Roger, Leonard (1727-1805) was married to Barbara by 1767 when Susanna was
born. The children of Leonard and Barbara
are:Susanna-1767;Abraham-1768;Elizabeth-1770; Jacob-1772; John Philip-1773;
Anna Margaret-1780; Gertrude-1783; John George-1785.  There were probably
who didn't get baptised or the records did not survive. There is a big gap
between Philip and Anna Margaret.  A Barbara is also attributed to them but
she is not in the church records. These were all in Humphrey's book. Only
children are named with Anna as Mother but I added John also. Do you have
census records on Leonard II?  I do not have 1830 or 1840. He was in
household with a female in 1820. I am still using my laptop but I will get
info on George to you as soon as possible. Joanna


Sent: Friday, July 24, 1998 7:15 AM
Subject: Re: Leonard Sellers

Roger, I finally read your file and have some corrections to make.  I =
guess that just comes
naturally to a teacher.  Philip Henry(1752-1834), son of John Leonard =
and Anna and Anna
Maria, (1758-after1810), dau of John Leonard and Anna, not Catherine.  =
No birthdate for John.  I
am assuming, (always a dangerous thing), that he was born some time in =
between.  John's son,
Jacob, died in 1810 in Franklin Co. wife, Barbara, no children named.  =
He was only abt 25. John
Leonard, (1727-1805) did not leave a will.  His estate was not settled =
until death of wife,
Barbara.  I have been unable to search the records in Bucks but did find =
bond where Henry was
named as oldest son but scratched thru in favor of Abraham and Philip =
probably because he lived
so far away. Further work could be done in the records of Bucks.  Maybe =
I'll make the trip
sometime.  The info naming Mary Dungan and Sarah Smith, wife of John, =
and Maria Kinsey,
widow (probably of Jacob) of Bedford Co. was in the Misc. books. There =
may be more  there
and in the account books.  The Society did the limited research for me =
after I found the pages in
an index. I do have more information on children of George Sellers =
(1784-1842) and his
children.  I will sort thru and pass it on if you are interested.  I =
will let you know about any other
corrections I find. Thanks, Joanna.