Johnathan Clayborn



Greetings all! Im new to the list. Im helping my wife research her genealogy.

She is a Sellers. Ive hit somewhat of a bump in the road, and I have a theory

as to who some of her ancestors were, and I was wondering if anyone had

anything that could prove or disprove my theory.


Here's what I know for FACT:

Charles Murphy Sellers Sr. (her dad) b.1954 in Burmingham, AL His father was:


Daniel Webster Sellers b. Dec 25, 1919 in Chatham Co. AL.( Talladega?, there is NO Chatham Co, Al? msh)

Now from his obituary that his father was:


Daniel Lee Sellers. b. Feb 26, 1894. in AL. Now, here's where it starts to

get kind of odd.

1910 AL Census: Washington Co, Precint 11

Daniel W. Sellers79.†† NCf. NCm. NCFamer†† Self

Daniel L. Sellers.16.†† AL†† f.NC m. AL†† Laborer†† Son (<-This is Daniel


Amos sellers†††††††† 14†† AL†† f. NC m. ALNone††††††† Son

Vira (?) Sellers†††††† 12†† ALf. NCm. AL†† None†††††† Daughter


So, from the Above Record we now know that His Father was Daniel W. Sellers,

b. abt 1831 in NC. Family oral history states that his middle name is also

Webster. So, if I go father back into NC I find this:


1870 NC Census: Johnston Co: #175/168

Daniel Sellers, Head, 39Farmer & St???$1000(value of farm) (<- Here's

Daniel W. again. The dates of birth and birthplace also match).

Sarah A. Sellers30Keeping House

George W. Sellers 15 @ school

Nancy A Sellers, 13 @ school

Mary W. Sellers 11 @ School

John ? Sellers6 @ School

Lour??da Sellers (f) 4

Sallie Sellers 21 (unknown relation?)


Now. This establishes the connection between AL and NC. But who is his

father? I did some checking and came across another researcher who had and Daniel W.

Sellers b. 1832 in Brunswick Co, NC as the son of a JOEL Sellers and Rebecca

?. This Daniel Served in the Civil War in either the 20th or 55th Regiment.

According to his data, he Died on Apr 26, 1868.Here's my hypothesis:


We know that the Daniel Sellers in 1870 was born Abt 1831/32 in NC. So that

data is Consistent. If we examine his children's birthdates we find that they

are born in 1855, 1857, 1859, but then there is a gap when the Civil War

occured and the next child isnt born unti 1864, after the war. this would tend to

indicate that this Daniel was involved in the war. It is my theory that these

two men are one and the same (as you probably guessed). And that the Death Date

that is listed is either for Daniel W. Sellers Jr. or perhaps for a cousin

that was mistaken. The particular researcher I spoke with was note sure which

regiment he served in, and had no additional information on the family of that

child. It might seem like a lot of speculation, which undoubtedly some of it is,

but if you look and Joel's family group we see that his Daniel W. Sellers had

a brother named GEORGE W. SELLERS. (who Also served inthe 20th

Regiment)...looking back to the 1870 Johnston Co Census, we find our Daniel Sellers, with a

son names GEORGE W. (undoubdtedly after his brother). Looking in the 1910 AL

Census we see that one of Daniel W.'s children was AMOS SELLERS....and Joel's

son Daniel ALSO had a Brother named now we have two Daniel's who were

born about the same time, in the same place, who both fought in the Civil

War, and one had brothers GEORGE W. and AMOS and the other had sons GEORGE W. and

AMOS. Seems kinda a little too much coincidence to be two different people.

So, as I stated before, Im guessing that the death date listed for Joel's son

Daniel W. Sellers was in error and that he actually moved to AL sometime after

1870.If anyone has anything that can prove or dis-prove my theory, please

share it with me. I would love to see anything that you might have. Thanks



-Johnathan Clayborn


JOHNATHON, thanks.


WE need a small chart =


Daniel Lee 1894AL - WHEN/WHERE died?=

married when/where/whom =

and names of their kids and when/whereborn. =


YOU have Daniel Webster SELLERS 1919 obit? = please send copy or extractions of ALL info from same. it may tell where kids /relation lived.


DANIEL L. SELLERS 1894 probably has an obit and cemetery and death certificate info, YOU/we Need info.
OR any info on his wife or kids is important to help PROVE this family.

MAKE a time chart on each child is good also.


HAVE you found this family in 1900?

SOMETIMES you need to check surrounding counties also for land/county changes.


OTHERWISE, we can't prove him to a family in 1880 !


AND the D. W. SELLERS 1831 NC , here in 1880 appears to be a possibility to 1870 BLADEN CO, NC.

DID you check for his civil war file?
DID you check for 1890 Wash Co, CENSUS or other for CW SELLERS?


Many of these counties have LookUp pages on usgenweb.
Ancestry .com is free for two weeks.

AND maybe, if we can put the county/state in the SUBJECT line of our Messages, one of our SELLERS will find us and help.


SO,you must get somemore info/documents to PROVE these families.

THANKS for sharing and Please understand my questions.

marie, iowa