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Subject:  Sellers,William Harvey


I am looking for any relatives from my father's line. My paternal
was William Harvey SELLERS. He was born 20 Sept. 1827,in Gibson Co. TN.
He married Harriet Sophronia CONE,11 June 1853, in Houston, Harris,TX.
He died 10 April, 1874,in Galveston, Galveston,TX. I know he had a
S. SELLERS, living in Galveston at the time of his death. He is mentioned
in his obit. William Harvey was supposed to have had something to do with
the begining of the Cotton Exchange in Galveston. Please contact me at

JOSCELYN- will Send thro our SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP AS WE  have members working on Gibson Co, Tn

AND we Need to establish these Kids in 1850 and 1860 etc
DO YOU have CENSUS records on Any
DO YOU obit on Any Other Kids?
COULD you share Complete Obit with us on WM HARVEY SELLERS 1827/ 1874 GALVESTON, TX


1860 = WHERE is First or Any  Child Born of WM HARVEY SELLERS 1827 and HARRIET CONE=
Do you have OTHER kids Names and When/Where Born and Went Where?
We have Index of SELLERS in 1850 HARRIS CO, TX
But, perhaps She lived there and married her there and Went somewhere else?
OR Where First Child Born
SEND any Help you can on Our SELLERS finding/knowing Who you are, etc
Thanks, marie, iowa
William Harvey Sellers is the son of Robert Sellers and Rebecca Fletcher.
Robert Sellers is the son of Jacob Sellers and Anna Scott; Rebecca Fletcher
is the daughter of William Fletcher and Leanna Jones; Rebecca Fletcher
Sellers remarried Richard Hilburn after the death of Robert Sellers in 1838
in LaGrange, Fayette County, Texas; siblings of William Harvey Sellers are
Finis Ewing Sellers born 1829 and married Mary W. Lavare; John Scott
Sellers, Sr. born 1833 and married Pauline Meyers; Robert Henry Sellers
born about 1835 and died about 1854 in Houston, Texas; Anna Sellers born
about 1837 died 1893 in Houston, Texas.  I would appreciate learning more
about the descendants of William Harvey Sellers.


Georgia L. Fletcher

Dear list, I can not tell you how happy you have made me, and how long I
have searched for the information I received today. Georgia how did you get
that information? It fits perfectly with everything I already knew!
I will never be able to thank you.!! I knew that William Harvey was the son
of Robert Sellers and Rebecca Fletcher but not her parents name.I also knew
that Robert was the son of Jacob but not the wife of Jacob. I knew that
Robert died soon after going to Texas, and that his wife had remarried, but
not to whom. I knew William had a brother named John S. Sellers, but that
was all I knew about him. I knew that there was a brother named Finnis, but
that was all I knew about him. I did not know anything about any sisters,
about a brother named Robert Henry.
Seems as though it is my turn to share with you all. I don't know how much
of what I have to offer is already known by the group.
As I stated in my first email my ggfather, William Harvey Sellers married
Harriet Sophronia Virginia CONE.She was born 19 May 1830; Macon,Bib,GA. She
is the daughter of Henry Hale CONE and Sophronia ELLIS. She died in
Norfolk,VA and is buried in Stonewall Jackson Cemetery,
Lexington,Rockbridge, VA. Her date of death is 11 Sept. 1905.
Children of William and Harriet are as follows:
1 William Joseph SELLERS B. 28 Oct. 1854 Houston, Harris, TX
                        D. 21 Apr. 1855 Houston, Harris, TX
2 Faison Cole SELLERS    B. 28 Oct. 1854 Houston, Harris, TX
                        D. 14 Apr. 1855 Houston, Harris, TX

3 Harvey Lee SELLERS     B. 11 Apr. 1856 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
                        M. 15 Nov. 1892 Lexington, Fayette,KY
                         D. 21 Nov. 1919 Houston, Harris, TX
Although he lived in Montclair, NJ at the time of his death, he actually
died while on a trip to TX.
                        Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
Spouse: Isabella Atchison WEST daughter of James Nephew WEST and
Isabella Dennison ATCHISON.
Isabella Atchison WEST B. 26 Dec. 1869 Lexington, Fayette, KY
                        D. 5 March 1908 Rye, Westchester, NY
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA

4  Robert Henry SELLERS  B. 19 Oct. 1857 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
                        M. 21 Jun. 1899 New York City, NY
  Spouse: Edith GILSON  B. 22 Aug. 1872 London, England
  daughter of William Henry GILSON and Charlotte WATERS
  Robert Henry SELLERS  D. 20 May 1948 Greensboro,Guilford, NC
  Edith Gilson SELLERS  D. 29 Dec. 1965 NJ
  Both are buried :Stonewall Jackson Cemetery,Lexington,Rockbridge,VA

