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I found this information in a Warren, CO. TN. Plat Records Book in the
Library at Cookeville, TN.

Page 260-261.  Entry No. 2305 dated 26 May 1827 surveyed for Jorden
44 acres on the waters of the Dry Fork of Smith Fork, south of the upper
end of an improvement made by Henry Sellers.  Surveyed 11 July 1830.  Mathew
Sellers and Arch Sellers, SCC. J. B.  Perkins DS. October 2, 1831. Sent
on 3 April 1832 by J. B.  Perkins.

1847 =JORDIN SELLARS WB-2-201Warren Co,Tn=

july 2003
Elsie []

I do have a copy of the old Jordans will; wife, Evan, four children, 2 or 3 minors, and many later reports by guardian of the minor children.  The daughter, Chloe Braswell, who already had $200, was the oldest sister of Jordan Basil? Sellars,  a son, along with two other girls and three boys by Jordan's first wife Elry, shown in the 1840 census with all the children except Chloe.  The Braswell family sy Chloe died in 1852 and Wm. Braswell remarried twice.
My scanner and such are "out" right now as I'm getting a new hard drive, etc.  Can send copies later or put on TNDEKALB if needful.  I do have, also, a copy of Jordans father's deed showing him as a son.  I do not, however, have anything to show what happened to the daughter of John of whom Jordan was made guardian except one report by Jordan of income in her name.  She would have been Anadney Sellars as a minor when John and wife died about 1830.
Let me know disposition of these items that might be helpful to other family searchers.  Elsie
ELSIE, thanks.
this Jordan SELLERS born ca 1780/90/
we can make a page and try to link the census/marriages to these counties.

YES, we Need/want copy/extraction of will and any probate papers.
May help others searching for other kids, etc.
marie, iowa
july 2003
Elsie []

I forgot to explain the suit in 1858? where Mr Womack, old Jordan's admtr tried to keep  Eran's Sellars land from being put into the rest of the estate before dividing with the rest of the children of the earlier family.  (He was successful, as the court upheld Jordan's naming that portion all hers.)  This land was in Warren Co, while that given the early family was all in DeKalb.)
Also Eran did very shortly marry Mr. Linder and had Linder children before he died quite soon.  She later married again, tho I cannot remember the name off-hand.  Elry, the first wife,  moved to Oregon Co., MO with Archibald, Sarah, Alfred and Matthew, J.B.s siblings--Arch was married,  the other three were living with Elry a few houses away.
J.B. went on to Chariton, then Linn Cos, MO,( the birth area of his wife, Eliza Curtis,  (my ggggrandmother) and later all the rest of the children lived and married in Linn Co. after Arch died in 1856, and his children were taken to Linn.  I do not have a death circumstance for Elry, tho her name is spelled Early by the census taker in Oregon Co., MO.  A sister of these people, Malinda Sellars, married an Isaac Perkins in Ripley Co., MO in 1843, and may have been the reason the others moved nearby.  Melinda and her youngest children are living in Linn Co in 1860, So Isaac must have died.  I find an Isaac Perkins in the cemetery book for Cooper Co., MO but as yet have not secured a copy of his stats from people there.
A few years ago, after working for the U of SC on Parris Island, I stopped in Wilmington NC where I had seen many Sellers listed with the right names to be relatives of my branch.  One of the things I found in the library there was a Thesis by a local Sellers Descendent tracing the Sellers from arrival in late 1600s to when many left to go inland.  This material showed a Matthew going to KY and one going to TN.  The wife and family of the Kentucky Matthew are known, but the author and other descendents think TN Matthew is the father of "our" Matthew Jr, Arch, John and Drury.  I am not too certain as ages of children in 1790 are not conclusive--so I still look, altho it would appear a William Sellers family is closer in ages.  My family has always considered J.B.s ancestor to be a William, tho I have no documentation, and I know how word of mouth can get distorted.
J.B. has always spelled his name Sellars, and I have thought perhaps he did that change due to the circumstances of his own line--however, in TN a couple of weeks ago I saw several spellings of Sellars outside our immediate groups.
Thanks for all the reading time of which I'm depriving you.    Elsie
ELSIE, thank you very much.
will add to JORDAN SELLERS 1780/90
would appreciate a TIME LINE on this family.
each county, each years of census/marriage/death, etc.