John Denning (April 2003) (April,2000)

I am looking for SELLERS - SELLARS ancestors of my grandparents:

James Thomas SELLARS
b. 19 Sep 1858 in IN
d. ? in Clinton Co., IN
m. 23 Jul 1889 in Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN
b. 14 Feb 1868 in Clinton Co., IN
d. 18 Nov 1937 in Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN

Note: At the time of their marriage, James Thomas,
a widower, had a son William SELLARS b. 1884.
Rosella, a widow, had a son Homer SANDERS b. 1887.
(Her maiden name was also SANDERS).
James Thomas SELLARS was a butcher.

James and Rosella had five children who lived to adulthood:
Bessie Alice (SELLERS) AUGHE
Chalmer Rufas SELLERS
Flossie Fidelia (SELLERS) LEGER

Parents of James Thomas SELLARS:

Charles J. SELLARS
b. 1831 in Parke Co., IN
m. 17 Jun 1848 in Parke Co., IN

Note: Charles J. served as a Private in the Union Army
in Captain Joel Delano's Company, 51st Reg. of Indiana
Inf. Volunteers.

Thanks for any assistance,

John & Pat Denning <

JOHN and PAT - Thanks for sharing SELLERS - We haven't worked much in
these counties, but, I did link your names and perhaps, you'll get some
additional info - if so, send us a copy and we can update. There is a
DARR marriage here in Parke Co ca 1839 to Adam SELLERS and I see I have
a link to Robert SOLLARS on the DARR name, so sending copy of this to
him and perhaps he can tell me what I was referring to?
This is your page and you can follow the links to Parke and Clinton Co,
In from here.


JOHN and  PAT    - Thanks - Quicke reply=

son Charles John 1803Rockingham Co, Va/1873 CLINTON CO, IN
(baptism records of Peaked Mtn Church, Rock Co, VA = John Corinias )
(these may be on line on VA page)
married 1826 Warren Co, Oh Mary DENNY
married 1848 Park Co, In Mary DAVIS

Son=* Charles C. SELLERS 8-10-1831 Parke Co, In/3-23-1905 Clinton Co, In

married 8-13-1854 Clinton Co,In
Martha A. GRIFFIN 1835/1907 Clinton Co,In
kids =
James T
Wm H.
Eliza J
John C
Abigail A
Edma N

LOOK at the info of the friend you talked to and I'm sure he will let
you use -BEST WAY-
MOST info is proven thro county records =census, wills, court minutes
AND you should check out all info /sources
MOST charts of others can be used - IF, you post their name/source with
your postings-

HOW did the CIVIL WAR list his name = Charles C or J - on the pension
that would have been their interrupatation =

WE need AGES on these SELLERS - can you help ?
Have you read the census - Most towns/cities have LDS -Latter Day
Saints/Mormom church areas with genealogy material - GREAT and very
MOST of Rockingham Co, VA church info is on line with baptisms, etc -
We only have a little on our Sellers Page-
I can change your SELLERS WEB PAGE info - when you are sure of changes=
and I'M sure we can link you to Rock Co, VA now -
which may get you more responses from people working these areas-
READ your county changes/and counties next door
READ all wills/court minutes for more prove and perhaps more kids
AND you mentioned an ADAM and HEINRICH SELLERS - from my memory -
Don't remember if HEINRICH SELLERS links are ROCK co, VA page =
Thanks for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

 ROBERT - Thanks - believe we have and sent  a copy of CHRISTIAN

CHRISTIAN SELLERS married 1801 Rockingham Co, VA to MARY A. ELIZABETH
2-11-1803Rockingham Co, VA
      married 1826 Warren Co, OH MARY DENNY
                son Charles C. BORN 8-10-1831 Parke Co, IN

       married 1848 Parke Co, In MARY DAVIS
CHRISTIAN SELLERS 1768-1841 is listed as son of ADAM SELLERS 1742/1821
WARREN CO, OH, = no will= estate settlement in 1836 (NEED copy of same)
IF anyone has copies of this estate settlement of ADAM SELLERS 1836
WARREN CO, OH, would sure appreciate copy or extraction from same - may
prove other kids and families
ADAM SELLERS 1742/1821 being son of HEINRICH SELLERS born 1704 WEINHEIM,
I have seen him listed as a cousin? to Philip Henrich SELLERS - don't
know if proven. But, believe Philip came from Weinheim also (memory) -
So , do we have church records ?
marie, iowa

"Robert C. Sollars" wrote:

