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John Sellers, b. VA 1797 and son of Henry Sellers of Hardy Co., VA and 

Greene Co., OH was a veteran of the War of 1812.  Records show he  served in two



He served with the Watkins Battery at Norfolk as a private.  He said  his

commanding officer was Lt. Thomas Perkins.  He made claim number 19093  and was

issued certificate number 11215.  He was awarded a pension of $8  per month and

made a bounty land claim W44391-160-55, which was issued to  him.


He had earlier been a member of a unit that was part of the Virginia  militia

that served in the War of 1812.  He said this unit was commanded by  Capt. D.

Van Meter.  He said he was known in military records as John  Sellers of

Moorefield, VA.


He is listed in the 1820 Greene Co., OH census, conducted in Feb. 1821, as  a

resident of Xenia Township, aged 16-26, and listed as having "no settled

place  of residence."


He is found once again in the 1830 Greene Co., OH census in Xenia  Township. 

It is noted that he is not a resident of Xenia proper.   John Sellers family

now totals four:  John aged 30-40, his wife aged 20-30  and two sons, one

under 5 and one aged 10-15.  The latter should be an  error since they had only

been married three years in 1830. 


John Sellers and family lived at 102 E. Market St. in Xenia.


I have found the following further information about four  of John Sellers

and Elizabeth Martin Sellers' children:

1. Sarah E., b. Apr 23, 1841 and d. Apr 24, 1863. Buried Woodland Cem., 

Xenia, OH

2. John, b. Feb 23, 1840 or 1845-46 and d. May 20, 1863 or 1868-69.   Buried

Woodland Cem., Xenia, OH.  Uncertain dates due to dates unclear in  the

cemetery records.

3. George, b. Jun 3, 1836 and d.Nov 15, 1928, buried Woodland Cem., Xenia, 

OH.  Married Margaret Drake.  Burial Woodland Cem., Xenia, OH.   Signed

affidavits in 1878 assisting his mother to obtain a widow's  pension as a widow of a

soldier of the War of 1812.

4. Alexander, b. 1829.  Married Sarah D. Spahr.  Prominent  citizen of

Reesville, Clinton Co., OH (found in book History of Clinton  County, OH, pg. 1112).

 Began living in Reesville in 1862 and operated  a sawmill from land he

owned.  At one time he owned 300 ac. in Clinton  County and 190 ac. near Xenia.  He

was a principal stockholder of the  Sabina  Fair.


Frank Sellers

Feb 2005


Addison C. Sellers is in the 1850 census of Xenia Township, Greene Co., OH, 

as a son in the home of John Sellers who d. in Xenia, OH in 1874 and 

Elizabeth Martin, his wife. 


Addison was b. in 1839 and d. May 19, 1929, according to  burial records of

Woodland Cem., Xenia, OH.  I don't have any  information about wife or children.


This adds child No. 5 to the list of four children on whom there was 

information in my earliier emails about John Sellers.


Frank Sellers

Hey Frank,


Thanks for the info.  Alot of good work in there.


I'm a little confused, though.  Is this info about John Sellers (1797-1874)

and the 5 children connected in any way to my earlier inquiry about Henry

Sellers, son of John Sellers (1735-1804) or is it separate info pursuant to

an earlier discussion or query?


Sorry for my confusion.  Just trying to get it straight in the old noodle.


Mike and Amber Sellers []


Mike and All,


I'm sketching out the nineteenth century Ohio grandchildren of  Virginia

native Henry Sellers so other Sellers can find their ancestors.


I'm not at all sure Henry d. 1829 in Xenia, OH is the Henry son of John you 

are seeking.  But the potential exists.  Henry who died 1829 in Xenia  was the

right age and had the right names for his children:  John, Jacob  and Henry,

plus Elizabeth.  But proof hasn't been found.


More later.



Hey Frank,


The info is very valuable, and I appreciate seeing it posted to the list.

Thank you very much for doing so.


I totally agree in that the potential does exist that your Henry d. 1829 in

Xenia, OH, is the Henry, son of John, that I'm looking for.  He does fit the

right age, and the names of his children are certainly in line with what is

normally seen in lines descending from ole Heinrich Zeller.  He's definitely

one to keep an eye on in my quest :-)


The only other thing that has been 'rumored' about Henry, son of John

(1735-1804) is that its possible his wife's name was Barbara Link.  I've

found no evidence to support the supposition, so I'll treat it as rumor for

the time being ...


Again, good hearing from you and thanks for the great info you're posting



Now, Marie and all, I've looked thru the Sellers Family site and see some

data about John Sellers (Johannes Zeller), but I haven't seen anything

posted specifically about his son, Henry.  Is there something there about

him that I'm missing or do we have some data on him that I'm just not






Mike and Amber Sellers []


MICHAEL, thanks. some info

marie, iowa





some of the church documents give a lot of maiden names for this

area/period, but you probably already have.

marie, iowa