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          Cousin Lori sent me to this link:

Contributed by Lynn Hicks Sellers, 302 Mt. Zion Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29303 (no e-mail address as of June,2000)

This record is found in an edition of the Holy Bible copyrighted by
Southwestern Publishing House, Nashville, Tenn. on July 1, 1886. It
the King James Version of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament.
It also contains American revision of the 1881 edition of the revised New
Testament in a parallel column with the King James Version text.

This Certifies That John P. Sellers of Mt. Airy Ga and Rosa B Maines of Mt.
Airy Ga were joined together by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony At Mt
Ga on the first day of October in the year of our Lord 18879

In Presence of                      Signed
          [blank]               By Rev. J C Jackson of Mt. Airy Ga


J. P. Sellers Was Born Dec the 7 1858[John Powell Sellers]
J. H. Sellers Was Born may the 15 1883[John Henry Sellers]
W. P. Sellers Was Born February the 10 1885 [William Powell Sellers]
Lillie Sellers Was Born march the 3 1888
Marie Sellers Was Born July the 4 1892
Lucile Deason was born March 1 1906
Ethel Deason was born June 1 1908
Annie Ruth Deason was born Mar. 20 1910
J. Joseph Weeks was born June 10 [year illegible]
Myrtle Sellers was Born Aug 5 1910
Maude Sellers was born June 21, 1919
Martin Luther Weeks, Jr. Born March 19, 1913
J. P. Sellers was born March 19 1914
William Sellers was born Sept 13, 1915


J. P. Sellers and Rosa Sellers October the 1 1879 Was married By Rev. J. C.
Jackson Mt Airy Ga
Mr. James Donald Deason and Miss Lillie Sellers were Married Jan. 11, 1905
by the Rev. W. P. Smith
Mr. W. P. Sellers and Miss Fannie Young Married July 17/[19]07 By Maj
Spartanburg SC
Marie Sellers and Martin Weeks were married Aug 11. 1909 by Rev. Wm


Henry Sellers Died September the 22 1888
C. H. Sellers Died July the 29 1889
J. L. Sellers Died August the 16 1889
John Henry Sellers Died June 11 1911
Lillie Deason Died feb 6 1912
Annie Ruth Deason died May 15, 19[blank]
Rosa Sellers Died Feb 6 1920--525 PM
John P Sellers July 17, 1947
William P. Sellers--March 30, 1953

On a blank page the following is written:
Mary Sellers Feb the 22 1917
Ruth Sellers Was Born Sept the 12 1920
Rose Sellers Was Born May 6, 1922
Paul Weeks Was Born May 1 192[ ]
Robert Weeks was Born Oct 22 1924
Lillie Gregory " " Dec 2-- 1925
Annie Louise Weeks was born Dec. 27, 1926
Richard Howard Weeks " " Feb. 1. 1928
Mary Elizabeth Weeks " " Oct 26. 1916
George Henry Weeks " " Nov 26 1918

Lynn Sellars has also found the following letter from Isaac Sellers of
Cornelia, GA to his brother, John P. Sellers of Spartanburg, SC. It is
presented here exactly as written.

      Cornelia, GA Apr. 9th 1937
      Mr. Jno. P. Sellers
      S C
      Dear Bro.
           I am writing to let you know we are all well, & hope you all the
same. May was down here about 3 week ago and carrid us down to see Mary She
had been very bad off with Rheumatism but was some better then.
           You remember we was talking about tracing our kin back to
Revoultionary War when you was over here the last time So Ola & any of the
rest of our girls could join the D. A. R. Society, and since then Ola wrote
to the Media Research Bureau. at Washington City & got the history of the
Prince and Sellers which Says Capt. Asa Prince of Mass. & Capt Sylvanus of
Va. and Frank Prince and Liutenent Thomas Prince of S. C. fought in the
And it says the given names of their Sons was John Richard Thomas Isaac
Joseph, Job, Nathen, Benjamin, Samual, James and Robert, & evidently Frank
or Thomas was our great Grand Father and which ever it he was, James (Grand
Pa) and Uncle Joseph Prince
           It does not Name the Girls names. Now do you supose their is any
record at Pendleton of the wills of these Men naming their Children or
their wills was probated. Grand Pas toomb Stone at Hazel Church Says Grand
Pa was born 1781 and died Nov 1863 and was 82 years old and Grand Ma born
1789 and died Nov 12, 187(illigible). The war ended in 1781 So I figure
Frank or Thomas was our Great Grand Father. Let me know what you think
           The Sellers history Says Names of the officers who was in the
was Lutenant John Sellers of Pa. The given names of the Sellers families
Samuel Thomas Adam John Paul Philip Hans Henry Peter and Jacob So I figure
that Lt. John Sellers was our Great Grand Father and that his son John was
our Grand Father and that Uncle John Sellers Uncle Coona & Pa and Uncle
Uncle Jake & Ephriam was Grand Pas Sons and Aunts ------------ Christopher
and ------------ Dave Sharp and Aunt Sarah Sellers was the Girls There was
Several amigrants came from England but they was (illegible) English but 2
Germans & thir Familys came and landed at Philadelphia and one went to
Mayorland and one went up the State the State of Pa and Settled in 1737 at
place called Francona Pa his name Phillip Henry Sellers. and he was the
Father of 11 children Linwood, Phillip Henry, John, Paul, Peter, Jacob
Elisabeth Margarett & Mary So John must have been the one who Served as
Lutenant in the War and the Father of Grand Pa Sellers and Says one Sellers
Marred a Christopher and a Schnider (Snider) There seems to be Several ways
of spelling the names but have been boild down to Sellars and Sellers.
           Now all the rest of the Familys but this one Settled in other
States, the one that come with our Great Grand Father left Pa & went to
Mayorland when you answer this give me our Aunts given names Aunt
Christopher & Sharp you need not write so much as I have but say what you
      Your Bro
      I. T. Sellers

Marie, to my knowledge Lynn Hicks Sellers does not have an e-mail address.
Cousin Lori Sotelo is writing to her at the address that was given.
Information will be shared when we find out more.   And, yes, this is the
Habersham County, Georgia SELLERS group and some did go to Spartanburg.
When I was in Habersham County, Ga. this past March, I saw a lot of land
holdings for Isaac Sellers.  It is my understanding that he was the
Postmaster at Cornelia, Georgia for many years.   I did not have time to
extract all his land holdings while I was there.   I was mainly interested
in how he said our line should run, as we are showing different
In his letter, no mention was made of an Abraham Lenda "Jesse" Sellers at
all, nor of a Francis Conrad Sellers.   Looks like we have more work to do
in order to actually prove that Abraham was our "Father".   I have not
from any of the other cousins on this line to see what their opinions are.
I know this letter is just one man's opinion, and does not prove anything,
but, hopefully, when we do hear from Lynn Hicks Sellers that she can shed
some light on what I posted for our information.  Carole