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Jan 2005

Sellers-Gurley in Isle of Wight Co. VA

Hello all, I saw your note in one of several Sellers

family history sites on the web. My interest is in the

Gurleys who if my information is correct intermarried

with the Sellers once or twice. The first reference is

of William S. who immigrated in 1657 and married

Providence Gurley in ?. This a reference that one

Shirley Cornwell made on the web in 1998.

   Evidently Shirley has passed and others and myself

have had no luck finding her. Has anyone found

evidence of this marriage? My oldest known ancester,

George Gurley of Isle of Wight Co.,b. 1698, would have

been a descendent of Providence's family. A second

marriage was between Faithy Gurley and George Sellers,

probably the grandson of William S. This we have a

record of. Faithy was the daughter of George G. and

the sister of my ancester George G. Jr.,b. 1728 in

Isle of Wight Co.

    Since you are in touch with other Sellers

researchers,  you can help

me find these connections.I am sending this to several

addresses as so many have expired and are not current.


John Gurley

JOHN, thank you.

will send thro the SELLERS group.


Can you send us a small chart of the child you connect to and When and Where they went?

OR a time chart on this family would be helpful also.


I see =


In 1731 (PB 14, page 170), WILLIAM SELLER obtained a patent for 200 acres

between the Nottoway and the Meherrin Rivers.  In 1733 (PB 15, page 158), he

obtained a patent for another 200 acres and in 1742 (PB 20, page 311),

another 235 acres.   Rev. GEORGE GURLEY (1733) and JOHN DORTCH (1725)

obtained patents in this same area.


Bob Sellers


5-19-1743 WILLIAM SELLERS and PROVIDENCE, his wife sell 120 acres in NOTTOWAY Parish to Wm HATFIELD locataed on North side of Beaverdam Swamp,part of original patent to JOHN GURLEY dated 2-20-1733.




DO you have a copy of land description of JOHN GURLEYS land patent in 1733? I think we need.

DO you have a copy of his will? need


PLEASE, send what documents and charts you can on your Gurleys to help Prove these families.

marie, iowa 



feb 11, 2005

Hello Marie, Thank you for your e-mail regarding Isle


Wight connections. I am attaching the info about my

Gurley line. George G.Sr(born 1698) had 5 children, my

line is George Jr.(born 1728 in IOW) and the Sellers

line is thru Faithy. George Sr. had a brother,

Nicholas (born 1702), he had 3 sons Nicholas, William

and Benjamin.





 Where William Sellers wife Providence

fits into this I'don't have a clue. I am also

attaching a IOW deed book entry for a land transaction

between  George G. Sr. and William S. and Providence S.




   I looked up the location of the property of John

Gurley tou have mentioned, Beaverdam Swamp is on the

Blackwater River near the present day Franklin.


 The youngest son of George Sr. was John born in 1736, so

he could not have been the same one who took out a

patent in 1733.



 I found another land transaction involving John

in 1743.

 Anyway if you know the origin of Providence

maybe we can figure out if there was a third Gurley


Regards, John Gurley


march 2005

Hello Marie, It has taken awhile to get some of the
information that you have asked for in your last mail.
Regarding the land patent of John G. 1, my brother has
never been able to locate it in his many years of
research. He goes to Virginia often to the State
library and to the county seats. Also as noted below
by Ted G. there does not appear to be a record
( a distant cousin who has spent many years of
The John G. 1 will is available in the NC State
library and in Smithfield, NC court house. Ted
mentions it below.It was probated in Johnston Co. at
the Feb. Court for 1760 and the original is in the
Dept. of Archives at Raleigh on page 6 of vol. 56.091.

My brother has prepared a map of the original
patents in IOW county and can send you a copy when he
sends it to me, soon. The Sellers property is not on
the map but the Vick property is and they where
adjacent. We should be able to show its location.
Hope this helps in finding the connections.

Three John Gurleys in Early Johnston Co, NC
Notes by Ted M. Gurley, Dallas TX
March 2004

John Gurley 1
This John came from Isle of Wight, VA. I suspect he
was a brother to George and Nicholas Gurley. He was of
age in 1727 to witness deeds, get land grants, and
sign other legal documents.

