  Mahulda/Mahydah Strunk married to Frank
Sellars stayed in
>Mary Polly Holt was not married when she had grandfather.
>was named Coffey/Coffee, I've had 2/3 different names given
to me.  Sheila
>Strunk says Cole Coffey, the only Cole Coffey info I have
was that he died
>1825, too early.  Maybe someone named after him.
>Grandfather was born 4/7/1837, a year earlier (9 months and
a few days
>was 4 July 1836 so I figure this happened with Mary &
Coffey about that
>  Why no marriage, I don't know.  Her tombstone says she
was born 11/1816
>she was old enough to know better but love conquers all.
>Also Armeldy's sister Artimissey Strunk  who married George
Uncle Judge
>Sellars, the son of Henry Sellars  and Mary Ann Coffey.
Marion's father
>a brother of Mary Ann Coffey.  George & Artimissey Sellars
son Melton L.
>"Jake" Sellars, lived for awhile with a cousin, Wm Cecil
Holt & Sylvia
>Holt in Missouri   Sylvia told me the name was Joel or
something like that.
>Marion's children were:
>Martha who married James Emery/Emory
>Francis Napoleon Holt m 1st cousin Susan Lathrom
>General Sherman Holt m Margaret Woods
>Josephine Holt m P.O. Hawkinson
>Lorenzo Dow Holt m Nancy Woods sis to Margaret
>and more>my father was Leo Hollie Holt
>Wm Cecil Holt was the son of General Sherman Holt and
Margaret Woods and>lived close to them all his life except he did go to
Indiana for awhile >after>adult but returned to Mo.  His mother Margaret died soon
after Cecil was >born>and his Aunt Pitt Goodman raised him.
>This is confusing to you I will understand.  Can you tell
me more names in>your line how you descend down to Mary Polly Holt and where
you are >located.
>Please hurry.  Nice to find some family member.  I can give
you a lot more>info just don't want to overload you the first time because
it is a winding>trail of unknowns and skeletons in the closet naturally.
>Joyce Holt Taylor grandaughter of Wm Marion Holt b 4/7/1837
Whitley Co., KY
>and great grandaughter of Mary Polly Holt b 11/1816 d
3/1899 buried in Omo>Strunk Cem, Norwood, Mo.  Mary & Jackson Strunk married Aug
1839 Whitley >Co.,>KY.

>I'm also told that Mary Polly Holt was the daughter of
Francis Holt & Sarah>Denney, no proof.  I have info on them, they went from KY
to Mtn Grove, Mo.
>area sometime prior to 1850 Wright, Ava or Douglas County.
Their children>Stephen, John & Arzula Holt Allcorn went also.
>Mary Polly Holt Strunk didn't come to MO until 1878 when
your gran


     Sellers/Coffey Shoot out in the 1800's

     Author: Gina Goodrich

                                          Date: 29 Oct 2001 5:27 PM GMT

  I am looking for any info on the shoot out between Tinker Sellers and John
  Coffey back in the 1800's.(this John was married to Elizabeth (Liz) Strunk
  Coffey). Thaks for any help, Gina

     Re: Sellers/Coffey Shoot out in the 1800's

     Author: Joyce Holt Taylor

                                          Date: 23 Dec 2001 8:45 AM GMT

     Surnames: Coffey, Strunk, Holt, Sellars

     Classification: Query

   Do you have any information on Henry Sellers and Mary Ann Coffey who
   married Whitley Co., KY 1842. Their sons George married Artimissey Strunk
   and Frank married Mahydah/Mahulda Strunk. The Strunk girls were daughters
   of Mary Polly Holt who married Jackson Strunk in Whitley Co., KY Aug 1839.

   Mary Polly Holt is my great grandmother. She had an out of wedlock son, Wm
   Marion Holt b 4/7/1837 Whitley Co., KY.(my grandfather) His father surname
   Coffey. Father was a brother to Mary Ann Coffey who married Henry Sellars.

   Wm Marion Holt was raised as Marion Strunk, shown age 13 on Whitley Co.,
   1850 census Marsh Creek. He married to Elizabeth, maybe Lawson, and had a
   daughter told her name was Mary and that she married James Gideon Kidd.
   Trying to find more info on Marion's KY family. He stayed in Mtn Grove, Mo.
   after Civil War and married Talitha Cathern Lathrom Feb 1868, had 10 kids.
   Found in 1894 he and Elizabeth were never divorced. They divorced March 27,
   1895 Salt Lake City Record and he and Talitha married March 29, 1895, Ava,
   Mo. Their son General Sherman Holt married Margaret Woods that same day in

       Re: Sellers/Coffey Shoot out in the 1800's

       Author: Gina Goodrich

                                          Date: 26 Dec 2001 2:30 PM GMT

     Hi, boy do those names ring bells but not sure where they fit in, my John
     Coffey lived in Wayne County KY and was married to Elizabeth (Liz) Strunk
     they had a daughter Molly Coffey that married Caleb Combs and they lived in
     Pulaski Co. / McCreary County. John Coffey was shot by law officer Tinker
     Sellers. Do you have any info on him? I remember seeing the names you
     mentioned and when I get home tonight I will look them up and get back with
     you in the morning. Gina

          Re: Sellers/Coffey Shoot out in the 1800's

          Author: Joyce Holt Taylor

                                          Date: 26 Dec 2001 2:54 PM GMT

              I have no information on the shootout or the names you mentioned. I just
       imagine there were plenty of Elizabeth Strunks, I will search and if I do
       find anymore get back to you. I am not related to any of these people.
       Tinker Coffey sounds like a nickname. I have a small Coffey book, will
       look to see if anything in there. contact me