Moses Wilkerson,b.l762 m. Rebecca Sellers b.25 Feb.____. Their daughter
Elizabeth Wilkerson m. Abner Morgan,b.18 July l790 NC; d.between l850
and l860 in Van Buren Co. Ark.,moving there after death of Elizabeth 11
Sep. l840. He m.2nd Sara Quinn, a widow with 4 children.

Moses Morgan,b.abt. l812 N.C,m. 25 Sep.l839 Martha Ledbetter,b.22 Dec.
1822, daughter of Jonathan and Nancy (Wells) Ledbetter.

1840 Rutherford Co. NC Roll 117/118-Abner Morgan p.341;Moses Morgan
1m20-30;1fu5;1f15-20.p.339; Jonathan,John,Elijah & Permenter the father.

1850 Van Buren Co. Ark.Roll 25,p.319-Abner Morgan 60 NC;Sarah (Guinn)40
NC; Guinn, Samantha 11 Tn;Hannah M.10 Tn;Thomas J.10Tn;Martha 5
Tn.Riley  Morgan 6/12 Ark.

l860 Van Buren co. Ark. Roll 11, p.7-Morgan, Sary 56 farm b.(TN?)Quinn,
Parlee 22 Tn;Thomas 21;Hannah 18;Martha 15.( family of Abner b.1790)
l860 Van Buren Co. Ark. p.7-Hall, Elijah 30 NC,Lucinda(Morgan)Hall 26 NC
Joshua Hall, 7 Ark;  Mills, Mary E. 7 Ark;  Mills, Melvin J.3 Ark.;
Hall,Margaret 43 NC.

l850 Gilmer co. Ga. Roll 57 p.412-Moses Morgan 38 schoolteacher, Martha
(ledbetter)Morgan 25/30 NC, Tempie; 10 NC;Nancy 8 NC; Calloway 7 NC;
Permenter 5, NC; Alexander 3 NC.

John W. Morgan 24 NC (p.353) laborer, married within  year.

Permenter Morgan 30 NC (p.351)laborer-married within year.

l860 Gilmer Co. Ga. Roll 28, p.12-Moses Morgan 47 NC,Martha 37 Nc,Nancy
E. NC;Abner Calloway 15 NC;Alexander W. 13 NC;Charity Jane 9 Ga.,Harriet
E.6 Ga.

Joseph O. Lewis 28 Ala. p.156-Tempe(Morgan) Lewis 20 NC

Jesse Morgan 30 NC p.153-Louisa 40 SC;Elizabeth 11;Mary  8 NC;James 6 Ga
Richard C. Ga.

l870 Fannin Co. Ga.Roll 39, p.423-Moses Morgan 58 NC;Martha 49 NC;
Alexander 23 NC; Charity 18 Ga school;Harriet 15 Ga school;William Burke
12 Ga.; Lewis, Tempe(Morgan)30 NC;Sarah Jane Lewis 10;
Martha Elizabeth "Mary" Lewis 6
William Burke 12 b.Ga. was not a son of Moses/Martha Morgan.

1880 Fannin Co. Ga. roll 145,p.644-Moses Morgan 68 NC NCNC;Martha 58 NC
NCNC;Lewis, Tempe M.49 NCNCNC;Harriet Morgan25;Martha Eliz."Mary"
Lewis,15 Ga.

1900 Van Buren Co. Ark.Roll 78,(p.1076/355)Alexander W.Morgan 53NC;Nancy
"Nan"(Stroud) Morgan 51 Ark.(Alex/Nan were cousins)Martha Morgan 76 NC.

Elijah Webb Chastain 46 b.Ga.;Charity Jane (Morgan) 49 Ga.;James R.Ga;
Gordon P.19 Ga;Lillie E.11 Ga;Mary J.10;Martha 9 Ga.(p.176)

By June l887, Tempey, Moses & Martha are visiting in Van Buren Co. and
Marion Co. Ark. with numerous children and Kin. Daughters Charity and
Harriet had m. Chastain brothers and both families were living in Ark.
Nancy E. Morgan, dau., had m. John Brady in Ga.,living Marion Co.Ark.
While visiting here, Tempie Lewis became Ill, died 20 Sept.l887. After
1900 both Moses and Martha died and buried at Liberty Springs Cemetery,
in Van Buren Co.. Their graves are marked with names hand-carved in a
slab of cememt. Alexander's wife "Nan" is buried a few feet east of

Joseph O. Lewis, who m. Tempie Morgan, was serving as a soldier during
the Civil War, and apparently home on furlough or returning to his unit,
when captured by the union soldiers. He was sent to Chicago, Ill. prison
camp where he died a few days before end of the war. His family never
knew why he didn't come home.   joyce

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1785 Partial Tax list Rutherford Co. NC
John Sellers 1 white poll
1800 Rutherford Co. NC roll 33,p.143
John Sellers 1m10-16;lm45+,1f26-45.
1840 Macon co. NC roll 115,p.143
John Sellers lm10-15;1m15-20;lm40-50;
1f10-15;2f 15-20;1f40-50.
1850 Macon Co. NC roll 243,p.339
John Sellers 54 b. Lincoln;Mary 60;
Mary 28,Leander 22 b. Macon  4 Smith
Rebecca Sellers m. Moses Wilkerson.
Their dau. Elizabeth m  Abner Morgan.
Elizabeth was buried in Burke co. NC.