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John Sellers born in Washington County Pa. 1784/85.( which in the year of
1796 this became Green County Pa.) was the son of George and Elizabeth
Sellers. John first shows up on the tax records of Green Co. year 1816, as
married, age 31/32. It was shown by the tax records, that he owned no land
until the year of 1825 which he acquire 50 acres one cabin and one cow. In
the year of 1829 John acquired another 150 acres, total of land 200 acres.
which he held until 1830. John doesn't show on the tax list of Green County
for the year of 1831, for it is said that he and his family moved to
Washington Co. Ohio, which this section of Washington Co. soon became
Monroe Co. Ohio. This date is also proven by the birth of his fourth child Ellen,
born in Monroe Co. Aug, 31, 1831. ( John's brother George who married
Crouse also moved to Washington Co. Ohio, about the same time as his
for we find in the 1840 and the 1850 census of Ohio. John living in Perry
Monroe County, And the 1840 & 1850 census his brother George living at
Twp, Washington Co.  John is not listed as having a son named William, but
the 1840 census we find John living at 018 Perry Twp, and a William Sellers
living at 019 Perry Twp.------------------
     Below is the research done and presented by Carol Sellers the wife of
James Sellers, who is a descendant of John Sellers throe. John's son Samuel

 John Sellers was James (Lee) Sellers 3rd Great Grandfather. He was born in
1784 at Ten Mile Creek, Green Co. Pa. And died in Wayne Co. Ill. in 1864,
the age of 80. He was the son of George and Elizabeth Sellers of Green Co.
Pa.-John Married Sarah Crouse on Jan, 20, 1814 at Green County Pa. They
started there family and the children known to be born in Green Co. were
George born___?=(about 1814/15 ), Elizabeth born July 16, 1820.-and Sarah
born 1827. In the year of 1836 John bought land in Marietta Land District
Washington Co. Ohio. Later this land was made into Monroe County. His
George had already bought land there in 1832. John's land adjoined his
brothers. While living in Monroe Co. Ohio, John and Sarah had three more
children (that we know about). Ellen born August 15, 1831.-Martha born
and Samuel born May 10, 1842. On the date of November 17, 1851, John sold
land to his brother GeorgeJr., the amount of $150.00, and witnessed by
Sweeney. John was age 67, and his wife Sarah was thought to be dead by
John and his daughter Elizabeth with her husband Hiram Sweeney decided to
move Westward. They moved to Wayne Co. Ill. and were living in this County
the 1860 Census of Ill. (Sharing the same household.) John lived the rest
his years in this County. He died in the year of 1864, and is buried in
Pleasant Grove Cemetery, in said Co. He is buried beside Daniel Sweeney
Grandson) and Permelia J. Sellers (his daughter in law). She being the wife
of his son Samuel.------------------------
 ( Before going on with Carol's research, sense the daughter of John is the
eldest I will insert the following information about her and her
family.--Hiram Sweeney settled in Wayne County Ill. in the year of 1855.
parents were James and Ruth (Brown) Sweeney. Born in Green Co. Pa. Oct,
he died Jan, 10, 1896 in Wayne Co. Ill. On the date of Oct, 22, 1835 in the
state of Ohio, he married Elizabeth Sellers, she was born in Green Co. Pa.
July 1820, she died March 6, 1902, in Wayne Co. Ill. Children by this
marriage, Ruth born 1836 married a James Smith in 1853. John born
1838,-Daniel born 1840, Ellen born 1842, George born 1844. Phoebe born 1847
and married ____.Truax.-Jane born 1859, Lizzie born ?-Lucinda born 1862,
Samuel born 1864 married _____-. Mooris.

James and Carol Sellers
214 West Port Dr.
Salem, Ill. 62881