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Am seeking any information regarding parents, brothers, sisters, etc., of a
Jane Sellers (possibly Sellar, Sellars). Jane married Enoch Barlow in
Bourbon County in 1804 and they lived briefly in or near Georgetown before
moving to Hendricks County, Indiana, where they raised their kids, died and
were buried.

Jim Barlow
Champaign, IL

        Jim Barlow <b-james3@uiuc.edu>


Awesome! You have made my day and month.

I only recently returned to my search for Jane. She was my
great-great-great-great grandmother. She became a minister for a small
church northwest of what is now Avon, Indiana, and she was credited in one
notation that I've seen as having established the county's first Sunday
school. I have a listing of all of her children with Enoch. And I have
pictures of their graves, alongside each other, in the Barlow Cemetery. I
have quite a bit of information on some of their children, and a little on
some others. Be very glad to share it with you. In fact, you can get most
of what I have at this web site, located within the Barlow Clearinghouse:

My line from Enoch and Jane is their son Harvey Rice Barlow, who had James
Milton, who had Albert P., who had James Thomas, who had me (James Edwin).
I have son, James Andrew, 10.

I suspected that John might be Jane's father, but had not pursued it amid
my hunt for my Barlow line.

Your name really captured my interest: Marie was my dad's mom's name. She
was a Hollingsworth (close to Hollinger). And your middle name Sellers.
Small world.

Thanks for your response. Would love to exchange info. Somewhere I have
notations on several Sellers marriages that occurred a little before and
after Enoch and Jane's. Now I can check to see if I have some of her
brothers and sisters noted.


>JIM, Jane SELLERS is listed on the will of JOHN SELLERS 1798 Harrison Co,
>Do you have her children's names and where they went?
>Some Sellers appear in Hendricks Co, IN in 1860 - will try and make a list
>of them and see
>if we have census readings for them and post on our Hendricks Co, IN page.
>JOHN SELLERS will of 1798, wife Eliz
>lists names of his Minor Children =
>I will need to read to see if we have him linked to the SELLERS who went
>to OHIO -
>Please send what info you have on Jane Sellers married 9-20-1804 Bourbon
>Co, Ky
>to Enoch BARLOW.
>marie, iowa


JIM - Thank You - We do need to follow thro and link the children of JOHN
Harrison Co, KY
And recheck ages, etc /marriages of kids/spouses and
SHOW  = Went Where

WE have Many SELLERS working these families -
JUST keep adding KIDS and locations =
THIS JOHN SELLERS died 1798 had MINOR children BORN 1780 to 1798
We Need to follow thro on the children married here and where they went =

PLEASE - All- Send Your Connection Or Possibilty =

JOHN SELLERS died 1812 doesn't show a son JOHN and his kids are OLDER???
marie, iowa
Hi all,

Back in October, I posted my first note on this list. I asked if
anyone had ANY knowledge of a Jane Sellers who married my g-g-g-g-g
grandfather Enoch Barlow in 1804 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Within
days I had my answer and a history lesson on Jane's family. A hearty
thanks for solving a mystery that no one in my remaining family could

Below is a list of their children, per an Oct. 28 suggestion by Marie
Sellers Hollinger.  I have additional info on many of these children.
Would be glad to provide if this list helps anyone else.

Jim Barlow
Champaign, IL

Descendants of Enoch Barlow and Jane Sellers (daughter of John
Sellers and Elizabeth Finley of Kentucky)

        1  Enoch Barlow 1777 - 1838 b: August 18, 1777 in Culpeper,
d: September 7, 1838 in Washington Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
        Jane Sellers 1774 - 1852        b: 1774 in Kentucky d: June
16, 1852 in Washington Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
        Marriage on September 20, 1804 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They moved to Hendricks County, Indiana, west of Indianapolis, in
1828, to land Enoch had purchased from the land office in
Crawfordsville, Indiana.

        1) Elizabeth F. Barlow  b: June 23, 1805 in Kentucky
        d: July 8, 1863 in Washington Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
        married Gideon F. Hufford on December 28, 1829 in Hendricks
County, Indiana
        2  Milton Fry Barlow b: December 27, 1806 in Scott County,
Kentucky                d: 1851 in Greencastle, Indiana
        married Angeline Knight on November 21, 1833 in Putnam County,

        3 John S. Barlow b: September 16, 1808  d: Feb. 22, 1872, Inwood,
        married Martha Hanna Craig      on June 2, 1831 in Montgomery
County, Indiana
        They divorced. John married Sarah Young around 1840. She died
with John.

        4  Margaret Jane Barlow b: 1832 d: 1900 in Hendricks County,
        married William Hylton on September 19, 1850

        5 Margaret S. Barlow    b: April 1, 1810  d: not put in my records

        6 Ruth Jane Barlow b: February 12, 1812
        married Robert Martin on October 27, 1831 in Hendricks County,

        7) Enoch P. Barlow b: June 30, 1814  d: not inputted yet

        8) James S. Barlow b: November 28, 1815 d: not in records yet

        9) Harvey Rice Barlow b: April 1, 1818 in Scott County,
Kentucky d: August 5,                   1872 in Brownsburg, Indiana.
Married Sarah Jane Smith on August 13, 1840 in          Hendricks
County, Indiana

        10) Aaron M. Barlow     b: October 15, 1822

        11) Mary W. Barlow      b: July 2, 1826 in Scott County, Kentucky