Isle of Wight Records

Dec 3, 1727 John Gurley witnessed will of John Gent.
(IW Wills) p.99 :Gent, John. Leg. eldest son Thomas;
youngest son John; to loving wife. Exs. Oliver
Woodward, Thomas Allen. D. Dec. 3 1727. R Mar 28,
1728. Wit. Oliver Woodward, Christopher Reynold, John

Feb. 23, 1733 Granted a patent  see below May 19 1743
entry. No Virginia record exists of this

July 7-8, 1740 p.487 DB5
Lease and Release. From Jas. Carter of Bartee County,
NC to George Gurley of Isle of Wight County, for 3
pounds and for divers good causes, 175 acres in Isle
of Wight, bounded by William Sellers property. The
land is part of a patent granted to Thos. Carter on
May 30, 1734. Signed  Jas (his mark) Carter,
Prissilla (her mark) Carter. Witness  J. Edwards,
Nicholas (his mark: a backwards N) Gurley, Jno. (his
mark which was and I with a line going through it)
Gurley. Recorded July 28, 1740. (IW Deed 1736-1741 p.

May 3, 1743
Kezzia Turner to Joseph Cobb 100 acres in Nottoway
Parish (being the manor plantation given her by her
father, James Turner, decd.) adjoining Doctors Branch,
Roger Woodward, William West and Joseph West. Wit:
William Hatfield, John Gurley and George Sellers. (IW
Deeds 1720-1732 & 1741-1749 p.65)

May 19, 1743 William Sellers and wife, Providence
Sellers, to William Hatfield 100 acres in Nottoway
Parish (being last situated by John Gurley the patent
dated 28 Feb. 1733 adjoining Beaver Dam Swamp.
Wit: Joseph Cobb, John Gurley and George Sellers.
Signed William and Providence Sellers. (IW Deeds
1720-1732 & 1741-1749 p.65)

August 15, 1743
Joseph Rochester of Bartee Precinct in North Carolina
to John Gurley of Isle of Wight  50 Acres on the
south side of Nottoway River adjoining Carter. Wit:
George Gurley, Benjamin Wombwell and John Edwards.
(IW Deeds 1720-1732 & 1741-1749 p.69)

1744 Son Joseph moves to pre-Johnston County area of
January 2, 1760. Joseph GURLEY, planter, JoCo to
Joseph SESSIONS, planter,same, for a valuable
consideration 100A  sd 100A bearing date by patent
1744. (JCDB A-1:156 Abstracts v.1 Item 86 p.15)

Married Kezia before August 23, 1745  see below. Was
this the Kezzia Turner noted above? I speculate that
this was his second wife, his son, Arthur was making
land transactions in 1759 in Johnston County, NC Also,
in Arthur's will, he made mention of his
"Mother-In-Law" Keziah according to some, this
indicates that she was not his natural mother.

August 23, 1745
John Gurley and wife Kezia Gurley of Nottoway Parish
to Nicholas Gurley of the same 50 acres in Nottoway
Parish on the north side of Dicks Swamp. Wit: Joseph
Cobb Jr., Catherine Cobb and Henry Flowers. Signed by
John Gurley (his mark) and Kezia (her mark) Gurley
(IW Deeds 1720-1732 & 1741-1749 p.88)

July 12, 1750  Still holding land in Isle of Wight or
this land might have belonged to John 2.

p.20 "Richard Vick, 335 acs. Is. of Wight Co. on the s
Side of Nottoway Riv., down the Wolf Pir Br.; adj.
George Gurley, Richard Blow Junr., William Regester,
John Gurley, Nicholas Gurley & William Hatfield; 12
Jul 1750, p.285. #1.S15.[For William Regester's 1. see
PB 12, p.169, 95 acs. to William Rochester]"


Gurly (Gurley), William transfers land to John Gurly
(Gurley) p.155
Johnston / Dobbs/ Lenoir Counties Grantor Index Book 2
- April 1750 - April 1754
Transcribed from the surviving Grantor Index and
checked against the Grantee Index
by Martha Mewborn Marble, 1377 Independence Ave., S.
E., Washington, D. C.

Not known who William is would probably also be of age
to be yet another brother to George Senior. William
died in 1760, his wife was Mary.

Not sure if this was land sold to John 1 or John 2 but

1759 Arthur Gurley son appears in Johnston County

515 Feb. Court 1759 Arthur Gurley enters 200 ac in
Johntson County on N side of Neuse R., at upper end of
Upper Marsh and on N. side of Mockoson Swamp.

