I am not sure if this is the same Susan or the correct e-mail address.  If
not, please ignore.  If so, please reply.  Thanks!!

In response to your request on 'Susan's Page,' I have information on the
George Sellers line.  My wife Susan is in the direct Sellers line from

George and Phoebe Crouse Sellers had a son Peter, b. 11/4/1831 in Monroe

Peter married Nancy Barton on May 24, 1853, in Monroe Co., OH - on June 5,
1856, they moved to Wood Co., VA (WV).

Peter and Nancy had 8 children:
        William who married Nancy Swain - they had 12 children
        George who married Manerva Grewell - they had 5 children
        Harriet who never married
        Enos Francis married Phoebe Caroline Beckett - they had 7 children,
James Peter
        John Leonard who married Sarah Burdette - they had 2 children
        Phoebe Ann who married Solomon Shears - they had five children
        Mary Jane who married James J. Amos - they had 12 children
        America I. who married James Franklin Toomey - they had 2 children

James Peter Sellers (Enos Francis, Peter, George) married Ada Marie Mills

James and Ada had 4 children:
        Charles Blaine
        James Wayne

Charles Blaine Sellers married Naomi Ruth Riddle - they had two children:
        Susan Marie
        Barbara Ann

I am married to Susan Marie

I have more Sellers information - mostly on the family in Wood Co., WV - I
have been trying to get back farther but have not had the time to do any
research in OH - if you can go back farther that George Sellers, Sr.,
let me know.


Please reply!

Jim Stinespring
752 Northwest Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505


             Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:25:31 -0600
             marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net>

and connection to Greene Co, PA

AND you state =
"Among the sons of Christian Sellers was Leonard Sellers who made the
to Bracken Co., KY"

DO You have estimated Ages of the KIDS of CHRISTIAN SELLERS with son
OR from the 1790 GREENE CO, PA census?
AND have we separated the SELLERS in the wills of Greene Co, PA ?

NOW in  1800 Bracken Co, KY we have a LEONARD SELLERS born before 1778 -

1810 HE is Not Here - Did Any of his Kids Stay?
Did he Go Across the River to Hamilton Co, OH =

The GEORGE SELLERS born 1784  PA stayed here and Brown Co, OH
I don't think We have these families separated yet - WE Need More Ages on
Need More Ages on the SELLERS on the census-
THANKS for sharing and hope you understand my questions  - please,
marie, iowa

MeJMS@aol.com wrote:

> Marie and all,
> I thought I would resubmit our Sellers line to see if any new
> arise.
> Susan Marie Sellers [my wife] (Wood Co., WV)
> Charles Blaine Sellers (Wood Co., WV)
>         married Naomi Ruth Riddle
> James Peter Sellers, 1901-1952 (Wood Co., WV)
>         married Ada Marie Mills
> Enos Francis Sellers, 1859-1923 (Wood Co., WV)
>         married Phoebe Caroline Beckett
> Peter Sellers, 1831-1899 (Monroe Co., OH to Wood Co., VA {WV})
>         married Nancy M. Barton
> George Sellers, 1787-1856 (Greene Co., PA to Monroe Co., OH)
>         married Phoebe Crouse
> George Sellers, d. 1832 (Greene Co., PA)
>         married Elizabeth ??
> Christian Sellers (Greene Co., PA)
> Among the sons of Christian Sellers was Leonard Sellers who made the
> to Bracken Co., KY
> Christian Sellers may have been the son of Jacob Zeller, b.1696
> If any of this is familiar with anyone please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Jim Stinespring
> MeJMS@aol.com

             Re: George Sellers Sr.
Susan Nuhfer-Weaver,

I have been trying to get in touch with you about the information that you
posted earlier.

Here is what I have to this point:
1.  Christian Sellers, Sr. - b. 1744, Bedford Co., PA; d. 1839, Greene Co.,
        had seven children, George (2 below), Jacob, John, Leonard,
Barbara, Asa,
        and Christian, Jr.
2.  George Sellers, Sr. - d. 1832, Greene Co., PA
        m. Elizabeth ?
        had seven children, George, Jr. (3 below), Christian, Mary, Jacob,
John, Levi
        and Susannah
3.  George Sellers, Jr., b. 1787, Greene Co., PA; d. February 6, 1856
        m. Phoebe Crouse, April 6, 1922
        had nine children, Phoebe, Christina, Mary Jane, Susanna, Peter (4
        Elizabeth, George, Leonard and John James
4.  Peter Sellers - b. November 4, 1831, Monroe Co., OH; d. May 12, 1899,
        Wood Co., WV
        m. M. Barton, May 24, 1853, Monroe Co., OH
        had eight children, William, George, Harriet E., Enos Francis (5
below), John
        Leonard, Phoebe Ann, Mary Jane and America Ida
5.  Enos Francis Sellers, b. December 5, 1859, Wood Co., WV; d. January 23,
        1923, Wood Co., WV
        m. Phoebe Caroline Beckett, January 18, 1899, Wood Co., WV
        had 7 children, Elsie M., James Peter (6 below), Charles William,
        Edward, Russell Leonard, Infant Daughter and Ira Francis
6.  James Peter Sellers, b. abt. 1901, Wood Co., WV; d. 1952
        m. Ada Marie Mills, July 29, 1920, Wood Co., WV
        had four children, James Wayne, Charles Blaine (7 below), June and
7.  Charles Blaine Sellers
        m. Naomi Ruth Riddle
        had two children, Susan Marie and Barbara Anne

Susan Marie Sellers is my wife and this is her direct line.

Where does your branch grow off of the line?  I am presently doing research
Greene Co., PA.  I hope to have more information to post soon.  There does
seem to be a possibility that Christian, Sr. (1 above) had a father named
Jacob Zeller.  I have not been able to confirm this.  I have seen the sight
Christian, Sr.'s fortified house, called Fort Sellers.  It sat along
Creek in what is now Waynesburg, PA (then it was Fort Jackson).  There are
still Sellers living in Greene County, but I have not been able to meet
as yet.

Jim Stinespring

This is my line, too--Christian Sellers.  Am leaving town for several days
and will contact you when I return.

Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs

             Lucinda Rohrs <lrohrs@boonville.k12.mo.us>
Lucinda Rohrs
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the number 1)
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