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Searching for parents, siblings, etc., of Fannie Lee Sellers. Born 1881 in Texas (County unknown), died 1968 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Said to have had sister named Jennie DOBBS. Fannie's second husband was William MEDLIN (born in Tennessee).

Available for family members only. contact JoAnn. (Advise when we are Family, msh)

FANNIE SELLERS NIBLETT MEDLIN 1881/1968 , husband William J. Medlin and his children


do you have another picture of Fannie and Niblett kids?


JO ANN, thanks.

Will send thro our SELLERS list.
These marriages may show up in our Hunt Co., TX marriages, but, I didn't see in 1900.

Did they have kids? When/where born and when did she marry Wm Medlin? Any kids? When/where did he die?

ANY info you can give to places and dates will help us SEE you.

Thanks for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa



1880 Freestone, Texas

James H. Sellars 51 AL, DAD NC, MOM TN
Dicey S. Sellars 35 TN, PARENTS BLANK
George Sellars 22 AL, BOTH PARENTS AL
Robert Sellars 6 TX, DAD AL, MOM TN
Jinny Sellars 4 TX, DAD AL, MOM TN

SELLARS, Fannie m. NIBLITT, J. C. - Feb 17, 1895 - Bk. H, p.
SELLERS, Jennie A. m DOBBS, T. M. - Aug 24, 1890 - Bk. G, p.


James H Niblett Dayton, Sebastian, Arkansas abt 1874 Arkansas White Head
Fanie L Niblett Dayton, Sebastian, Arkansas abt 1881 Texas White Wife SELLARS,
Wm R Niblett Dayton, Sebastian, Arkansas abt 1896 Texas White Son
Mandy L Niblett Dayton, Sebastian, Arkansas abt 1898 Arkansas White Daughter

1900 Township 6, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory same??? don't think so, check Hunt Co., TX, see below
Jennie Dobbs 28 TX, DAD TX, MOM AL, M2 (ca 1872)
Eliza E Dobbs 13 TX, DAD AL, MOM TX
Roy L Dobbs 11 TX, DAD AL, MOM TX

1900 HUNT CO, TX and I think David Dobbs is here also, but, I didn't save the census? msh

Thomas M. Dobbs (indexed as Dotts), head, W, M, December 1869, age 30, married 10 years, TX, TN, TN, farmer
Jennie Dobbs, wife, W, F, January 1874, age 26, married 10 years, 4 children born, 4 children living, TX, TX, TX(Jack,OK)
Annie B. Dobbs, daughter, W, F, November 1891, age 8, single, TX, TX, TX
Dora A. Dobbs, daughter, W, F, March 1894, age 6, single, TX, TX, TX
Minnie L. Dobbs, daughter, W, F, June 1896, age 3, TX, TX, TX
Robert T. Dobbs, son, W, M, August 1899, age 10/12, TX, TX, TX
Robert Lee, boarder, W, M, March 1862, age 38, single, TN, KY, VA, farm laborer

1910 Lewis, Scott, Arkansas

James C Niblett 37 AR, DAD ENG, MOM AR
Fannie L Niblett 29 TX, DAD TX, MOM AL
William R Niblett 14 (ca1896)
Maudie L Niblett 12
Cordia M Niblett 9
Mantie L Niblett 4
Daisy B Niblett 1 9/12

WW 1 =


William J Medlin Farmie Lewis, Scott, Arkansas abt 1861 Tennessee White Head =
William J Medlin 59 TN, BOTH PARENTS TN
Farmie Medlin 39 TX, DAD US, MOM TX
Montie Niblett 14 AR, DAD AR, MOM TX
Daisy Niblett 11 AR, DAD AR, MOM TX
James Niblett 9 AR, DAD AR, MOM TX
Olice Niblett 7 AR, DAD AR, MOM TX
Homer H Niblett 5 AR, DAD AR, MOM TX (CA1915)
Ruth Medlin 7/12 AR, DAD AR, MOM TX

1930 Lewis, Scott, Arkansas

William J Medlin 69 TN, BOTH PARENTS TN (married at age 18
Fannie Lee Medlin 48 TX, DAD US, MOM AL, MARRIED AT age 14 (parents on lic? msh)
Homer Hayden Medlin 14
Ruth Margaret Medlin 10
Francis Lorene Medlin 8


JO ANN, I subbed you. (you may receive this twice this time)
Maybe one of our SELLERS can help see this/your family. You can use some info we have posted on our Hunt Co., Tx page
altho, I see where we need to identify more of these families.

