I'm looking for the parents of Charles Luther SELLERS b. may 8,1849 Franklin,
NC d. Apr 16,1927 Commerce, GA. His dad's name was Sam SELLERS and his mon
was Martha ? Charles had at least one sister Hester Sellers. Little else is
known of his parents.

Charles was married to  Susan Alice Crow and they had 13 children. 

If any of this sounds familiar please e-mail me.

Jerry Jones

Charles Luther Sellers married Susan Alice Crow on Sept 15,1878, I think in Winder, Ga. Susan was born in Winder and all the children were born there too so I have no reason to believe they were married any place else. Dates of children born from 1879-1904, I have exact dates for all thirteen if you think it will help, let me know.

HOW did we prove SAMUEL/MARTHA as parents? msh

1880 Gwinnett Co, GA (WINDER) (made from 1818 from Cherokee/Jackson) CHARLES L. SELLAR 30 GA(dist 316 Ben Smith) SUSAN A. 23 GA MIMMY 1 GA, son John P. SELLERS 63 SC (#554 Martins) Sofrana 40 SC Lula 20 sc Jefferson 18 sc Rollin 12 sc Alice 10 SC 1900 Gwinnett Co, Ga= CHARLES SELLERS 5/1848 NC (Ben Smith#316district) ALICE 9/1856 GA 9/1856 NIMROD 20 GA 6/1879 FANNIE 18 GA 7/1881 SAMUEL 17 GA 5/1882 MALYER 15F GA 4/1885 MYRTH 13M GA 21887 LILA 11 GA 12/1898 ALBERT 9 GA 12/1890 MAYSIE 7F GA 9/1892 HERSCHLL 5 GA 12/1894 HERMAN GA 8/1896 infant 7/1899 female ----------------- The LUTHER SELLERS name pattern could go back to BRUNSWICK CO, NC/PIKE CO/AL- (only place I have seen name- but, most of us are cousins here and I don't know where ALL came from!) BUT, did NOT see on 1850 census, I read-COULD be nicknamed differantly also- COULD be CIVIL WAR, ALSO? Check any SELLERS in these counties- YOUR Charles Luther SELLERS 1848 , should be on an 1850 census in NC or? AND 1860/70 CENSUS! ANYONE with info on these names/places- PLEASE send cc to me also, so can post to web page, OR best is send to this SELLERS list so, anyone working this area can respond - THANKS marie, iowa
I have a copy of Charles L. Sellers death certificate which states his father was Sam SELLERS from NC. The mothers name was not on the death certificate but I think it was listed in the family bible. My mother was the last of the thirteen children and when she moved from Georgia she turned the family bible over to a nephew and his family so it would be nearer the other family nembers. Here is a complete list of all thirteen children: H. NIMROD 12/6/1879 D. 28/7/1920 FANNIE PINK 21/7/1881 D. 3/2/1910 SAMUEL 9/5/1883 D. ? MALYAR 30/4/1885 D.6/2/1969 MURPHY 10/2/1887 D.21 /8/1951 LELA 21/12/1888 d.28/12/1968 ALBERT 17/12/1890 D. ? MACY 24/9/1892 D.23 /7/1976 H. HERSHAL 12 12/1894 D. ? C. HERMAN 7/8/1897 D.3/1/1977 MAYSILLER 12/7/1899 D.16/9/1901 MONTINE 10/8/1901 D. 6/6/1934 RUNETTE 27/12/1904 D. 19/5/1985 I also have names of spouses if anyone needs them. The Martha could be a middle name or nickname,I will try to have the family rechecked to see if there are any more clues. I think most of this info came from the bible since my mother was the youngest and some of the brothers and sisters were already married when she was born. THANKS. Jerry Jones

The following is the
update on the children of  Charles Luther SELLERS and his wife Susan Alice

H. Nimrod SELLERS b. June 12, 1879 Winder ,Ga. d. Jul 28, 1920 mar. Mary
Fannie(Pink) SELLERS b. Jul 21, 1881 Winder, Ga. d. Feb 3, 1910 mar. Jim
Samuel SELLERS b. May 9, 1883 Winder, Ga. d. Apr. 1960 mar. Missouri Coffer
Malyar SELLERS B. Apr 30, 1885 Winder, Ga. d. Feb 6, 1969 never married
Murphey SELLERS b. Feb 10, 1887 Winder, Ga. d. Aug 21, 1951 Forest Park, Ga.
mar. Pearl Smith
Lela SELLERS b. Dec 21, 1888 Winder, Ga. d.Dec 28, 1968 Atlanta, Ga. mar Bob
Albert SELLERS b. Dec 17, 1890 Winder, Ga.d.unknown mar Lee Brown
Macy SELLERS b. Sep 24, 1892 Winder,Ga. d. Jul 23, 1976 Atlanta, Ga. never
H. Hershal SELLERS b. Dec 12, 1894 Winder, Ga. d. unknown married Eula
C. Herman SELLERS b.Aug 7, 1897 Winder, Ga. Jan 3, 1977 Rock Hill, SC mar
Sarah Jackson
Maysiller SELLERS b.  Jul 12, 1899 Winder, Ga. d. Sep 16, 1901 Winder, Ga.
Montine SELLERS b. Aug 10,1901 Winder, Ga. d. Jul 6, 1934
Runette SELLERS b. Dec 27, 1904 Winder, Ga. d. May 19, 1985 Virginia Beach,
Va.mar Floyd Bemjamin Jones

I hope this helps some.

Jerry Jones