December 1759, John writes his will.

Before Oct. 1760 John Gurley dies, his will list wife
Keziah, sons: Joseph, Arthur, Nathan, Fredrick, &
Simon. Daughters: Lucy, Rachel, Milea, Winea, and
Ester. No mention of a son John, some researchers
speculated that the John that died in 1794 was the son
of this John.

34 The Last Will & Testament of John GURLEY Decd. Was
admited to be proved by the Oath of Joseph GURLEY
Evidence. At ye same time Arthur GURLEY & Nathan
GURLEY sones to the testator appeared & Qualified as
Exrs. Ordered that ye same be recorded. (p.16 JCCM

January 1761, 3rd Tuesday (46)

47 Nathl. GURLEY Execr. Of John GURLEY Dect. Will
Delivered in an Inventory of ye Estate of ye sd.
Decd. (p.22 JCCM v.1)


81 Nathan GURLEY Exr of the Last Will and Testament of
John GURLEY delivered into Court a second inventory of
part of the Estate of sd Deceased that did not come to
his hands at the time of the first inventory. (p.42
JCCM v.1)

January 1762 3rd Tuesday (83)

85 William BRYAN Esqr High Sherriff delivered into
Open Court an Account Sales of the Estate of John
Whitley Decd.
The same delivered into Court an Inventory of ye
Account Sales of thee Estate of John GURLEY Decd.
(p.44 JCCM v.1)

120 Nathan GURLEY delivered an acct of ye Estate of
John GURLEY Decd alowd by ye Court. (p.61 JCCM v.1)

163 Dionys. WRIGHT D. S. Exhibited into Cot. An Acct
Sales of the Estate of Jas. Nicholson Decd orderd to
be filed.
Also an other acct. of Sales of the Estate of John
Whitligg Decd also an other Acct. of Sales of the
Estate of John GURLEY Decd. (p.81 JCCM v.1)

204 Exhibited into Court an Account of the Intrest of
the Estate of John GURLEY, Decd. (p. 101 JCCM v.1)

255 An Acct agt. The Estate of John GURLEY was
exhibited into Court upon Oath by Nathan GURLEY &
orderd to be fild. (p.123 JCCM v.1)

John Gurley II 1727?-1794  John I had died. This is
the John that I am related to. Father of William,
John, Joel, Lewis, Lazarus, George. Wife is Elizabeth.

Most likely this John Gurley was one of the sons of
George Gurley, father of the parson.

Another connection

Circa 1750 Ann Gurley, probably the sister of John II
marries Thomas Edwards in Isle of Wight. Thomas
Edwards was more that likely also related to
Elizabeth, Johns wife. About 1752 they had a child
George Edwards, which would have been Johns nephew.
George Edwards is noted in George Gurley Sr.s will of
1768 and was left a mare. Thomas died circa 1782

See Deed below for year 1773 for more on George

April 3, 1752
John Gurley Jr. enters 400 ac in Johnston Co. on both
sides of Mogason Swamp; includes falls; peto. Made
out. (Pruitt v.2 1139 on p.75) Most likely John II.
According to most researchers Jr. indicates younger
ie. John I was living in the area.

January 1761, 3rd Tuesday (46)

48 Whereas John BALARD & Joseph GURLEY at July Court
last was alowd of to be securitys For Widow Mary
GURLEY on her admrx. To her husband Willm. GURLEYs
Estate Have declined ye same. It is ordered that John
GURLEY & Benet Blackman be alowd as Security in their
room, in ye Penalty of Two Hundred #. (p. 23 JCCM v.1)

49 Ordered that John GURLEY do serve as Constable in
Mockason & Little River as high as BALLARDS. (p.24
JCCM v.1)

Oct. 1761

78 Ordered that John GURLEYs Mark be recorded which
is a crop & a slit in each Ear & a nick under each.
(p.41 JCCM v.1)

Ordered that Joel GURLEY sone of John GURLEY Mark be
recorded which is a crop on the right Ear & a 9blurred
in each. (p.41 JCCM v.1)

Ordered that Willm. GURLEY sone of John GURLEY Mark be
recorded which is a Swallow fork in ye right ear and
an under kutt in each. (p.41 JCCM v.1)

January 1762 3rd Tuesday (83)