5  Harriet Rosa SELLERS  B. 6 July 1859 Houston, Harris, TX
                        M. 11 Jun. 1891 Fort Worth, Tarrent, TX
  Spouse: William Fairfax GRAY B. 29 Mar. 1859 Houston, Harris, TX
  son of Edwin Fairfax GRAY and Rosalie Woodbuurn TAYLOR
  Harriet died 1938 and is buried also at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. I
believe her husband is also, but I am not sure. I will have to check on

6  Cornelia Lilly SELLERS B. 16 Nov. 1861 Houston, Harris, TX
                         M. 5 Aug. 1885 Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
  Spouse: Robert Allen Rogers B. 30 Jun 1857
  Son  of John D. Rogers and Martha Allen
  Cornelia Lilly         D. 18 Feb. 1935 Athens, Clarke, GA
  Also buried in Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington,Rockbridge, VA

Child number 3, Harvey Lee, is my Grandfather. He died when my father,
Harvey West SELLERS was a boy. My father's mother was already dead. He, and
his siblings, were raised by Robert Henry and his wife, Edith. They had no
children of their own, but raised many relatives. They were wonderful
people. She was like a grandmother to me when I was little. She lived with
us for several years, after her husband died. He was always Uncle Henry and
she was Deedee,to us. It was actually spelled Didi, but pronounced Deedee.
I can give you more generations on these if you wish, but not tonight.
I have a family tree that belonged to "Uncle Henry",I think. It shows that
Jacob SELLERS was the son of Robert SELLERS and Robert SELLERS was the son
of the immigrant Robert SELLERS. Robert SELLERS the immigrant, came with
sons Robert, James and John.  I unfortunately, do not have dates and places
for these ancestors. I do have many of the names of the male descendants of
two, of the three brothers. That is to say,the descendants of Robert and
James, but not John.
Georgia, you must be related to me , you know so much about our family I
not express to you the joy I feel at this time. I am anxiously waiting to
hear from you, or any of the rest of the family.
I have many more details about these people if you want them.

             William Harvey SELLERS obit.

             "Joscelyn Nickerson" <>

 I do not know the name of the newspaper. I believe it was in Galveston.
          "Death of Colonel William Harvey Sellers"
"The death of Col. Sellers, President of the Galveston Cotton Exchange,
which took place on Friday night, was so sudden and unexpected as to
surprise and awe the wide circle of friends to whom he was known and
attached. He had recently returned from Lexington, Va., where he had
his family for the purpose of educating his children. For a week or more he
had been indisposed but no one supposed his life to be in danger until an
hour or two before he died. A brief reference to the leading events of his
life is all that we are able to give at present.
He was born in 1827 in Gibson County Tennessee. His father Robert Sellers
SR., emigrated to Texas in 183(page torn)landing at Brazoria on Christmas
eve with his family and settled on Mi(page torn) creek, in the present
county of Austin, where he lived two years. He then moved to LaGrange,
Fayette County, where he died in 1838, leaving a widow and five children,
whom Harvey was the eldest.
In 1842 the deceased, then only fifteen years of age, joined the ill-fated
Meir expedition; was captured by the Mexicans & was one of those who was
compelled to draw lots when a tenth of the captives were doomed to death.
They were afterward taken to the c(Torn page) of Mexico, and thence to
Perote, and imprisoned in the castle. Young Sellers, with  another lad of
the same age, was offered his liberty on parole never to fight against
Mexico, but he refused the condition, and remained with the other prisoners
until all were released nearly two years after their capture.
Returning to Texas, he devoted himself to the care and education of his
younger brothers and sisters, for which he showed the care and solicitude
a father.
When the war between the United States and Mexico broke out, in f(torn
young Sellers volunteered in Cap(torn page) afterward Colnel and General)
(torn page) Green's company, in the regime(covered word)  the famous Texas
Rangers, Col. Joh(covered)Hays, and participated in the storming of
and the attendant events.
He settled in the City of Houston in 1848, and engaged in mercantile
persuits, remaining until 1851, when he removed to New York, and became a
member of the firm of Bowman, Sellers & Company.
When the war between the states broke out in 1861, he returned to Texas and
joined the Bayou City Guards, of which company he was elected second
lieutenant. When the company was attached to the Fifth Regiment of Texas
troops he was made adjutant, and when the command was attached to Hood's
Brigade, he was continued in the office with the rank of Captain; and so
when Hood was made division commander he became adjutant with the rank of
Lieutenant-Colonel, and was promoted to the rank of Colonel when Hood was
assigned an army corps. At the second battle of Manasses Col. Sellers
commanded the left wing of Hood's army, and he was afterward recommended
promotion to the position of brigadier by Gen. Longstreet. He served for
entire war, being one of the first to volunteer and among the last who laid
down their arms in 1865.
After the war he returned to New York, and became a partner in the house of
J.H. Brower and Co., remaining until the winter of 1867-68, when he
to Texas and settled in Galveston, where he embarked and continued in
business until his death, which cast a gloom over the whole business
community and a large circle of his other friends. The Cotton Exchange was
closed and draped in mourning on account of the event, and there was a
general expression of sorrow among all who knew him.
Though inured to danger and hardship in early life, a gallant soldier and
one who faced death on many fields, he was a man of mild and pleasant
manners, full of kindness and regard for the feelings and welfare of
His younger brothers and sisters were full of gratitude toward him, for his
fostering care when they were orphans, exposed to the privations and perils
of early times in Texas. His own children were the objects of his extreme
solicitude, and he had located them in Virginia, under the belief that he
was thus affording them the best means in his power to promote their
usefulness and happiness in future life. His bereaved wife and children, in
their sudden and overwhelming affliction, have the sincere sympathies of
who knew the husband and father they will see no more. He is by request of
the widow, (received yesterday by telegraph,)to be buried in Houston, by
side of two of their children there interred.

