Ontario/Ohio Sellars
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             John Leidy <>

Marie, Here's an update on research connected with the Toledo,
Ohio/Kingston, Ontario Sellers/Sellars.  This can replace/update some of
the info I gave to you earlier.

1.John Sellars b. mid-1700's, Scotland; d. probably Canada, after 1806.
   Enlisted in Fourth Royal Artillery in Britain, was sent to America in
Revolution; after the war was sent to Fort Frontenac in Kingston,
Ontario.  Wife's name unknown, possibly Elizabeth who was buried in
Kingston Nov 1800.  If Elizabeth is not his wife she is likely a
......2. William Sellers b. 19 Oct  1786 Canada (death cert says
Quebec);d. 11 May 1883 in Toledo Ohio; md. Elizabeth _____ b. abt 1792,
NY; d. 11 Apr  1876, Toledo Ohio.  Her family believed to have been
connected to Whitehall NY, family tradition says they owned an inn
there; may have been Loyalists.  William and Elizabeth may have lived in
Kingston; were living in Oswego, NY in 1840's; then moved to Toledo abt
1850; William ran the Clinton Hotel in Toledo.
..............3.Ann Sellars is a probable daughter of William and
Elizabeth, bapt. in Kingston 9 Mar 1818 to "William and Betsy" 
..............3.Jane Sellers b.  abt 1819 (death cert says in Kingston);
d. 15 Apr 1897 in Washington DC; md John Bernard Breymann (1811-1887, b
Papenburg, Germany) in abt 1842 in Oswego NY. Moved to Toledo OH in
early 1850's. 9 Breymann children brought up in Toledo OH.
..............3.George Washington Sellars b. 22 Jan 1831 in NY, d. 13
Dec 1909 in Toledo OH; md. 1850 in Vienna MI to Ellen Van Housen.  Lived
in Toledo and Chicago Il; in Toledo was in the sail and awning
manufacturing business with the Breymann family.
...................4.William W. Sellars b.12 Jun  1852 Toledo OH; d.
1854, Chicago Il.
...................4. Ida Jane Sellars b. 12 Jul  1854 in Chicago; d. 22
Mar  1940 in Toledo OH; md. 26 Sep 1878 in Toledo John Henry Van
...................4. Elizabeth Sellars b. 17 Aug  1858 in Toledo; d. 16
Oct 1870 in Erie MI.
...................4. Hattie Sellars b. 5 Nov  1860 in Chicago; d.
before 1870.
...................4. John Sellars b. 26 Dec 1862; d 26 Dec  1862
...................4. George Washington Sellars Jr., b. 10 Mar  1865 in
St John MI; d. unknown (moved to California) md. 10 Mar  1890 in Toledo
OH: Flora Weterts.
...................4. Jennie Sellars b. 1867 in Chicago; d. 1869
...................4. Ellen Sellars b. 28 Nov  1870 in Toledo; moved
West, supposedly twice married.
...................4. Sara Alberta Sellars b. 28 May  1872 Toledo OH; d.
17 Feb  1954 Toledo OH; md 12 Oct 1891 in Toledo to Joseph Willet
...................4. Emma Sellars b. 8 Mar  1874 in Toledo OH; d. after
1965; md 28 Dec  1893 Toledo: Charles Swartz.
...................4. Mamie Sellars b Sept 1876 Toledo OH; d. 24 Sept
1877 Toledo OH.
.............3. Other children of William and Elizabeth may be: Sarah
Sellers md. David McCauley (a partner in the Clinton Hotel), William H.
(Henry?) Sellars, John Sellers, Allan Sellars, and Keith Sellars. A
family tradition days that one of these men operated a hotel in Goshen
.....2. Ann Sellars b. circa 1789 appears to be a daughter of John
Sellars. She d. 1832 Kingston Ontario; md 30 Mar  1816 John Goodearle. 
(This couple were sponsors at the baptism of William and Betsy's
daughter Ann in 1818.)  They had a son John Goodearle b. abt 1825.
.....2. Robert Sellars, b. 25 Dec  1790 in Fort Frontenac, Kingston
Ontario; d. Oct 1890; md 17 July 1816 in Kingston Ont: Harriet Oliver
(d. 1862).    Robert was in the Canadian military with the Royal
Engineers for 33 years.  He was in the War of 1812.
.............3. Mary Elizabeth Sellars b. 23 Dec  1819 in Kingston, d.
aft 1890, was unmarried in 1890 at her father's death.
.............3. George Henry Sellars b. 9 Mar 1825 in Kingston Ont; d.
29 Dec  1889 in Chicago Il; md 12 Apr 1850 in Kingston to Catherine
Lackie.  Wife stated at George's death that there were no living
children, or descendants of children.
.............3. A third child is mentioned in Robert Sellar's obituary,
as yet unidentified.  The child is likely Robert Sellars who md Anne
Taylor 12 Aug 1838 in Kingston Ont.

