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JEANNE, thanks.

Christina Sellers and Wm Scotts marriage bond = Marriage Bond = daughter of Michael SELLARS of Rockingham Co., VA Sarah Sellers and Jacob Howards marriage bond = Marriage bond states daughter of Michael Sellers of Rockingham, VA Mary Sellers and Wm Brooks marriage in Franklin Co., VA was = Marriage Bond signed by Michael Sellers, but , doesn't state daughter. Security was WM SCOTT
Amos Scott's marriage license = parents Wm W. Scott and Christina Sellers

Minutes for the court of Franklin Co., VA = Wm B. Scott, late a private in the militia from the State died in the service of the US at Norfolk leaving a number of infant children the court appoints William A. Burwell guardian of the said children for the special purpose of securing their claims for the service of their father. (note the Wm B. and Wm W., msh) = MICHAEL, WILLIAM, JAMES, STANFORD, AMOS SCOTT.

There is NO mention of 1812 bounty land in this book. There was a deed on this page, but, it was the one in 1781? Of Michael Sellers that our Michael Sellers below sent info to you on. Perhaps, I thought it may have been when they mentioned "securing claims for service", but, with the magnifier it is not. Sorry about that. I should Not have mentioned without reading. There are some pension claims for 1812 on Wm Scott, but, no idea which is which and if they ever claimed his bounty land. If we knew his regiment, would know which to order.

I am CC a copy of this to Michael Sellers, who has done a lot of good researching in this area. HE IS THE ONE who sent the church info in the last letter.

I need to order a new printer = put this off for two months! And now I have forgotten which one I wanted and have to do a new search/compare again! My son takes care of/networks? the Mason City Schools computers and installs new software, etc during the summer, so he is putting in long days/nites now. But, I will make sure you get copies of these pages. Some of the copies of originals are not too clear, so don't know how well they will scan. Did you try ebay? Don't know if any cheaper thou. I have had mine a long time. Maybe ask Santa??

There was an addition to the book on plain piece of paper that stated = Sarah Sellers m. Jacob Howard - daughter of Catharina and Michael Sellers. By 1800 they had migrated to Monroe Co., now WV, source, letter feb 25, 1987, Cecilia G. Schiller, Marietta, GA (she is NOT mentioned in marriage bond, msh)

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I read the material you sent yesterday about the book "Cradled by the Massanutten and then Frank M. Sellers book. I did some searching on internet and found where you could purchase it for $78 but it was not online. Also looked for Frank M. Seller's book but could not find anything. Anyway, you mentioned about William Scott and Christina Sellers marriage bond and a copy of Wm Scott 1812 bounty land and the children of Wm Scott and Christina Sellers named in an orphan bond. I am definitely interested in receiving a copy of the above. You also wrote about Hullum Scott's children's names and adding this info to Monroe Co., IA web pages. Where are you located in Iowa? All my relatives lived in Monroe County and/or Appanoose County, IA, with Hullum Scott though being buried in Murray, IA. I am attaching what I have on the genealogy of William B. Scott, gathered from individuals I have contacted on the internet and also the descendants of Johan Peter Sellers/Zeller I received from a Kenneth Hundley (whom I contacted through a genforum). I am really confused now with what you wrote below about Christina Seller's. Take a look at what I received from Kenneth Hundley and see what you think. It says that Christina was daughter of Johan Michael Sellers who was the son of Johan Peter Sellers and was Johan Peter Sellers the sone of Heinrich Zeller? It says the name of the mother of Christina was Catherina but that is all. Tell me what you think about this. All the siblings are the same. I am surprised that there are no records of the marriage of Johan Michael Sellers and this Catherina who supposedly wed in 1772. I am trying to establish where William B. Scott came from - either born in the U.S. or immigrated from Scotland. At a dead end there.

Anyway, it was so interesting to read about the Seller homestead you described below and it being rennovated. We have close friends that live in Gainesville, VA which should not be that far away. I live in the KC area and will be returning to school next week. I teach computers to elementary children in the inner city and it is very difficult. I did not email you yesterday as I was still digesting information and also scanning and framing and printing old family pictures to display in my bathroom. I also have 3 bengal kittens to find homes for and a couple stopped by last evening. So anyway, just lots of last minute details to take care of before school starts. I hope your reunion went smoothly at home. I have 1 daughter with 2 sons (4 & 2) and a son with a son 5 years old and he is having another son in 3 weeks! We have all grandsons!!! I ordered the new Family Tree Maker but have not received it yet. I started this genealogy 2 years ago when we lost my mother, father, father-in-law and nephew all in 1 year. It helped with the grieving process and has blossomed from there. My sister and I went to Albia, IA in July of this year and I uncovered lots of information but, as usual, did not have enough time. Tomorrow I am helping my mother-in-law strip an old oak table and am having company for dinner so will not get back to you until Thursday or Friday. Take care and thank you SO MUCH for all the info you have supplied.

Take care,


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JEANNE, this is response to your questions. marie, iowa

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I can't add very much to this at this point from the Sellers side, but sometimes every little bit helps.

According to what I have Christina Sellers was the daughter of Michael Sellers (Johan Michael Zellers) and UNKNOWN. Christina was the granddaughter of Peter SELLERS and UNKNOWN and was the great granddaughter of Heinrich ZELLER and Anna Maria FECHTER. Unfortunately, Christina's mother has never been identified.

