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1824 Feb 18 - John Sellers died in Maury Co., TN [Will Book -:149]

1824 Nov -- - State of Tennessee, Maury County:  To the worshipps the
County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions now for  Maury County now
setting the petition of Betsy Sellers, William Hart, Ratchel Hart his wife
formerly Ratchel Sellers, Jane Sellers, Polly Sellers and Elisabeth Sellers
and John Sellers, the two last of whom are infants under the age of twenty
one years, who petition by their guardian, William Hart, and also thru  the
petition of Ebenezer H. Sellers and Serena Sellers, infants under the age
of twenty one years who  petition by their guardian James Cathy
respectfully represent to your worships; that John Sellers Senior,  husband
of your petitioner, Betsey, and father of your other petitioners, departed
this life in  Maury County on or about the month of _______ 1824 after
having made and published his last will and  testament in writing, which
has been duly proved and recorded in Maury County Court having your
petitioners and directed his heirs at law.  Your!
ers state that by said last will and testament as  will more fully and at
large appear referenced being ..... had, the said John, deceased, after
having made sundry other testaments directed that whole of his personal
property not otherwise divided should be equally divided between your
petitioners who are his wife and children.

             Your petitioners state that the whole of the debts due and
owing by the said John deceased at the time of his death have been by the
executors paid off and settled or .... so and the remaining of his estate
in the hands of his executors to be equally divided according to the terms
of said will and between your   petitioners ..... negroes, your petitioners
state that they are desirous of having the negroes divided  according to
the instructions of said will so that your petitioners may each hold his or
her share  severally, respectfully and apart from the rest.  Your petioners
therefore pray that commissioners be appointed to divide the said negroes
belonging to the estate of the said John Sellers, deceased, amongst  your
petitioners and that by a decree of your worshipful court the share of each
of your petitioners may be  set aprart and the right and title of the same
be vested in your petitioners respectfully and your petitioners in duty
bond will ever .... Bets!
y Sellers
, Jane Sellers, William Hart, Ratchel Hart,  William Hart for Elisabeth and
John Sellers, James Cathy for Ebenezer H. Sellers and Serena Sellers, Polly

             State of Tennessee, Maury County: In pursuance of an order
from the worshipful county court of Maury County set their last term to us
directed to divide the negroes belonging to the estate of John Sellers,
deceased,  among the heirs and devides of said John Sellers, deceased, we
have this day proceeded to and done the same  in the following manner on
November 26th, 1824, to wit: twenty one negroes valued by us to $4,645.00,
there being six heirs, each share being $750.00 the negroes alloted to each
heir is as follows to wit: to the widow, Elizabeth, Charlotte and her child
Harton (?) $525.00 and Eliza at $50.00; widow's share $775.00.  Rachel
Hart, Sarah and her child, Philip $425.00 and $175.00 and Ben $175.00.
Jane Sellers, Ratchel  $425.00 and Matilda $250.00.  Polly Sellers,
Isabella and her child Mehala $500.00, Dilsy $225...  [Maury County ---
Book  p. 188, 189 incomplete record]

I have that John Sellers was married to Elizabeth Hart.