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             John Leidy <>

Seeking information of the ancestry and family of a William SELLERS,
b.19 Oct. 1786 in Canada (according to death certificate in Quebec).
Supposed to be of Scottish background.  Married Elizabeth _____ b.c.1792
in New York state, possibly Whitehall (according to family tradition). 
Had daughter Jane b.about 1819 in Kingston Ontario.  William is believed
to have been stationed at a fort there at the time. Believe  they also a
son William, and George.  William (d.1883) and Elizabeth (d.1876) died
in Toledo, Ohio.  William ran a hotel there, and possibly had in other
cities as well.  Jane married John BREYMANN, lived in Oswego NY and
Toledo OH.  She died in Washington DC 1897.   Reply to John at

Seeking anyone descended/researching a Sellers/Sellars family with
connections to Toledo, Ohio; Oswego, New York; or Kingston, Ontario.  Am
working on a family of William Sellers (b Quebec 1786) and wife
Elizabeth (b NY) who lived in Kingston, then Oswego (1830's to 1840's)
then moved in 1840's to Toledo.  William ran a hotel in Toledo.  Had
children: Jane (md John Breymann), George Washingwon (md Ellen Van
Housen), possible other children John, William, Henry. 
   Believe William (b 1786) had a brother, Robert (md Harriet Oliver)
who remained in Kingston, and that their father was a John
Sellers/Sellars.  Robert had a son George Henry who died in Chicago
(1890).  Any info appreciated.  Thanks, John Leidy

           John Leidy <>
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Marie:  Here's everything that I've got on my Sellers connection at
present:  Jane (Sellers) Breymann, my great-great grandmother, died in
Washington DC 12 April 1897 at age 78yrs,19da.  Her death certificate
gives her place of birth as Kingston, Ontario.  My grandmother said that
the family story was that she'd been born in Kingston while her father
was stationed at a fort there.  Family records have her date of marriage
to John Bernard Breymann (b.1811, Papenberg, Germany- d.1887, Toledo
Ohio) as 1842.  My grandmother believed that the place of marriage was
Oswego, NY.  And indeed their oldest son, George, was born in Oswego in
    Shortly thereafter they moved to Toledo where the other children
were born.  Jane was visiting one of her daughters in DC when she died. 
She had 3 sons and 2 daughters that survived youth.  Another 3, I think
it was 3, died in their youth as a result of cholera in the 1850's. 
They are buried in Forest Cemetery in Toledo, but the original cemetery
records no longer exist-just the stones.  A William Sellers is buried in
the family plot there, but I'm not sure which family member he is at
this point. 
     My grandmother said that she understood that the Sellers line was
Scotch-Canadian.  She had also heard that some of the family, I believe
this to be Jane's mother's family, had run an inn in Whitehall, NY
during the Revolutionary period. She had also understood that some of
the family had run a hotel in Goshen, Indiana.  I cheched Census records
in the Goshen area and was unable to make any connection there. 
However, I did find a John and William Sellers in Whitehall in the 1840
Census, that year only.  I tend to believe that there was a family
connection there but that it was through Jane's mother's family.
    The most recent information that I received, which came from some
cousins with a Toledo connection, but not a Sellers connection, was that
in their research they had come across a death certificate, and Toledo
Blade death notice, for William Sellers, born 19 Oct. 1786 in Quebec,
died 11 May, 1883 Toledo, Ohio.  He had operated the Clinton Hotel in
Toledo.  A death notice in the Blade for William's wife lists her as
Elizabeth, born in New York in about 1792, she died 11 April, 1876.  My
cousins also, not sure how, had information from a family bible of
George Washington Sellers, in the possession of a Joyce Sengstock of
Toledo.  It includes George as a son of William and Elizabeth and
brother of Jane, born 22 Jan  1831; married Ellen Van Housen 1850 in
Vienna, Monroe Co. Mich; died 13 Dec 1909 in Toledo. This George worked
with some of the Breymanns in their sailmaking/awning business in
     There seems to also be a brother William, Henry, or most likely,
William Henry who according to Toledo City Directories was in Toledo
during the 1871-1881 period and for some of that time lived at the
"Clinton House".  Some family members believe there may also have been
Sellers family members named Allen and Sarah.
The cousins who turned up William and Elizabeth told me that George W.
lived in Chicago in the 1850's and that there was a George Henry Sellers
in Chicago in the 1890's whose will was probated in Frontenac Co.
Ontario (same county as Kingston); another Sellers that appears in
Frontenac is a Robert whose will was also probated there in the 1890's.
    This is all I have at present.  I have not done a lot of research on
this line myself because of researching other lines and my unfamiliarity
with research in Canada.  I've done a bit of snooping in Whitehall in
regard to a family that may have owned an inn there, but nothing so
far.  I do have names and dates for most of Jane's children, but can't
get at them at present.  If you want them, I can send them on later. 
Thanks for your interest.  Hope this information is helpful to others
and will also lead to more information on my line.    John





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