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I have a history compiled by Clark Heaslett Watters and Elizabeth Stone
TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA IN 1750.  In this document, a verbatim record
given by William Wright Sellers, son of Jordan Sellers, grandson of
Benjamin Sellers and great-grandson of William Sellers, states that
Benjamin was born about 1740 and died in April 1817 at the age of 77

It also states that Jordan was the only one of the five children between
Benjamin and Miss Bryant.  The other four was between Benjamin and his
second wife (name unknown).

Jordan married a Dutch lady by the name of Miss Elizabeth Hunchy after
the Revolutionary War.  One child, Mary was born and died at age 24 or
25.  Jordan married again to Mary Osborn and raised 3 sons and 2

Joe Sellers

PS: Do you know which ship or which country William (1740ish) came
from?  All leads seem to end there.  Thanks. 


My Lineage goes like this:

William Sellers of Tarboro (abt 1700); Benjamin Sellers (abt 1740); Wright
W. Sellers (abt 1865); Benjamin Duncan Sellers (abt 1794); Daniel Bell
Sellers (August 10, 1832); John Duncan Sellers (April 02, 1860); Osgood
Marvin Sellers (September 15, 1882); Joseph Oliver Sellers (December 06,
1922); then Joseph Oliver Sellers, II (May 3, 1951).

Do any of these connect to your tree?  Sorry I can't spend more time with
info...I must awake at 4:30AM!!! 

I'm finally back.  I know generally that from John Duncan (1860) forward,
the place of birth was either Crenshaw or Butler County.  This comes from
Osgood Marvin's daughter Ouida, my aunt.

She said that the Sellers family came by way of an old Indian trail from
North Carolina to the Montgomery County area.  They intended to settle
along the banks of the Alabama River, but a plague developed, probably
malaria, and the family continued to move southward into the Crenshaw /
Butler County area.

The Osgood Sellers family was born right on the border of the two counties,
so it is unclear which county would have the records.  If the records were
recorded today, it would be in Butler County.

Prior to John Duncan Sellers,  we aren't sure if the Sellers in this line
were all born in NC or somewhere in between.

Hope this helps!  Let me know if I can help in any other way.


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