> Marie,
>    Well, we all seem to have made it over the hump as I have
> maintained we would.  Those folks that stored up bundles of food
> and water expecting the worst from listening to all the
> dooms-dayers, are well stocked for the new year!
>    You may already have come across this, but in case not....
> Charles J. SELLARS served in the Union Army as a Pvt. of Capt.
> Joel Delano's Company, 51st Regt Indiana Infantry Volunteers from
> Oct 1, 1864 until Oct 20, 1865 when he
> was discharged in San Antonio, Tx.  His honorable discharge says
> in part: "Said Charles J. Sellars was born in Parke County in the
> State of Indiana, is 33 years of age, 5'5" high,
> dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and by occupation when
> enrolled a farmer."  Seeking any information about this man and
> his wife, Mary D. Davis, my ancestors. John has
> recently found that this man's parents are Charles John SELLERS
> (1803-1873) and wife Mary DENNY (1807-1846) and grandparents were
> Christian SELLERS (1768-1841) and Mary Amelia Elizabeth SNIDER
> (SCHNEIDER) 1782-1852.   The latter couple buried Old Mt. Moriah
> Cemetery, Parke Co.
> John Denning <>
> Revised May 2, 1999
> I have close Sollars kin from Parke Co., IN, but no  Charles
> Sellars.  This sounds like a descendant of Phillip Hendrich
> Sollar/Sellers who came from Germany to PA in the early 1730s.
> Right?  I included John Denning's May 1999 email address in case
> you wish to help him.  This was on the Indiana Query board.
> Bob Sollars
> --
> Robert C. Sollars
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        [Fwd: SELLARS/Sellers]
        Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:48:15 -0800
        "Robert C. Sollars" <>
I just replied to John Denning's email.  Since he and I exchanged
some Sellers info, I thought you might like a copy for your


Robert C. Sollars
4715 Center Way
Eugene, OR 97405
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            Re: SELLARS/Sellers
            Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:46:09 -0800
            "Robert C. Sollars" <>
            John Denning <>

   The early Rockingham Co., Sellars/Sellers lineage was of interest to me
back in
my early years of research for they were next door to my Sollars ascendants
Shenandoah, Frederick, and Berkeley Co's VA.
   It appears that your line does descend from Phillip Henrich
Sollar/Sellers who
came from Germany in the "late" 1730s to settle in PA. (1738).  It seems he
more than got off the boat and changed the spelling from "SOLLAR" to
more common in PA at the time.  The town of Sellersburg/Sellersville was
around a inn of some such that a descendant of his had there.
   Around 1757 in Rockingham Co., VA there was a Capt Peter
Sellars/Sellers.  Do
you have anything yet about him?  Early on I had thought we may have been
of the
Rockingham branch, and had taken the spelling SOLLARS from my Ignatius
(1769-1833) to the present, but however, I was never able to make even a
possible connection. There was an Eliphalet Sollars/Sollers/Sellers in the
RW who
received bounty land. He was from Frederick Co., VA, and I believe I traced
descendant of his into our neighborhood of Indiana, who also carried the
Eliphalet Sellars... like Ignatius, nobody but a parent with that handle
name a son for him. Ignatius did name a son Ignatius but the buck stopped
None thereafter, though the son had many children by three wives over the
Vermillion Co., IN was the main stay of the SOLLARS line with some overflow
neighboring counties - even Vermilion Co., IL where I was born.
   Well John, good luck on your research and if I can be of any help let me

Bob Sollars

John Denning wrote:

