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My grandmother, Eulia Grace SELLERS, was married to S. G.
CLEMENTS, decendant of
Capt. Benjamin Clements.

Marie:  I suppose, like so many families, the mothers take a beating in
genealogy.  This is the reason I joined you mail list, I don't have
anything on my grandmothers side of the family except her.  I know that
she was either born in Blount Co., AL, or an adjoining county.  Here is
all I know,

Eulia Grace Sellers .b 1874, NE Alabama (maybe Blount County)
                             .d  1961, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL (Oak
Hill Cemetery)
Married:  S. G. "Shug" Clements, b. 1870, Oneonta, Blount Co., AL
                                                   d. 1942, Birmingham,
AL (Oak Hill Cemetery)
Children of this marriage included my dad, Arthur Eugene Clements, Sr.

I have plenty on the Clements' if you want it.  Sorry I could not furnish

You might want to take a look at my page at


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    In going through my filing cabinet (the floor), I came
upon some coorespondace from a second cousin of
mine, now deceased, Ethel Scherral of Oneonta.  She had
reserached 1880 Census, St. Clair County, Alabama
and had my grandmother's family in it.  She listed it as
St Clair County, Alabama, Beat 3, Springville.
Name                            age        State
Born           Father Born    Mother Born
Coburn SELLERS        37
GA                        GA                    GA
Rebecca                        30
ALA                     VA                    ALA
Lizza                                7                ALA
Eulalia                             5                ALA
Johb                                3                ALA
Seaburn, Jr (?)               1                ALA

As you can see, her name was listed in the census as Eulalia
and we have always used Eulia.  No doubt that it's
the same because Ethel knew all these people around Blount
and St. Clair County.

I just taked to my sister and she told me that Albert SELLERS
was also Eulia's brother. He must have been born
after 1880.  I barely remember him from back when I attended
the SELLERS reunion in Birmingham, Alabama.
May be after some more crawling around on the floor, I can
come up with some more about the SELLERS family.

Hope you can tie this in somewhere.

Joe Clements

JOE - Thanks - This shows COBURN SELLERS born 1843 in GEORGIA =
probably on an 1850 GA Census with Parents-
and Sometimes the Parents called these kids differently  - check ages
We have some 1850 GA census
Could also check 1870 ST CLAIR CO, AL =
also , check for county changes of land=
CIVIL WAR records in that area?
Thanks for sharing - Keep trying - marie, iowa

After diving into a decade of notes, I have more information
relative to my SELLERS connection.  Would you all scan it to
see if you can shine a light on it.

SEBORN SELLERS wife unknown
Children were:
PHYLES m. Bob Mayfield (preacher) Huntsville AL., son, Eddie
GERTRUDE m. Charles Farmer
MARIE m. Charles Lowery
RUBY  m. Luther "?"
EULIA GRACE b. 1874, d. 1961  m. S.G. "Shug" Clements (my

This information is sketchy at the least.  If anyone can
either verify and/or add to it, I'd sure appreciate it.

Joe Clements

          I have a Seaborn SELLERS b. June 1, 1851 s/o Lemuel SELLERS b. November 23,
1827 in Appling County, GA and Elizabeth HALL b. February 20, 1833 in
Appling County, GA.

My database shows that Seaborn had three wives:  Jane CURRY, Eppie WHITE,
and Lucretia HORTON.  I have no children in my database with any of these

If you think this might be your Seborn SELLERS, I have a lot of information
on his ancestors.  bp

JOSEPH - this family should be check out=

1850 COOSA CO, AL=
1112. Sellars       John         39 SC  farmer
                    Gracy        29 GA
                    Seaborn       8 GA
                    Frances       5 GA
                    John          3 AL
                    James         2 AL

 I have been looking for a Albert Sellers for some time.  I
wonder if you know the parents of you Albert or his siblings.  I have my
Albert as the possible sister to my grandmother Eulia Grace Sellers, b.
1874, Blount or St. Clair county AL, d. Aug. 1942.  I have a photo of my
Albert, his wife or sister Florence (we just called her Aunt Florence)
together with my Eulia.  I can e-mail these if you think it would help.
you know a little more about your Albert.

Joseph C. Clements