164 Petit Jury
(p.79 JCCM v.1)

179 Ordered that Jno: GURLEY be appointed overseer of
the road from the County Line to the little Creek on
little River, & that the Inhabitants below said Creek,
with Jos: GURLEY Alexr. POOL Wm. GURLY & John GURLY
Junr. Work on the same. (p.87 JCCM v.1)

Petit Jury:
(p.87 JCCM v.1)

Nov. 15 1762
A patent is referred to on this date in a transaction
in Johnston County, NC Deed Book K:232 Item 607
Abstract v.3, that included 100 Acres for John GURLEY.
Also mentioned in Deed Book I-1:313 Item 384 mentions
another 100 Acres and Deed Book R-1, Abstracts 2,
p.105. Patent had to be 200 Acres or more.

Jan. 20, 1767

17 Ordered that Benjn. Crawford be appt. Overseer of
the Road in the Room & District of John GURLEY. (p.8
JCCM v.2)

43 Ord. That the following deeds be recorded which is
Provd. By the followg. Persons to wit Stephin Sentor?
To Nathan GURLEY by Rd. Sessions. (p.19 JCCM v.2)

64 Petit Jury
1. Henry Bulls 5. Alexdr. Avera 9. James JONES Jr.
2. Jno. Gurley 6. Hardy HINTON 10. Drury MIMS
3. Ben Scott 7. Michl. CURTES 11. James STALLIONS
4. Jno Lee 8. Jno. NORRISS 12. Joshua SUGG

(p.29 JCCM v.2)

81 Petit Jury
1. Jno. HUTCHINS 2. Joh_ WATSON 3. Andw. COLLENS
4. Robert COBB 5. Edwd. PENNEY 6. John NORRESS
7. Chs. BULLOCK 8. Elisha THOMAS 9. Davd. MIMS
10. Wm. Turner THOMAS 11. John OLIVER 12. John GURLEY

(JCCM v.2 p.37)

1768 George Gurley writes his will and leaves John
Gurley his clothing.

December 16, 1769. Nathan GURLEY & wife Ann, JoCo to
John GURLEY Senr., same, 10# proclamation money, 640 A
in Jo Co on NS Neuse River and on SS little Riv & on
BS Mocoson Swamp beg at a White Oak at the head of
Bear br the SS Mocoson Swamp & running N35 W320 to a
black oak on War Hill: N55 E32p across Mocoson Swamp
to a red __: S35 E320 to a pine: a straight line to
the beginning. Nathan GURLEY & Ann GURLEY. Wit:
Henry RAINS, Benjamin CRAFFORD, Micajah EDWARDS.
(Tr-1:105, Abstracts v.1 Item 498, p.84) Also in
TR-3:507 Abstracts v.2

Dec. 1770 George Gurley dies in Southampton Co., VA

142 Ord that the followg. Deeds be regesterd which are
provd by the followg persons to wit.

Nathan GURLEY & Ann GURLEY to JOHN GURLEY provd by

(p.65 JCCM v.2)

162 Grand Jury
1. William AVERA foreman 9. Isom ROGERS
2. William HINNANT 10.Drewry ROGERS
3. Willaim ONEAL 11. John BROWN
4. __mes NORRIS 12. John NORRIS Sen.
5. __acob AVERA 13 John NORRIS Jr.
6. Henry BULLS 14. William LEE
7. Arthur PEARCE 15. Jesse PEARCE
8. John GURLEY

(p.74 JCCM v.2)

181 Deed from John GURLEY to George EDWARDS
acknowledged by John GURLEY (p.82 JCCM v.2)

212 Grand Jury
1. Philip Rayford foreman 10. Asa BRYAN
2. William EASON 11. John GURLEY
3. Arthur BRYAN 12. Samuel WILDER
4. James NORRIS 13. Henry BULLS Senr
5. John TYNER 14. Solomon HINTON
6. Edmund STEVENS 15. John MCCULLERS
7. Williss WIGGINS 16. John WATSON
8. Elisha THOMAS 17. Malachai WIMBERLEY
9. William BLACKMAN

(p.95 JCCM v.2)

