PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM. Jackson, Jefferson and Pottawatomie
County. Published by Chapman Bros. 1890 (pp. 291,292)

"John Dailey.

The subject of this sketch is a quiet, unassuming gentleman, who enjoys the
confidence and esteem of his neighbors and friends.  He owns a good farm of
160 acres of land, on section 14, Union Township, [Pottawatomie County,
Kansas,] and combines the business of stock-raising with the work of a
general farmer.  By prudent economy and well-directed energy he has
succeeded in making his life a successful one, and he has the further
satisfaction of knowing that he has wronged no man in his career, but has
many times helped a weaker brother, whom misfortune had overtaken, to regain
his place in the world's busy hive of workers.  While he has been 'diligent
in business,' he has not forgotten the other part of the injunction to be
'fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.'  An emulation of this example by the
young men of the nation, would give us a class of citizens of whom America
might well be proud.

Mr. Dailey was born in Vermilion County, Ill., June 4, 1836.  His father,
David, deceased was a native of Massachusetts [but the 1850 federal census
returns for Parke County, Indiana, give his birthplace as New York.  -- RKH
9 August 2001], and was born near Boston.  David Dailey removed to Illinois
when a young man, and settled in Vermilion County.

When the Black Hawk War broke out, he shouldered his musket and marched
gallantly forward to uphold the starry flag against the assaults of the
fierce tribes of Indians under the leadership of their renowned chieftain.
During the war it became desirable to bury a large quantity of lead to
prevent its capture by the Red Men, and Mr. David Dailey was one of the
party to whom was committed the task of securely 'planting' it.  They
excavated a hole large enough to receive it and covered it so securely that
it is not known to have ever been recovered, although the place of deposit
is known to be in the vicinity of Rock Island, Ill.

In 1841 Mr. David Dailey moved his family from Illinois to the State of
Indiana, locating in Parke County.  Our subject was then a child and
remained in that place during his youth.  He was reared on the farm of his
parents and attended the common-schools of the district, but the educational
advantages of that time in that place were exceedingly limited and young
Dailey secured only an elementary acquaintance with the branches of
knowledge usually considered necessary to an English education.

The mother of our subject was Elizabeth Sellers, a daughter of Jacob
Sellers, now deceased.  She was a native of Ohio and remained under the
parental roof in that State until she was grown to womanhood.  She was
distinguished by great sweetness of disposition and strength of intellect,
and was well-fitted to be the companion of brave and noble men.  The parents
of Mrs. Dailey removed to Mercer County, Ill., in 1853, and resided there
during the remainder of their lives.

Mr. John Dailey emigrated to Kansas in the spring of 1859, and resided in
Nemaha, Pottawatomie County [I don't think so.  I think this place really is
just Nemaha County.  See 1860 federal census returns for John in Nemaha
County, Kansas.  -- RKH 9 August 2001], until 1862, when he went to Fremont
County, Iowa, and followed farming in that place until November, 1875.  In
the latter year he returned to Pottawatomie County, Kan., and settled on the
farm which he now owns and where he has continued to reside from that time
forward.  February 3, 1859, Mr. Dailey and Miss Margaret Ricker were united
in marriage.  She is a daughter of George Ricker, deceased, and is a native
of Tennessee.  Mrs. Dailey is a woman who enjoys the respect and esteem of
all who are fortunate enough to claim her acquaintance.

The married life of Mr. and Mrs. Dailey has been made fruitful by the birth
of six children of whom four have fallen victims to the grim monster, death.
The two who survive are -- Frances A. who is married to Robert Sebring of
Shawnee County, Kan.  Their post-office address is Rossville.  They have no
children; and Abner P. who resided in Westmoreland, Pottawatomie Co., Kan.,
a sketch of whose life appears in another part of this work.

Mr. Dailey [Abner or John (?) -- RKH] has been honored by his neighbors with
the office of Township Treasurer, a position in which he is now serving his
second term.  Politically he is a stalwart Republican.  He finds a religious
home in the bosom of the Christian Church of which he is an active and
consistent member."

The source, a scanned biographical sketch of Abner Prentice Dailey --
attached to an e-mail message from Jane Becker <>and received
by RKH via the Sellers Family web site run by Marie (Sellers) Hollinger on 9
August 2001, states:

"Abner Prentice Dailey.

Among the young business men of Pottawatomie County, [Kansas,] the
above-named gentleman deserves notice as one who is developing a high degree
of ability in the affairs of town life, and who is regarded with respect by
those who know him, for his manly character and upright principles.  He is a
member of the firm of Dailey and Hazen, grocers, at Westmoreland, having
been located in business here since March 1888.

Mr. Dailey was born in Fremont County, Iowa, Nov. 12, 1864, and lived in
that county until 1875, when his parents moved to Union Township, this
county.  There our subject grew to maturity, finishing his education in this
city, and afterward engaging in the business which he and his partner are
now successfully carrying on.  He is a Republican, giving earnest support to
the party of his choice.

John Dailey, the father of our subject, was born near Terre Haute, Ind.  He
married Miss Margaret Ricker and soon afterward came to this State, engaging
in farming.  Subsequently he removed to Iowa, returning here in 1875, since
which time he has been pursuing his former employment in Union Township,
where he now has a fine farm of 160 acres.  His family was made up of six