JOHN SELLERS 1790/1868/9

             John Sellers/b.1790/Rockingham Co., VA--War of 1812 papers

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John Sellers of Lacey Springs, VA, a veteran of the War of 1812, took a
bride, Delila Rogers, age 45, when he was nearly 74 years old.  There is an
abundance of detail in their Marriage License, and further family details
found in filings related to Delila's widow's pension, of which I have

The marriage license:
Date of Marriage: Sept. 22, 1864
Place of Marriage: Rockingham Co., VA
Full names of Parties married: John Sellers & Delila Rogers
Age of husband: 73 years, 10 months & 14 days
Age of wife: about 45 years
Condition of husband: Widowed
Condition of wife: Single
Place of Husband's birth: Rockingham Co., VA
Place of Wife's birth: Rockingham Co., VA
Place of Husband's residence: Rockingham Co., VA
Place of Wife's residence: Rockingham Co., VA
Names of Husband's parents: Conrad and Elizabeth Sellers
Names of Wife's parents: Thomas and
Occupation of Husband: farmer
Given under my hand this 13th day of September, 1864.
            S.W. Gambill, Court of Rockingham County.

After John Sellers died on March 20 or 22, 1869, Delila was left alone.  By
1881, she had become insane and a Committee, or Administrator, had been
appointed for her by the Rockingham court. The process of getting a pension
for her was started.  As part of the pension process, proof was needed of
John Sellers' service in the War of 1812.  It came from Samuel Tomaw's
statement to a Notary Public.  Tomaw answered four questions:

1st Question:
Where do you reside, what is your age?
Answer: Twelve miles northeast of Harrisonburg in the county of Rockingham
State of Virginia.  I am about seventy seven years of age.

2nd Question:
Were you acquainted with John Sellers dec'd?
Answer: Yes.

3rd Question:
Did John Sellers serve as a soldier in the War of 1812?
Answer: He did.

4th Question:
How do you know that he served in the said war?
Answer: I saw the company of which he was a member †and commanded by
William Harrison, start from Harrisonburg, about the first of August 1814.
took the clothes to my brother who was in the same company. I saw him after
the close of the war return again.  And further this deponent sayeth not.
                        Samuel     Tomaw

I do hereby certify that the foregoing deposition was taken sworn to and
subscribed before me at the time and place named in the caption given under
my hand this 23rd day of November, 1881.
                        R. W. Harrison, N.P.

John Sellers' service was for 101 days, from the 29th of August 1814 to
December 7, 1814.  Examiners also found a Bounty Land claim number of John
Sellers: WT 44300-120-55.

A "Summary of Proof" paper written by the claims examiner said that John's
first wife had died "45 years ago, about 1837."  Reuben J. and Daniel
testified their father died about the 1st of March, 1869.  Henry Bennett
showed a certified copy of his assignment as "Committee" for Delila.

In late December, 1881, those seeking a pension for Delila filled out a
entitled Declaration of Widow for Original pension.  The claim was made by
Daniel Sellers and Aaron Sellers, who said that John Sellers died "of old
age" on the 20th of March, 1868.  They placed the death of John Sellers
wife at July 22, 1835.  Delila Rogers Sellers was now 62 years old and a
resident of Lacey Springs, Rockingham Co., VA.  A letter of appeal citing
destitute state was sent urging action on her application.

The clinching statement came from Reuben and Daniel Sellers, sons of John
Sellers.  "We Reuben Sellers aged 67 years and Daniel Sellers aged 51 years
do solemnly swear that we are the children of John Sellers Dec'd and that
have no interest in the prosecution of this claim and state under our oaths
that our father John Sellers died about the first of March thirteen years
ago.  And that the wife of John Sellers (our mother) died about forty five
years ago.  And that Delila Sellers the second wife has not remarried since
her husband's death.  And that John Sellers resided between the years of
to 1855 near Lacey Springs in the County of Rockingham and State of
 And he could write his name and did not make his mark that we know of so
help us God.
                                Reuben J. Sellers
                                Daniel Sellers
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 14th day of March, 1882
                                R.W. Harrison, N.P.

A pension of $8 per month, granted under the Act of March 9, 1878,
on May 10, 1882.  The claim Number is 41772 .


John Sellers, War of 1812 veteran from Rockingham Co., VA, was married
 His first wife was Catherine Miller.  They were married December 24, 1811
Rockingham Co.  John's birth date was November 29, 1790 in Rockingham
VA.  His parents were Conrad and Elizabeth Sellers.

Conrad's siblings were
Christian, who married in 1801
Caty, who married in 1801
Conrad, who married in 1806
Mary, who married in 1806
Betsey, who married in 1809.

This information from Genealogy and History magazine, page 8650, at
Cincinnati Public Library, Feb. 15, 1944 issue.

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