79 Ordered that Richard WARREN esqr. Take the
inventories of the inhabitants of Captain Philip
RAYFORDS Company, that John OLIVER Constable warn the
same, That Henry RAINS esqr take the inventories of
the inhabitants of Captain William HINNANTS Company,
that Acceret PEARCE Constable warn the same, And That
Philip RAYFORD, esqr John GURLEY & Ephream PEARCE
assess the Taxable property of all the inhabitants in
the two said Companies. Issued. (p.26 JCCM v.3)

February 23, 1773 John GURLEY and wife Elizabeth, Jo
Co to George EDWARDS, Southampton Co. VA, 33# 6S 8d
proclamation money., all that messuage or parcel of
land, 640A in Jo Co on NS Neuse River and on SS of
little River and BS Mocoson SW beg. At a White Oak at
head of Bear br the SS of Moccoson SW and runs N35:
W320p to a Black Oak on Warkill: N 55: E320p cross
Moccoson SW to a red oak: S35: E320p to a pine: a
straight line to the beg
Witness: Benjamin Crawford, Henry GURLEY, Lazarus
Signed John GURLEY and Elizabeth GURLEY (H-1:80 Item
53 Abstracts v.III)

93 The several Gentlemen who were appointed last Court
to Assess the Taxable property in this County came
into Court and Returned their Rrespective accounts of
Assessment. Ordered the same be filed with the Clerk
and that he draw off from said returns the several
lists by law required.

August 1, 1779
John GURLEY and wife Elizabeth, Jo Co to Edwards
GURLEY, same, for natural love and paternal affection
we have and do bare to our beloved Son, land in Jo Co
on the NS Neuse River and on the NS Maukison Swamp it
being part of a patent granted to John GURLEY 15 Nov.
1762, beg at a Red Oak on the NS of Moccoson and
running 35110p to a pine: S55W16 to a stake: S35E110p
to the Giving line of sd patent to a pine: right line
to the beg, containing 100A including the plantation
where the sd Edwards GURLEY now Dwells.

Signed John GURLEY (his mark), Elizabeth GURLEY (her
Wit: Phill Rayford, Arthur Pearce
Aug Ct. 1779
(I-1:313, p.60, Item 384, Abstracts v.3)

Ordered that the following deeds be recorded:
From John GURLEY and wife to Edward GURLEY
acknowledged by John GURLEY. (p.31 JCCM v.3)

97 Ordered that the following Gentlemen be appointed
to serve as Jurors next court: Edward GURLEY.
(p.32 JCCM v.3)

113 Ordered that John GURLEY Senr. Be allowed Eight #
for his trouble assessing the Taxable Property of the
Districts Capt. Philip Raiford and Ensign John PEARCE
Ccompany and the Sherif Pay the same. Issued.
(p.38 JCCM v.3)
116 Ordered that the following Gentlemen be appointed
to serve as jurors next court: John GURLEY (p.39
JCCM v.3)

March 3, 1778
William GURLEY, 300 A. on the So. Side of Beaver dam
Swamp joining Hamilton and John GURLEYs land
Including his Improvement. (p.7 JCLE)

124 Petet juryL 11. John GURLEY (p.42 JCCM v.3)

128 Pettet jury 8. John GURLEY (p.44 JCCM v.3)

May 17, 1781
John GURLEY and wife Elizabeth to Lazarus GURLEY, 40#,
100 Acres in Johnston County on the NS of Neuse River
and on the SS of Mocasson Swamp, it being part of a
patent to John GURLEY the 15 Nov. 1762, beg a pine
Edwards GURLEYS corner runs thence N35: W110p to a
stake: S35: W146p to a Black jack: S35: E110p to a
pine John GURLEYS right cor: a wright line to the beg
including the plantation thereon.

Wit. Jeremiah GURLEY, Lewis GURLEY, A. PEARCE. John
GURLEY, Elizabeth (+) GURLEY. May Ct. 1781 proved by
(K:232, Item 607, p.100, Abstracts v3)

167 The following deed was presented into open court
and ordered to be registered: A deed of sale from
John GURLEY to Lazarus GURLEY proved by Jerrey
(Jeremiah) GURLEY. (p.61 JCCM v.3)

January 2, 1779

Lazarus GURLEY, 300 A.on the upper Side Mocoson Swamp
joining John GURLEYS south line. (p.32 JCLE)

