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Sarah Sellers(sister of Rebecca),(b.1769)Chatham or Mecklenburg Co.,was
buried in Macon Co. at Cowee Baptist Church Ceme.m. l786 Burke co. NC to
Joshua Hall, b. l765 in Maryland,d. l852, burial Cowee Bapt. church
Ceme.  Issue:
1.Joshua Hall,Jr.,b.l786 Burke Co.,d. l833, m. in l807 Mary Jane
"Jenny"   Queen.
2.Michijah Hall,b.l799, Burke co.,m. Harriett-
3.John Hall,b.20 July l800,Burke Co.NC,d.28 June l885.
4.Moses W. Hall,b.6 Dec.l802,Burke Co.,d.Apr.1890 m.26 Jan l822
Cynthia    Arminta Patton.
 5.Robert Hall,b. Burke co. NC.
 6. Elijah Merryman Hall,b.Burke Co. NC.
 7.Mary Hall,b. Burke co. NC
 8.Rebecca Hall,b.Burke Co. NC
 9.Sarah Hall.
 10.Elizabeth Hall,b. Burke Co. NC
 11. Alfred Hall,b.l810,d.29 July l896,m. Margaret M. McCrey.
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As of this point I have not been able to get a clear picture of the
Hall/Sellers/Wilkerson connections, but do have some notes which may help the
person wondering about Rev. Joshua Hall and wife Sarah Sellers.  So many of
the early pioneer settlers in the area that is western NC are related in so
many myriad ways it is mind boggling and a challenge to follow all the
intricate ways they eventually connect.  Adding to the confusion is the two
separate Sellers groups, both found in the same area during the early
settlement period.  There are the German Sellars (Cillars, Zillars, Sollars,
and sometimes found spelled Sailors) and the English Sellers who connect with
the Hall and Wilkerson families in Burke and both groups found in the later
formed western Carolina counties.  I have seen the two groups erroneously
attributed to the other, when it is obvious that a name such as Coonrad
Sellers would not be a given name in the English Sellers group.  Add to that
the fact that all court business was by law conducted in English and those
German names were anglicized to how it sounded and spelled the way it sounded
to the English ear, and Johannes became John, and then becomes confused with
the other English named John Sellers.  To get a clear answer on some of these
you have to track down the actual document and not give much weight to the
abstracted records.

Anyway, this is still sketchy, but these are my notes on Rev. Joshua Sellers.

His father was "Squire" John Hall, and his unknown first wife.  John is
thought to be the son of William Hall who came to Rowan Co., NC on the 1750's
from Maryland, and may be the same John Hall with wife Prudence who is named
administrator of the estate of William Hall in Tryon Co., NC.

John Hall married 2) Fenwell ?, widow of James Shanks.  He died in Burke Co.,
NC. No known children from this marriage.

John Hall ,left a will written 17 Nov. 1808 in Burke Co., NC, and probated 2
Feb. 1816 in York Co., SC.  He named wife Fenwell. Daus. Sally, Elizabeth,
Tempy, Polly, Diana Hicks (dec'd) and Rebekah.  Sons:  John, Elijah, Jesse,
David, Joshua.  Grandchildren:  Jesse and Polly, children of David (dec'd).

Rev. Joshua Hall (Baptist) married Sarah "Sally" Sellers.  About 1831, they
and many of their children moved to Macon Co., NC.  He and Sarah are buried
at Cowee Baptist Church Cemetery in Franklin, Macon Co., NC.

They had these children:

Elizabeth Hall married 2 Oct. 1810, Burke Co., NC Richard Burgess

Joshua Hall, Jr. m. 5 Nov. 1807, Rutherford Co., NC Virginia Jane "Jinny"
(by law a marriage bond had to be filed for the marriage in the county where
the bride resided)
They moved to Macon Co., NC, then later Jackson Co., NC, and are both buried
at Old Savannah Baptist Church Cemetery on Sutton's Branch in Jackson Co.

Robert Hall married 18 Nov. 1815, Burke Co., NC Mary "Polly" Queen.  The
bondsman was Isaiah Sellers.  He married another Mary, surname unknown in

Sarah Hall married 23 Jan. 1817, Burke Co., NC James Truitt.
Moved to Macon Co., NC and then removed to Shelby Co., TX.

Micajah Hall married (bond not found) Nancy Wilkerson, dau. of Moses and
Rebekah Sellers Wilkerson.  They lived in McDowell Co., NC, but are buried at
Montford's Cove Baptist Church Cemetery in Rutherford Co., NC (just across
the county line).  Micajah left a will dated 12 Sept. 1883, probated 25 Jan.