I know our members would love a picture of Jennie and Fannie Lee, if you would share a copy with us.
My Monos T. Sellers 1785 WV is Not proven yet, thanks. marie, iowa
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Marie, I thank you so much for your reply. I subscribed to the SELLERS list at Rootsweb but my posting and your reply to the posting did not show up in my email, nor did my posting show up in the archives, although yours did. So must be something wrong with the way I subscribed. Can you tell me me how to subscribe just in case i messed up someway?

Anyway you have my eternal thanks for your reply. Fannie Lee was my grandmother, but I had never seen her, didn't even have a picture of her until a cousin came to visit about 3 years ago and brought up some pictures for me to make copies of. So I have some pictures of her, and of William MEDLIN, and of her first husband (my grandfather) NIBLETT. As well as some pictures of children from both marriages. There was also a picture of Jennie DOBBS, and written on the back it said "To Sis and Mr. Medlin. I have been trying to find Fannie and Jennie's parents since then, but no luck. Jennie died in a nursing home at either Fort Smith or Greenwood (have to get out my information to check that).

Some of that information on the Census is not correct. Fannie Lee was William Medlin's third wife. Homer Hayden was the son of Fannie Lee's fiorst husband, James C. Niblett.

Still in need of the parent's of Fannie and Jennie. I have a couple of census print outs for Sebastian County, Arkansas that show a two or more families of Sellers, but cannot link them to Fannie and Jennie. (Don't know who William Medlin's parent's were, either as his mother died when he was around 3 yrs old and he was passed around to different relatives, but do know he married his first wife in Texas, they were divorced, he remarried and lived in Logan county, Arkansas, wife died, then he married Fannie Lee). I no longer have access to the Censuses, so cannot check for Fannie Lee's parents in Hunt County, Texas. Can you help with that?

What line of SELLERS are you from?

Thanks again
Jo Ann

Jo Ann Whitworth []


Pat Borden []

Marie, I found the following ... no idea if any is of value .... but
here it is. Pat B.
1880 United States Federal Census Record (county, state, msh???)

J.R. Sellers Precinct 7, Clay, TX abt 1857 Mississippi
E.J. Sellers Precinct 7, Clay, TX abt 1854 Texas Wife

W.F. Sellers Precinct 7, Clay, TX abt 1871 Texas Son
M.J. Sellers Precinct 7, Clay, TX abt 1876 Texas
M.A. Sellers Precinct 7, Clay, TX abt 1878 Texas

1880 United States Federal Census Record about Jinny Sellars
Name: Jinny Sellars
Home in 1880: Freestone, Texas
Age: 4
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1876
BirthPlace: Texas
Relation to head-of-household: Daughter
Father's name: James H.
Father's birthplace: AL
Mother's name: Dicey S.
Mother's birthplace: TN
Marital status: Single
Race: White
Gender: Female

Household Members:
Name Age
James H. Sellars 51 AL NC TN
Dicey S. Sellars 35 TN -- -- wife #2 ???
George Sellars 22 AL AL TN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Robert Sellars 6 TX AL TN
Jinny Sellars 4 TX AL TN
1860 United States Federal Census Record
about James Sellars
Name: James Sellars
Age in 1860: 30
Birth Year: abt 1830
BirthPlace: Alabama
Home in 1860: Division 1, Jackson, Alabama
Gender: Male
Post Office: Stevenson

Household Members:
Name Age
James Sellars 30-----------------------------------------------------
Mahala Sellars 33 wife # 1 ???
Lucy Sellars 4
George W Sellars 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1850 US Census District 19, Jackson, Alabama
James SELLARS 22 M ALA -----------------------------------------
Caroline SELLARS 13 F ALA
Crawford SELLARS 3 M ALA