271 This is a long dirrective that orderd a clearing
and cleaning of the area around Neuse River.

Ordered that the following bounds be a dis_____ of
Neuse River to be cleared, over wich Edwar___ BLURTON
is to superintend. Beginning at the road on the river
opposite Smithfield, thence up the road towards
Matthew JONES to the Eight Miles Post near TOMLINSONS
MILL, thence to cross Swifts Creek in as direct a
line as may be to VINSONS Path at Robert BURCHES so as
to include Thomas TOMLINSON, Alexander AVERYT and
Rovert BURCH, than along the said Path including Jesse
BRITT and Crossing the said river so as to include
John VINSON then to run from Drury VINSONS with
HOLIM___ old Mill Path to Cattail, then down Cattail
to little then crossing the said river to the old
road, then down said road to little Creek then along
GURLEYS MILL Parh to the road at John GURLEYs,
thence  (p.96 JCCM v.3)

March 13, 1779

Phillip RAIFORD, 300 A. on the head of Beaver dam
Swamp joining John GURLEYs, Wm. GURLEYs, Micajah

July 3, 1779
William EDWARDS, 250 A. joining John GURLEYS line
between Micajah EDWARDS. (p.44 JCLE)

Oct 21, 1782. NCS Grant #492 to John GURLEY, 300 A
on head of Beaverdam Swamp Joining of Benjamin
JOHNSONS lines beg at a Pine cor to J. GURLEYS old
line & runs with his line S55: W156p to the Mill Pond
up the Pond N 35: W51p to Nathans GURLEYS line: with
sd line N55: W330p to a Pine cor to Steven EDWARDS
land: with EDWARDS line E130p to Micajah EDWARDS line:
with sd line S150p to the cor: with the other line
E172p:S144p: W tp 1st sta. Wit; Alex. MARTIN Gov. at
Fairfield, J. GLASGOW Sec., J. FRANKS Pro. Sec.

Januuary 17, 1785. Lazarus GURLEY, Jo Co to Lewis
GURLEY Esqr., Wayne Co., 91# 1S and 2d specie, two
tracts of land in co afsd on Mocason swamp beg at
John GURLEYS last cor then running his line to falls
br then down sd falls br to Mocoson swamp: down sd
swamp to John GURLEYS given line & from thence to the
beg ly the SS of Mocosson swamp containing 100A. Also
one tract lying on the SS of Mocoson swamp beg at
Nathan GURLEYS 1st cor in the head of Bear br thence
runing his giving line to Mocoson swamp: down sd
Mocoson swamp to John GURLEYS upper line to Mocoson
swamp then runing sd line to sd GURLEYS third cor:
running sd GURLEYS old line to his cor: runing across
the Mirey br to a pine from thence a straight line to
CAPPSES Meadow then to the beg, containing 300A.
Witnesses: A. PEARCE, Jeremiah GURLEY, James Holt.
(Tr-2:308 from P-1:213, Abstract 2, Item 585, p.100)

286 List of Jurors  John GURLEY

July 10, 1790. John GURLEY to William PEDEN, 30#
Specie, 200A part of a 300 A tract granted to me by
Patent dated Oct. 7, 1782 lying on head of Beaverdam
Swamp beg. At a Pine cor of Steven EDWARDS land: with
EDWARDS line E130p to Micajah EDWARDS line: with sd
line S150p to the cor: with the other line E172p: S84p
to a stake in the line W to Nathan GURLEYS former
line: with the same to beg Wit: Wlisha HOWELL his
mark, Micaja EDWARDS his mark, Ack. Nov Ct. 1791

183 Ordered that the following deeds be registered 
John GURLEY to William PEDEN acknowledged by John
GURLEY. (p.100 JCCM v.4)

John writes his will 1794 and dies in 1795


During the year of 1795, Hardy BRYAN and Company
bought and recorded thousands of Acres in Johnston Co.
including an entry on August 18, 1795 that joined land
belonging to the heirs of John GURLEY. (p.91 JCLE)

John Gurley III

Circa Jan 1762: Possible poorly recorded or
transcribed entry John 1 was already deceased.
Mentions John II as overseer and refers to John Gurly
Junr. Is their a thrid?

179 Ordered that Jno: GURLEY be appointed overseer of
the road from the County Line to the little Creek on
little River, & that the Inhabitants below said Creek,
with Jos: GURLEY Alexr. POOL Wm. GURLY & John GURLY
Junr. Work on the same. (p.87 JCCM v.1)