Joan Graves <>

 Van Zandt Co. Tx
Subject:  Attie Hughes Sisson

Martha E. Wood m. 1st John W. Sellers 1 Sep 1859. He d. 20 May 1861 in
Civil War. She married Nicholas A. Sewell in Van Zandt Co. TX in 1882.
She had daughter Ida Brown Sellers, known as Brownie, who m. A.G. Sisson
in 1882. They had daughter Attie Hughes Sisson, b in TX. Have extensive
information on Martha's Albemarle County, VA family, looking for her Texas

JOAN - Where were Martha and John W. SELLERS married=
where first child born=
Where in CW=

SO she would be listed as MARTHA  SELLERS on our 1880 Census?
Or have you found her on census? Or living with family?

I think we have 1880 Van Zandt Co, TX index to family -

THANK YOU and will send thro our SELLERS discussion group and see if Anyone knows us

DO YOU know Where John W. SELLERS born?/State given on census or by daughter? =
THANKS-marie, iowa

John W. Sellers was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, 19 Mar 1832. He was a son of John W.
Sellers and wife K.S. As far as I know, Martha only had one child, Ida Brown Sellers, born 13 Jun 1860,
and she married A.G. Sisson in Van Zandt County,TX  in 1882, according to the VanZandt marriage
records which I found last night.   I have not researched the Sellers family other than that given above, I
expect the family lived on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains from where Martha's family lived. I
have not looked at the 1860 census for either one of them, but she was living at her father's house in
Albemarle County during the War, but that would have been after John was killed. She ended up back in
Virginia as a much loved schoolteacher, and there are people still alive named "Mattie Sewell" after her. I
have photos of her as a young woman and an old lady, she was my husband's great aunt. The family
may be in the 1890 census for Texas, I can't remember which one isn't available. I can probably look up
Rockingham County marriages up until 1855 for you, nobody seems to publish the later ones. Let me
know, and be gentle, I don't know much about computers. Joan

JOAN - Thanks - But, Looks like this family does mean checking more info.
John Conrad Sellers married Oct 16, 1822 Rockingham Co, VA Catherine BROWN
We show John Conrad Sellers and Catherine baptized son May 18,1832 at Friedens Church,named John Philip Archebald SELLERS.
Then a Frances STERRETT becomes Johns wife on census and land deeds.
Catherine has son JOHN (John Wickcliff Sellers or John Robert Sellers)  that married Martha WOOD and John died 5-20-1861 (Wonder if this could be Civil War?) and their daughter IDA Brown? Sellers married SISSON.
I don't show the census, if you have would appreciate and if you have more documented on this family.
Will save your info and if Anyone else is working on same, will give them your email
Thanks, marie, iowa

I can document Wood-Sellers' marriage, the register gives John W. Sellers' parents as John w. and K.S.
but I will look at the actual bond when I can.  It is possible that Catherine was listed as beginning with a
"K". I don't know where I got his birth date from this minute, but will find it if anyone needs to know. All
the other information I have pertains to Martha Wood and her father, Willis and his father, John. John
was a revolutionary soldier who married Elizabeth Sunderland and her family has been traced back to
Clovis the Riparian, an ancestor of Charlemagne.  Not by me of course. We can't go back any further on
John, he and Elizabeth came from Maryland to Albemarle County, VA. But, I will be glad to share if
anyone wants.  Joan Graves

JOAN - Thanks - I don't see much more, except the birth came from  Friedens Church,
Rockingham Co, VA
We will Link You to this county, etc and Hopefully someone will help us 'down the road a mile or two'
Please Send a copy of any contact to us.
ANY copies of CENSUS info You have extracted on this family Could Help also=

Thanks, marie, iowa