Kosciusko Co., IN Civil War record--Sellers,York

This is the record of Pvt. Joseph W. Sellers of Warsaw, IN, and his family.
He was 33 at the time of his enlistment.
Unit: Co. I, 12th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers
Description: 5 ft, 7 in., black eyes, black hair, age 33
Mustered in: Aug. 9, 1862 at Warsaw, IN for 3 years
Military record: Killed in Action at Battle of Richmond, KY Aug 30, 1862
Wife: Elizabeth York
Married: December 24, 1852 in Kosciusko Co., IN.

His widow's pursuit of a pension follows (her cited age is given as

Elizabeth Sellers, age 29, appeared in court of Kosciusko Co., IN on April
24, 1863 to apply for a widow's pension as a resident of Monroe Twp.,
Kosciusko Co., IN.  Two years later, Elizabeth Sellers of Warsaw, IN was
granted pension No. 23145 (later No. 50364) of $8 per month on June 27,
retroactive to Aug. 30, 1862.  Children listed on April 24, 1863:
Sarah Jane, age 9
Mary Ann, age 6
Francis Marion, age 3.
Witnesses were Catharine Finlon (Finton?) and Lettie Grove (Graves?).

Elizabeth Sellers changed her attorney during her two year pursuit of her
pension.  In a notarized statement of January 31, 1865, she said she had
received her pension at least in part because her local attorney, James
Carpenter of Warsaw, IN, was inducted into the army.  She changed her power
of attorney to Washington lawyers W. and J.E. Fitch.  She filled out a new
application written June 22, 1865:
Sarah J., b. 2-25-1854
Mary A, b. 8-4-1857
Francis M., b. 6-3-1859.
Witnesses were Peter Fritz and John Evans.

Elizabeth Sellers, age 30, appeared in Kosciusko Co., IN court on August 2,
1866, represented by Washington Lightfoot of Warsaw, IN, seeking an
in her pension.  She said she was receiving $8 per month at that time.  She
presented a list of her children and their birth dates:
Sarah J., b 2-25-1854
Mary A., b 8-14-1857
Francis M., b 6-14-1859.
Witnesses were William York and Sarah York.

Elizabeth Sellers, age 29, appeared in Kosciusko Co., IN court on September
13, 1866, represented by Washington Lightfoot of Warsaw, IN, in support of
her request for an increased pension.  Her children were listed as:
Sarah Jane, b. February 25, 1854
Mary A., b. August 14, 1857
Francis M., b. June 13, 1859
Witnesses were Joseph Fletcher and Martha A. Fletcher.

In a statement dated September 29, 1866, Matilda York, Mary Huff and Lydia
Huff of Kosciusko Co., IN, attested they were present at the births of
J., Mary A. and Francis M. Sellers on the dates in the September 13, 1866

The increased pension of $2 per child per month, was granted January 17,
1867, retroactive to July 25, 1866.