List of Sellers/Sellars daughters on 1880 census for Texas

Name Parent or spouse names Home in 1880
(City,County,State) Birth Year BirthPlace Relation
Mary Sellars ___________ E Melrose, Nacogdoches, TX
1860 Texas Daughter
Arlie Sellars ___________ E Melrose, Nacogdoches, TX
1862 Texas Daughter
Cynthia Sellers A. R.,/Elizabeth San Jacinto, TX
1863 Texas Daughter
Elizabeth Sellers A. R.,/Elizabeth San Jacinto, TX
1865 Texas Daughter
Mary Sellers A. R.,/Elizabeth San Jacinto, TX
1873 Texas Daughter
Ader T. Sellers Ambrose T.,/Mary E. Precinct 4, San Saba, TX
1877 Texas Daughter
Mary A. Sellers Ambrose T.,/Mary E. Precinct 4, San Saba, TX
1879 Texas Daughter
Martha L. Sellers Burrell G.,/Susan Precinct 2, Wood, TX
1878 Texas Daughter
Maud Sellars D. S.,/M. A. L. San Augustine, TX
1875 Texas Daughter
Izetha Sellers Daniel,/Sarah Travis,
TX 1873 Texas Daughter
Elizabeth Sellers Daniel,/Sarah Travis, TX
1879 Texas Daughter
Jinny Sellars James H.,/Dicey S. Freestone, TX

1876 Texas Daughter
Blanch Sellers James L.,/Sarah H. Limestone, TX
1879 Texas Daughter
Lucinda Sellers James L.,/Sarah H. Limestone,
TX 1879 Texas Daughter
Meliade Sellers John Travis,
TX 1843 Texas Daughter
Lula Sellers William,/Dinah Limestone,
TX 1878 Texas Daughter
Tennesee Sellars William,/Sallie Precinct 4, Hopkins, TX
1871 Texas Daughter
Jane E. Sellars William,/Sallie Precinct 4, Hopkins, TX
1876 Texas Daughter


PAT, thanks. Let's see if any of our members know any of these families. I thought the dau Jinny of James and Dicey looked good, but, not sure if Jackson Co., Al or not. Seems some of that family came here tho. I believe Georgia has worked on some of this family. We also had two other members, may not be active now, connected to some of these families, but, may be more than one family. Thanks, marie, iowa


JO ANN, some info on

i BELIEVE I added a link where you can order obits from Sebastian Co. Might give it a try. marie, iowa


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Subject: Fannie Lee SELLERS with 2nd husband William Medlin and his children
Emailing: Jennie Dobbs
Property of Jo Ann's cousin. Please do not use without permission.


Marie She is listed under Medlin,Fannie Sellers Niblett 1881-1968 Union Ridge Cemetery, N/W of Dayton, Sebastian Co. AR. I'm not sure where you can get an obit? the Ft Smith,usually want you to send $10.00 searching fee, and since it doesn't have a month of death, they will have to check the whole year. But if they had a newspaper in Greenwood,Ar. then, which I am sure they did, they would have copies on microfilm, they could copy. Ft Smith library has a site, click on genealogy, then indexes. also you could call library 501 782-5065, and ask if obits would be in their newspaper for burial in Dayton? Hope some of this may help you Mildred

Thanks, Marie. I also emailed my cousin asking if they had a copy of Jennie's obit, but I have not heard back from them. My cousin is in his late 70's and is not well, so he is sort of getting out of things that he used to do. I have not heard from them in the past 2 or 3 weeks, so may be sick. I may write or email the Scott County Historical Society asking for a look-up but I doubt their resources go that far back. I also subscribed to the Hunt Co., TX rootsweb site and sent an email asking for the address of the county clerk so I can try to send for the marriage certificates for Fannie and Jennie. No reply yet, since I only subscribed last night. You could go ahead and send a copy of the picture of Jennie and Fannie to Georgia (with the understanding that she is not to pass it on to anyone else) so she can compare their features with whatever pictures of Sellers she may have. Blessings, Jo Ann


JO ANN, thanks.
I have had very good look with Genealogy Societies of the town, BUT, not all on line yet. They save almost all obits and a very small donation is all I send.
and Yes, the lookup volunteers do a good job of sharing what they have and they are free.

Did you say you had a picture of Fannie and her kids? memory . The picture you sent you stated his kids, not Fannie's two with him? I may have misunderstood or remembering wrong.

The Tom and Carl on our Jackson Co., Al page is related to this family, they probably have photos, but, they haven't shared any yet and I haven't heard from them during our letters, etc. Carl may not be active now, but, I think Tom still is? They both are DNA members and helped us prove to David Sellers. Read Judith's will. maybe I have already sent this!