> At 05:57 PM 01/20/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> >John,
> >   I forwarded your query in the "Indiana Queries" on to Marie
> >Sellers Hollinger <>  who is working the
> >SELLERS/SELLARS lines and has compiled a great deal of
> >information.  I have Sollars kin in Parke Co., IN and in
> >Vermillion Co., as well as Fountain Co. IN.  I thought there may
> >be a chance that your Charles Sellars just made a slight change
> >in the spelling.   Did your Christina Sellers come up out of
> >Kentucky?  I suspect he is a descendant of Phillip Henrich
> >Sollar/Sellers who came from Germany in the early 1730s to settle
> >in PA.
> >Bob Sollars
> >
> >--
> >Robert C. Sollars
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> <<<<<
> Hi Bob,
> Received the "answer" from Marie this morning.
> Thanks for your efforts to assist.  We were on the Sellers-L for about a
> year with not much in the way of results and unsubscribed.  Fortunately
> have been able to obtain information from other sources.
> Coincidentally, the webmaster for Parke Co., contacted us yesterday in an
> update effort about our query there.  We have asked that the query be
> We do not find any "SOLLARS" in our family line.
> Cannot explain the spelling "SELLARS" which appears on the Union Army
> discharge papers of Charles C., (the papers were handed down to us).
> records, including his obituary and his gravemarker, read "SELLERS".
> In research we have found the "SELLARS" spelling on occasion for some of
> his descendants.  We believe the more common spelling "SELLERS" to be
> Charles C. SELLERS (1831-1905) is the son of --
> Charles John SELLERS
> b. 11 Feb 1803, Rockingham Co., Virginia  (formed from Augusta Co.)
> d. 1873, Frankfort, Clinton Co., Indiana
> m. 06 Dec 1826, Warren Co., Ohio
> Mary DENNY
> Charles John is the son of --
> Christian SELLERS
> b. 1768, Augusta Co., Virginia
> d. 13 Oct 1841, Parke Co., Indiana
> m. 30 Jul 1801, Rockingham Co., Virginia
> Mary Amelia Elizabeth SNIDER
> Christian is the son of --
> b. 1742, Pennsylvania
> d. 1821, Clear Creek Twp., Warren Co., Ohio
> m. Abt. 1765, Rockingham Co., Virginia
> Barbara TEETER
> Adam is the son of --
> Henry SELLERS / Heinrich ZELLER
> b. 17 Aug 1704, Weinheim, Baden, Germany
> d. Abt. 1773, Augusta Co., Virginia
> m. Abt. 1732, Weinheim, Baden, Germany
> Anna Maria _____
> "Heinrick Sellers, age 34, listed arriving on the ship "Queen Elizabeth"
> Philadelphia 16th September 1738 from Rotterdam via Deal, England."
> Source: "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, PA
> German Soc., 1934
> Do not know where in Pennsylvania they lived but son Adam states he was
> born there.  Moved to Augusta Co., (later became Rockingham Co. )
> Then moved to Warren Co., Ohio.  Later to Parke and Clinton counties,
> Indiana.  Have not found this family in Kentucky.  Have read speculation
> that Henry the immigrant was a cousin of Phillip who was in Pennsylvania,
> but have not been able to verify.  Many of the same forenames are found
> both families but there is only one "Phillip" in our line but not until
> Thanks for your interest.
> John & Pat Denning
> Covington, Washington

Robert C. Sollars
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I am reposting interests with new Email address.

Researching my Grandparents:

James Thomas SELLERS
   s/o Charles C. SELLERS & Martha A. GRIFFIN
b. 19 Sep 1858, Clinton Co., Indiana
d. 1935, Clinton Co., Indiana
m. 23 Jul 1889, Frankfort, Clinton Co., Indiana
   d/o Barnabus "Barney" SANDERS & Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" MOORE
b. 14 Feb 1868, Clinton Co., Indiana
d. 18 Nov 1937, Frankfort, Clinton Co., Indiana

I have information on the SELLERS - GRIFFIN - SANDERS lines I would be
willing to share but could always happily learn more.

I just recently found what I believe to be my "Lizzie" MOORE as Elizabeth,
age 15, in the following census:

1850 Indiana Census, Clinton Co., Jackson Twp., 05 Nov, Dwelling 147,
Family 147, p 444,
James T. Moore  37, M, Farmer, $500, OH
Catharine Moore  34, F, OH
Elizabeth Moore  15, F, IN
Eliza A. Moore  12, F, IN
John T. Moore  10, M, IN
Jeremiah Moore  07, M, IN
Rachel Moore  09, F, IN
Margarett J. Moore  06, F, IN
William E. Moore  03, M, IN
James R. Moore  4/12, M, IN
Source: NARA Microfilm M432-139 (FTM CD 302)

As I had been told Lizzie MOORE's mother was "Katie" Sherrit, I was pleased
to find nearby in the census:

1850 Indiana Census, Clinton Co., Jackson Twp., 05 Nov, Dwelling 145,
Family 145, p 444,
Daniel Sharrat  71, M, Farmer, $600, PA
Sarah Sharrat  46, F, KY
Jackson Love  11, M, IN
Source: NARA Microfilm M432-139 (FTM CD 302)

I then found the following marriage records:

Moore, James T.  m. 27 Mar 1834   Sharet, Katharine, Tippecanoe Co.
Source: Indiana Marriages through 1850

Sharatz, Daniel  m. 15 Jun 1846  Love, Sarah, Putnam Co.
Source: Indiana Marriages through 1850

Love, James S.  m. 01 May 1835  Fires, Sarah,  Randolph Co.
Source: Indiana Marriages through 1850

Would like to hear from anyone researching these MOORE, SHARRAT / SHARATZ /
SHARET families.

Pat Denning
Covington, Washington