JEANNETTE CORPORATION - Jeannette Glass Company

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Since many of you are interested in the Glass industry of Jeannette, I'm
going to post several entries from 'The History of Jeannette,' published in
1976.  Some are long, so I'll post them one at a time.
Jeannette Corporation has a long and proud history dating back to 1898 when
the original company, Jeannette Glass Company, was founded.  However, it's
heritage is much older when one considers that Jeannette Corporation today
(in 1976) includes The McKee Glass Company which was founded in Pittsburgh
in 1850 by H. Sellers McKee.  Some thirty years later, McKee moved his
company to an area 26 miles east of Pgh. to take advantage of a newly
discovered natural gas supply.  McKee named the town which sprang up around
the new works for his wife, Jeannette.
In the late 1880's, McGlass produced one-fifth of all glassware made in the
US.  Later, the first headlight lenses on Henry Ford's cars were made by
McKee, along with all the glass tile used in New York City's Holland Tunnel.
This company also introduced the first trade mark ever used on
glassware.."Pres-Cut."  McKee Glass also was liscensee for the manufaaacture
of "Pyrex" for the 17 year duration of the Corning Glass Works patent.  When
the patent ran out, the company started manufacturing "Glasbake" under a
compatable formula.  In 1952, Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company, a large
container maker, purchased McKee.
Jeannette Glass Company was incorporated June 14, 1898, succeeding a firm
known as the Jeannette Bottle Works.  Jeannette glassware in those days was
hand blown and included such items as narrow-neck bottles and flint glass
tableware, many of which have become collectors' items.
With the advent of automate bottle-blowing and glass making equipment,
Jeannette struck out into new markets.  The company was among the leaders in
producing sidewalk glass and prism tile for store fronts.  In 1927,
Jeannette Glass became involved in the automatic production of pressed
tableware and kitchenware, as well as colored glass tableware.
In 1936, the common stock of the Jeannette Glass Co. was listed on the
American Stock Exchange and given the symbol JGA.  In the post Second World
War period, the capacity of the plant was dubled in response to the demand
for consumer ware.
In 1960, Maurice L. Stonehill, a Cleveland industrialist with a lifelong
ambition to build a national manufacturing and marketing organization,
became chairman and president of the JGC.  One year later, he negoitiated
the acquisition of McKee Glass Co. from the Thatcher Glass Co.
More to come..............................

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     Glass Industry of Jeannette...part 3

In 1971, the JGC became Jeannette Corporation, a name which better
characterized the diversification of products made available through
acquisition.  Since 1960, Jeannette has grown from a company of some 300
employees, doing approx. $5 million in sales, to a corporation employing
more than 1,600 persons (about 700 of whom lived in Jeannette).
Annual sales for the Corp. have risen to more than $42 million, Jeannette
Glass, Royal China, Brookpark and Old Harbor products are sold throught the
Company's own sales force and by an international network of sales
representatives.  Jeannette products appear in all 50 states and in more
than 90 foreign countries.  Corporate sales offices are maintained in
Jeannette, New York City, and Encino, CA.  Jeannette's executive offices are
located in Jeannette.
Owner's of the Corp. are: Maurice L. Stonehill-Chairman of the Board; Mark
B. Silverberg--Pres.; Frank W. Storey--VP, Finance and Controller; Paul G.
Sailer--VP, Maarketing and Industrial Sales; Alexander H.
Poole--Secretary/Treasurer; Armond D. Arnson--Attorney, Assist. Secretary;
Phillip C. Ball--Assist. Treasurer; David J. Warren--Assist. Treasurer.
For a brief period during the early days of the McKee Glass Co., James A.
Chambers, Pgh., was a co-founder.  In 1887, Chambers left his father's and
uncles' glass making business in Pgh., and was an associate of H. Sellers
McKee in the founding of the new plant in Jeannette.  The Chambers-McKee
Glass Co. applied for a charter in 1887 and fellow incorporators of the two
were David Z. Brickel, John M. Kennedy, and William S. Jones.  The plant,
the largest tank process hand-blown window glass in the world, was completed
in 1889.  Chambers disassociated himself with the plant in the late nineties
when he and McKee had a difference of opinion.
More to come.......Jeannette Shade and Novelty  Co. and Empire Glass