I will make a note that you have these photos and will share with family members, I won't publish it as then , it is open to any and all and I know you don't want that yet. Appreciate you sharing with us.

We have made a great connection here and has helped all of us.
Sometimes, it takes info like yours to help us prove another child.
best wishes, marie, iowa


JO ANN, thank you so much. Please try and get us permission to use these pictures. WHO is this cousin? a child of Fannie or Jennie's kids?
You can share any/all info we send on our SELLERS. This is the Only way we Prove families.

I can see where a copy of the marriage license of Fannie or Jennie may help, esp Fannie, if she was only 14, may show parents. I believe the marriage # or book, etc was listed on our Hunt Co., TX page.

An obit on either of these gals would be helpful. Did you tell us where Fannie died? I believe you stated Jennie died in TX? We can check TX deaths pretty good. will try. Don't remember what we have on AR deaths.

Advise whatever you have already done or have.

We should try and prove some of the other kids here that were Jennie's siblings. That may help us also.

Thanks, talk later. marie, iowa


Thanks for all the information and the links you put on the page, Marie. I already had some of it, but a lot I didn't have.
The cousin I mentioned is Fannie Lee Seller's grandson. I do not want to use his name or his mother's name since he is still living. He gave me permission to use the pictures for a Family History Book that I hope to get started writing one of those days. By not using the pictures I sent, I meant for the other researchers not to copy and make personal use of them since I do not have my cousin's permission for that. He probably would not mind them being put on my page so that others can complare them with the family pictures they have, just not copy them for their own use. He is kind of burnt out on doing genealogy right now, but I still share my information with him.

Fannie's children by her first husband was: William Robert, Maud Lee, Cordie, Daisy, Homer, Dicey, Montie, James Franklin. Fannie died in 1968. By second husband she had Ruth and Lorene.

There is an obit for Angel Darlene Sellers, who's parent's were James Thomas and Janice Boles Sellers of Houston Texas. It also lists the names of her brother and her sisters. I t hink the obit is at

1880 Arkansas Shoal Creek, Logan County had a
Mary Jane Sellers, head of household, born 1842, (in GA?), age 38. Father born GA Mother born SC.

Note: On the 1880 Census for Freestone, TX, I mistyped Dicey S. Sellers name as Disey.
Hope this helps.


JO ANN, thanks, I see that now, but, NO more info on NESBITS! Sorry,; and it appears that

1880 Freestone, Texas

James H. Sellars 51 AL, DAD NC, MOM TN
Dicey S. Sellars 35 TN, PARENTS BLANK
George Sellars 22 AL, BOTH PARENTS AL
Robert Sellars 6 TX, DAD AL, MOM TN
Jinny Sellars 4 TX, DAD AL, MOM TN

is the best I can see.
Your obit/or death certificate MAY show parents.

I believe there was a link back to JACKSON CO, AL where Young Sellers is and later in HUNT/FREESTONE CO, TX? Memory.
AND his sons that may be same that came to TX.
WE have dna tests on a couple of these SELLERS.
CAN you follow thro on some of the boys and find a living male SELLERS?
Ask for lookups , check phone listings, etc.

GEORGIA has worked on this YOUNG SELLERS family. Don't know if she has proven all the kids and their families or not.

But, appears to be same. Documents help PROVE.
marie, iowa

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Yeahhh. This has to be Jennie Sellers Dobbs because Jennie and T. M. Dobbs
in Jackson County, OK also had a son named Emmrett Dobbs. Great work,
thanks agiain. You have a bit more about Jennie Sellers (and her sister,
Fannie Sellers) on my Sellers page that you created.
Jo Ann
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On the 1930 Census for Jackson County, Bar______ (can't quite make out last part) Township, Oklahoma there is listed Thomas M. Dobbs, wife Jennie, son Vernon, son Wiley (may have been misspelled), son Emmrett, and Daughter Ethel. The children were born in Oklahoma, the parents in Texas. Thomas M.'s parents were listed as from TN and Ill, and Jennie's as being from Alabama. (Source: and Crystal. lists Jennie (Mrs. T.M.) Dobbs (born 1870, died 1970) and T. M. Dobbs, born 1869, died 1944, as buried in the Altus City Cemetery, Altus, Oklahoma.

