"Jim Conigliaro" <valc1@i-2000.com>

Hello Sellers List members.  I recently received new information that I
would like to ask for help with.  My ggrandmother is Martha Strunk Burkett
and two of her sisters married Sellers.  They would mostly be from around
the KY/TN border in counties such as Pulaski, Wayne, Whitley, McCreary,
Russell and Perry in KY and Scott & Campbell in TN.

Lucy F. Strunk m. Joseph M. Sellers in the 1890's.  Their children are:
1.  Mary E. Sellers b. approx 1895
2.  Cornelia E. Sellers b. 1899
3.  Virgil Sellers b. 1901

Mary Margaret "Maggie" Strunk m. Noah H. Sellers also around the 1890's.
Their children are:
1.  Flossie P. Sellers
2.  William H. Sellers b. 1892
3.  Pearl L. Sellers b. 1895
4.  Lucy Sellers b. 1897
5.  Bessie L. Sellers b. 1898
6.  Ethel J. Sellers b. 1902
7.  Rosa M. Sellers b. 1906
8.  Violethia Sellers b. 1908
9.  Alma K. Sellers b. 1910
10. James Roy or James Clay Sellers b. 1911
11. Herbert R. Sellers b. 1913

If anyone could please provide me with information that could lead to any of
these Sellers descendants I would be so greatful.  No information is too
small.  My name is Jim Conigliaro and my e-mail address is valc1@i-2000.com
Thank you so very much. 

JIM, Thanks, I think you have lots of cousins here. We like to have the
first letter of contact info sent thro our SELLERS group as they are the
ones who share our SELLERS documents. Also , if any of these kids went to
another area is important and would appreciate you sending info. Our Pulaski
Co, KY may help also.
And we will link your info to same also.
Thank you for sharing, marie, iowa

 Lucy Strunk Sellers' sister, Martha Strunk Burkett, is my
>> ggrandmother.  I was originally coming to the Sellers list to find
>> information on descendants of Joseph Martin Sellers and Lucy Francis
>> (Strunk) Sellers.  I received information recently that says that
>> they had 3 children.  They are Mary E. Sellers, Cornelia E. Sellers,
>> and Virgil Sellers.
>> Also, another of Lucy and Martha's sisters named Mary Margaret
>> "Maggie" Strunk married Joseph Sellers nephew, Noah H. Sellers.  I
>> would love to find their descendents also.  Their children are
>> Flossie, William Henry, Pearl Lee, Lucy, Bessie Laura, Ethel J.,
>> Rosa May, Violethia, Alma K., James Roy, and Herbert Raymond
>> Sellers.
>> My e-mail address is valc1@i-2000.com  Thank you very much for any
>> information that you may have.