The land upon which Christina grew up was deeded to her father, Michael, by then-Governor of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, in 1781. On a portion of the land was built the original Fellowship United Methodist Church and the original cemetery was laid there as well. Christina's father, Michael, hosted Methodist circuit riders to hold services there. Michael and Christina's unidentified mother were undoubtedly buried in that cemetery.

Upon Michael's death in Rockingham county, Virginia, in 1812 the entire homestead was left to Christina's brother, Andrew. Andrew, in turn, raised his own family there and remained there until his own death on October 21, 1859, at the age of 84. Like their father, Michael, Andrew was buried in the original Fellowship U.M. Cemetery. Andrew's gravestone is still standing. In his Will Andrew left the property to his son, Silem, (Christina's nephew) who then built an addition to the home originally built by Andrew. It is assumed that Andrew's home was built on or near the site of the original home that Michael had built.

The old home itself became dilapidated over the years and was eventually scheduled to be completely torn down. However, the original land and home were purchased in 1994 and restoration of the home began almost immediately. An excerpt from an article in the Daily News-Record newspaper (Harrisonburg,
VA) on June 4, 1994, described the old home as follows:

"The old home, in what a historic homes survey calls a "rustic Federal" style, features an opening for a 3-foot, 3-inch-wide "funeral door"; one to fit it is on order. Its two chimneys are stone below and brick higher up. Brick replaced limestone as weather wore the stone away. Both fireplaces had massive, now highly valued "Hessian" mantlepieces, which will go back into place when the work is done.

White clapboard siding placed by a previous owner has been removed, exposing the logs. They will be chinked with wire lathe, white Portland and lime, mixed with yellow sand for an off-white color."

Christina's known or supposed siblings were:

Mary Sellers - married William Brooks Nov. 14, 1798, in Franklin co., VA
Jacob Sellers
Sarah Sellers - married Jacob Howard Dec. 22, 1792, in Rockingham co., VA
Andrew Sellers - married Hanna Haga Oct. 19, 1799, in Rockingham co., VA

With the name of "Silem" appearing in the subsequent families of the Sellers children it's quite possible there was a sibling named Silem as well.

Hope that helps at least in some small way.

Michael Sellers

marie sellers hollinger <> wrote:
Jeanne , have you read the ZELLERS books from Rockingham Co., VA? There are some documents in them. And I believe we have a couple members working on these families.

WE would appreciate the child you connect to and their family and who married and went to. Can you send us that info, so others can find and Know your Sellers, etc. and perhaps contact you with a cousin!

Thank you. marie, iowa

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Looking for information about Christina Sellers and William B. Scott's parents. Found this posted on your Sellers forum today.

In a marriage 11-14-1798 in Franklin County, VA, William Scott was surety
for the bond in the marriage of Mary Sellars to William Brooks. The name of

the bride's father was not recorded. Perhaps this is the same William Scott

who married Christina Sellers? He might have been providing surety for the
bond for his wife's sister's marriage.
In the 11 years prior to 1798, the names of Samuel Sellers, Thomas Sellers
and Nathan Sellers are found in Franklin Co., VA records.
Did you find the DAR Magazine, April 1959, Vol. 93, pg. 385 query?
Frank Sellers
Falls Church, VA

Also have this information:

This is from my papers - Looking for any information re William B. Scott and who he is descended from. Below is information I have gathered from my mother's papers from a Wysong Newsletter dated 1981.
"He had a shop in Franklin Co., VA in which he used bar iron (probably Blac
ksmith). In June 1812 he accused William Brooks, a neighbor, of stealing some
bar iron from his shop. The case was thrown out of court. In August 1812,
William Scott appealed to the court to require a Peace Bond of William Brooks,
who Scott said was threatening him with bodily harm. By Nov. 14, William

Scott was killed in Norfolk in the War of 1812 and his children were being
bound out. While the Court Order book only names sons Micajah, William,

James, Sanford and Amos and tells who they were bound to, there is no
mention of Hullum or the girls. Hullum was born in 1812, so was to young to

be bound out. In these cases, the young and the girls usually stayed with the
mother. William A. Burwell was appointed guardian of the children so that
they could collect their claim for their father's services. This man was a
member of Congress and Thomas Jefferson's private secretary. Burwell's
estate was still holding money for William Scotts estate as late aas 1824.
Mrs. Mann has written the National Archives again for information on William

Scott's service record because there should be something in the way of
bounty land and money payment to Williams' wife and children. While there
was no release of dower attached to any deed of sale by Wiolliam Scott, we
know that his wife was Christina Sellers. He bought 240 acres from Martin
Innion in 1800n and sold 98A to Francis Bell in 1801. In 1803 he put a 228A in
deed of trust to service a debt. It was paid off in due time. In 1804 he sold
225A to William Brizendine. Where this extra acreage came from it is not

know. This makes it appear that it came from an inheritance. By the process
of elimination we are beginning to believe that James Scott was the father our
our William. James mentions a son William in 1783. While we have no
documentary proof at this time, we hope to have it by the Oct. 4, 1981
reunion. This James Scott was a Revolutionary War Soldier from Botetourt

Co., VA."

Also found this posted in genforum about William B. Scott "First known
location was Tenth Leigon in Rockingham County, VA, living with a family with
last name of Fraley. 1790 census taken April 13, 14, 1788."