JOSCELYN - Thanks for remembering and sharing - will post on web page, so others can enjoy later down the line. I need to go back and study part of your chart, re: the trips to NY? and Other SELLERS here with parents born in NY. IF you find anyother kids, advise. Or any census records that we don't have would be appreciated also. Thanks for sharing. marie, iowa 

From: "Joscelyn Nickerson" <>
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> -- Subject: Re: Sellers in Maury County, Tennessee
> -- Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 05:15:38 -0700
> I have been following the conversation about Lafayette Sellers with great
> interest. I have a family tree handed down to me from my grandfather's
> brother, Robert Henry Sellers which show 2 LaFayette Sellers. Neither
> to fit your's exactly.They are on the James, brother of John and Robert
> line. Georgia, I have that Young Sellers is the son of that James and
> James had sons LaFayette,Francis, Harry, Carrol, Alfred, Alvis, Jackson,
> Hardy or Harvey( I can't tell which because of a fold in the paper)Isaac,
> John, James, and Robert.Do we agree with that?
> The other LaFayette I show to be the son of Carrol,who was the son of the
> same James that is the father of all those boys in the above paragraph.
> That LAFayette has brothers Jeff Davis, Wesley,and Robert.That may not be
> very clear. Please ask me to clarify if need be. Problem is that I do not
> have dates or places for these names, and no female names, although there
> must have been some. The only females showing are my graandfather's two
> sisters,Rosa and Lilly.
> Georgia you asked some time ago if I have family treemaker. I do not. I
> a friend who does. She said she would be glad to receive anything for me.
> Just make sure it has my name on the subject line. Thanks to all of you
> there who are trying to match up all these Sellers.

GEORGIA and JOSCELYN - Thanks. Our SOLLARS are in MD from ENGLAND by 1668.
would be SABRET SOLLARS family and he went to NC'S before 1800 and on to TN
MO. He had a granddad JAMES SELLERS.  ROBERT SELLERS name is quite common
Also PENELOPE sister. I am Sure MORE of these SELLERS/SOLLARS went south
Some info in each of the MD counties = may help=

SOMEONE has probably studied these SELLERS/SOLLARS in ENGLAND, but, we
have enough info from there to follow- Need.

CAN THIS CHART be scanned or send a picture of same? WHO/WHEN was it made?
IF you use a 20 yr generation gap as an estimate, does it equal our SELLERS
ages  in NC.

marie, iowa

Yes it can be scanned. I have a scanner, but I am unsure how to send a
If someone can give me simple instructions, I will be glad to do it.

             "Joscelyn Nickerson" <>
Dear list,
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to send this on . The last thing I
believe that I sent was the information on the children ,and their spouses,
of William Harvey and his wife Harriet Sophronia Cone.
The first two children were twins that died as infants.