(He was born 1799.  Still have not been able to connect the older Micajah
Hall who married 26 Sep. 1796 Rutherford Co., NC to Polly (Polly is the
standard nickname for Mary) Sellers, with Isaac Sellers as bondsman.  He may
be the Micajah Hall who appears to be in Logan Co., KY by 1810)  (one other
note, Micajah is used a lot by various descendant lines of this family, and
is often shortened to "Cage" or Cager")

John Hall (have no idea if he married) d. 28 June 1885, Burke Co., NC.
Buried at the Hall Family Cemetery in Burke Co.

Moses Wilkerson Hall married 26 Jan. 1822, Burke Co., NC Cynthia Arminta
Patton, d/o Capt. Robert and Elizabeth ? Patton.  Bondsman Micajah Hall

They moved to Macon Co., NC and later Cherokee Co., NC.  Both are buried at
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery on Beech Creek in Cherokee Co.

Mary Hall married 2 Dec. 1823, Burke Co., NC John Ingram.  Bondsman James

They later moved to Cherokee Co., NC.

Rebecca Hall married Joseph Brendle. I haven't found the marriage bond but
the marriage probably took place in Macon Co., NC.  She died 26 May 1882 in
Franklin, Macon Co., NC.

Elijah Merryman (Merrimon) Hall married Harriett ?.  They also lived in Macon
Co., NC

Alfred Hall m. 1) unknown; 2 Margaret McCoy 18 Dec. 1842 Macon Co., NC.

Perhaps someone can fill in other details.  I will have to check to see if I
have anything further in my notes to add to this.

I realize it is still sketchy but I hope it might help.


and his wife

ALSO in this county-Need twn, page ,etc
ALFRED HALL 40? (1810) BURKE CO, NC= probably on 1810/20 BURKE CO, CENSUS?
AND others, I didn't copy others or their birth place.
NEED the Other HALLS here and there Birth Place.
ARE we OUR Joshua Hall and Sarah's kids?
IF not, WHOse KIDS are we?

POST complete CENSUS on HALL'S=
AND will show Where born on this CENSUS (great help)

LAND is Very Important in tracing close families with similar names.
DO we have Land here in Macon Co, NC?
Believe Land Records are available

WOULD like to see an 1800/10/20/30/40 census on EACH child, so we can follow these kids thro.

THEN this is WHAT proven info we have on SELLERS in that area=
ANYONE have anything else, please send.

10-20-1772 - ISAAC SELLERS of Mecklenburg buys 185 acres on south side
of Rocky or Johnstones River from Wm WHITE and wife Margaret of Province
of NC, conveyed to sd WHITE 6-29-1762. Recorded Jan 1775. (msh)
"Joyce Taylor" <>

Marriage of Mecklenburg Co. NC l783-l868
Jordan Sellers bondsman l9Jan 1797
Adam Seiler bondman 23 Aug 1847

Mecklenburg Co. NC Court Minutes Book 1 1774-1780
Ezeliel Hall vs David Griffen-no date given-Joshua Hall member of a jury.
C54:R54 p.221   p59.
p.70 Thomas Hall, 4 wolf scalps--pd 1775
p.90 The last will and Testament of Thomas Hall., Deceased was proved in
open court by the oath of James Harris an evidence thereof.
Ordered by the Ct that Letters of Testamentary issued to James Harris of
Reedy Creek & James Harris of Clear Creek- Executors
p.125 An inventory & Account of Sales of the Estate of Thomas Hall,
Deceased returned by Executor. Thomas Harris.
 p.292.  John Hall for 112 Ac-May  13, l779 to be recorded.
p.27. A Deed of Sale  from Isaac Sellers & Rebekah his wife for 50 Ac, 6 Aug

we Need to   PROVE These HALLS and SELLERS here in Meckleburg CO, NC to BURKE CO, NC.

DO we have COPY of this MARRIAGE LICENSE? =

and had kids born BURKE CO, NC
and went to MACON CO, NC?

WHICH are there kids =
PLEASE post complete census = which shows where born-

HOPE someone can understand what we need.
A Time Chart ?
OR a Name,Date,Place on Each person?
SO, we can see/follow them
AND, it will still, probably come back to proving which HALL/SELLERS had Land in that area.AND that land description.
marie, iowa