Today I received a letter from the Jackson County Clerk, Altus, Oklahoma saying she could not find any records of land deeds for T. M. Dobbs, but that there were several other Dobbs listed in the land records. She also copied and sent the following information:

CD#18 Altus
Dobbs, Vernon, Dec 13, 1908, age 20
Dobbs, Nylie, May 20, 1912, age 16
Dobbs, Emmett, Jan 28, 1915, age 14
Dobbs, Ethel, May 2, 1918, age 10
Those have T. M. Dobbs listed as Parent or guardian

My cousin, who knew my grandmother, Fannie Lee Sellers Niblett Medlin, as a child (he still lives on the next street from the old house that belonged to Fannie Lee when she was married to her last husband, William Medlin) says that the JENNIE DOBBS, buried at the Altus City Cemetery is Fannie Lee Sellers Niblett Medlin's sister, Jennie Sellers who married a DOBBS. I believe that the Jennie Sellers who married Thomas M. Dobbs in Hunt County, Texas is this same Jennie Dobbs, and that T. M. Dobbs is Thomas M. Dobbs.

The problem is that an obit for Jennie and Thomas M Dobbs cannot be found. If Jennie was one hundred years old when she died, it would seem to me tha it would have gotten a write up in the papers of the day in Oklahoma. But my internet research has turned up nothing so far.


july 2008

Marie and Georgia, my Niblett cousin from Arkansas was here for two
>> days this week. Just left. He brought up some old pictures that
>> belonged to his and my grandmother, Fannie Lee Sellers Niblett
>> Medlin. On the back of one
>> of them there is a handisome man and a woman, and by holding the picture
>> up
>> to a strong light I was able to make out the name Robert Sellers (woman
>> is
>> either not named or rest of writing too faint to see, but she could be
>> his
>> wife).
>> You may remember that the Census for Freestone county, TX has the
>> household
>> for James H. Sellers, with son George, and then (by new wife Daisy?),
>> there
>> were Robert, and Jinny Sellers. I think that may be another link proving
>> Fannie Sellers Niblett Medlin and Jennie Sellers Dobbs were the daughters
>> of
>> James H. Sellers.
>> My cousin says he visited Jennie Sellers Dobbs at least 3 times in
>> Altus,
>> OK
>> and that Fannie was there also. But he still doesn't know who their
>> parents
>> were.
>> Since I am from the female line, I know I can't use my dna to prove
>> Sellers,
>> but I would like to take the dna test to see if I do, in fact, have
>> Native
>> Indian blood. Do you have any information on that test to prove Native
>> Indian blood?
>> Jo Ann


JOANN, at the bottom of this page, are some notes from our Tom Sellars, re american indian, but, I believe you may already have.
Your mtdna test may show indian, if this is on the mothers side?
If you decide to do it, use the Sellers group rate.
Thanks for helping.
If my mail is returned from netins, no problem forwarding to Georgia, as long as she doesn't mind. Maybe they will get it okayed. marie, iowa


sept 2008

Marie, here is the latest update for Jennie Sellers Dobbs and her sister (my
grandmother) Fannie Lee Sellers Niblett Medlin: I received the death
records for both Jennie and Fannie. Both were born in Greenville, Hunt
County, Texas. Jennie's death record lists her father's name as James
Sellers, and Fannie's death record lists her father as Sellers, no first
name. Neither Record gives the name of Jannie and Fannie's mother, but I
believe she is the Dicey S. Sellers, wife of James H. Sellers listed on the
1880 Freestone County, Texas Census. Children listed on this census were
George Sellers, age 22, (most likely a step-son of Dicey S.), Robert
Sellers, age 6, and Jinny Sellers, age 4. Fannie was born in 1881, so she
would not be on this 1880 Census.

In the collection of old pictures that belonged to Fannie Lee Sellers
Niblett Medlin, there is a picture of a Robert Sellers. This, along with
the fact that Jennie Sellers Dobbs and her husband, Thomas M. Dobbs, were
living next door to James H. Sellers' brother (Young Sellers) on the 1900
Greenville, Hunt County, Texas, is proof enough for me that Jennie and
Fannie's father was James H. Sellers. Both Jennie and her sister Fannie
married in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas, and Fannie's first child, William
Robert Niblett, was born there.

Anyone on this list with any connection to Robert Sellers, son of James H.

I believe that Ancestry Com shows at least two additional daughters born to
James H. Sellers and his first wife or James H. and second wife Dicey S.

Jo Ann