William Joseph Sellers:
Born: 28 Oct. 1854, Houston, Harris, TX
Died: 21 April 1855, Houston, Harris, TX
Buried: Houston, Harris, TX

Faison Cole Sellers:
Born: 28 Oct. 1854, Houston, Harris, TX
Died: 14 April 1855, Houston, Harris, TX
Buried: Houston, Harris, TX

The third child was Harvey Lee SELLERS, my grandfather.              Harvey
Born: 11 Apr.1856, Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Married: 15 Nov. 1892 Lexington, Fayette, KY
Died: 21 Nov. 1919 Houston, Harris, TX
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington,Rockbridge, VA
Isabella Atchison West:
Born: 26 Dec. 1869 Lexington, Fayette,KY
Died: 5 March 1908 Rye, Westchester, NY
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
Parents:James Nephew West, and Isabella Dennison Atchison
1) Lee West SELLERS:
    Born: 12 Jan 1894 New Orleans, Orleans, LA
    Died: 2 June 1919 France, WWI
    Buried:Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
     Never Married

2) Barrington West SELLERS:
    Born: 24 August 1896, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
    Died: 4 Aug. 1918, France, WWI
    Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
      Never Married

3) Clifford West SELLERS
    Born: 2 January 1899, New York City, NY
    Died: 9 March 1971, Mt. Kisco, Westchester, NY
    Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington,Rockbridge, VA

    Spouse: Ralph E. Henderson
    Born:4 June 1899
    Died:6 October 1989, Mt. Kisco, Westchester, NY
    Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington,Rockbridge, VA

    three children, all living

4) Harvey West Sellers
    Born: 26 September 1901
    Died:02 October 1901

5) Harvey West Sellers
    Born: 04 August 1905, Valhalla, Westchester,NY
    Married: 8 October 1938, Montclair,Essex, NJ
    Died: 13 November 1968, Greensboro, Guilford, NC
    Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery,Lexington,Rockbridge, VA
    Spouse: Elizabeth Hunt Spencer (Living)

    Three children, all living

The fourth child of William Harvey Sellers and Harriet Sophronia Cone

Robert Henry Sellers:
Born: 19 October 1857, Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Married: 21 June 1899, New York City, NY
Died: 20 May, 1948, Greensboro, Guilford, NC
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA

Spouse: Edith Gilson
Born: 22 August 1872, London, England
Died: 29 December, 1965
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
Parents: William Henry Gilson and Charlotte Waters
   No Children of this marriage

The fifth child of William Harvey Sellers and Harriet Sophronia Cone

Harriet Rosa Sellers:
Born: 6 July 1859, Houston, Harris, TX
Married: 11 June 1891,Fort Worth, Tarrent, TX
Died : 3 December 1938
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA

Spouse: William Fairfax Gray:
Born: 29 March 1859
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
Parents: Edwin Fairfax Gray and Rosalie Woodburn Taylor

Children of Harriet Rosa Sellers and William Fairfax Gray
1) Rosa Argyle Gray:
    Born: 4 November 1893 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
    Married:17 Dec. 1917, Surry,,VA
    Died: 28 March 1969
    Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
    Spouse 1:Augustus Henry Drewry - Divorced
    Spouse 2:Edwin Curry Garrett?
    Spouse 3:Collins?

2) William Edwin Gray:
    Born: 11 September 1895, New York, NY
    Died: 3 February 1910, Homewood,,VA
    Buried: Stonewall Jackson Cemetery,Lexington, Rockbridge, VA

3) Henry Sellers Gray:
    Born: 24 February 1897, East Orange, Essex, NJ
    Died: 10 June 1899, Homewood, ,VA

4) Alan Fairfax Gray:
    Born: 17 June 1898, East Orange, Essex, NJ

Sixth child of William Harvey Sellers and Harriet Sophronia Cone

Cornelia Lilly Sellers:
Born: 16 November 1861, Houston, Harris, TX
Married: 5 August, 1885, Lexington, Rockbridge, VA
Died: 18 February, 1935, Athens, Clarke, GA

Spouse:Robert Allen Rodgers:
Born:30 June,1857
Parents: John D. Rodgers and Martha Allen

Children of Cornelia Lilly Sellers and Robert Allen Sellers
1)John D. Rodgers:
   Born: 2 July 1886, Ft. Worth,, TX
   Spouse: Carolyn Giddings

2)Robert Allen Rodgers:
   Born: 30 November 1888, Ft. Worth,, TX
   Spouse: Myra Boynton

3)Harvey Sellers Rodgers:
   Born: 17 April 1890, Ft. Worth,, TX

4)Rosa Roberta Rodgers:
   Born: 31 May 1892, Ft. Worth,, TX
   Died: 25 Oct. 1995, Tucker, DeKalb, GA
   Spouse:Edgar Maslen Guild

5)Lilly Sellers Rodgers:
   Born: 26 February 1902, New York, NY

I have not listed knowingly any living persons information, because I
believe in the rights of privacy. If they want to put it on the Web, that's
fine with me , but I am not going to do it. Hope this helps, and is what
want. Joscelyn Nickerson