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Hi I don't have a lot of info. on the Sellers, here it is. Mathew Sellers 1783 NC Charolette Hart 1786 NC the only two children I have Chairty Paulene Sellers Nov. 16, 1822 (My ancestor) William Sellers (is this the right age group for your William Sellers listed on will Most of my Sellers were in Dry Creek, Dekalb Co . by 1850 I would say there is a good chance it is same lines, Any idea when Henry was born?

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Name:   Chairty Paulene Sellars
Born/ Where:  November 16, 1822/TN
Father/Mother: Mathew Sellers/Charolett Hart
Married: When/Where    bef 1843/TN
First Child: When/Where  1843/TN

Married to=

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The Sellers family is the one I have the least info on. was beginning to
think no one else was working on it.
Chairty and husband R.N. Cathcart are located in Dekalb Co. in 1870-1880.
They are in Warren  Co. in 1850=1860
Someone sent me copies on the pages they were on. That someone was a
Cathcart researcher. So I haven't seen all the census to try to find
Here is all info I have hope it will help.

Mathew Sellers 1783 n.c.
Charolette Hart 1786 N.C.
Chairty Nov. 16, 1822 TN  married R. N. Cathcart
William ??????? married Melvina Bradford ????

R.N. Cathcart May 28, 1818 Dekalb Co. TN
Chairty Paulene  both are burried in Cathcart Ceme. Dekalb Co.
Joseph D. 1843
William Alexander 1846  married Mattie Rushing
Parilee Jane 1852
Allen Nicholas 1854
Kent Craine 1857  married Eva Hall
Sarah(Sally) Dec. 28, 1859 Dry Creek Dekalb Co. TN Married John T. Odom
(these are my GGrandparents)
James Mathew 1863
Thomas Lucious 1864 married Ocia Yeargin

Thats all I have wish it were more. I realy haven't done anything with the
Sellers yet.
Haven't seen anything on Mathews will. Haven't seen anything on anything.

hope to hear from you
I have Dekalb Co. Ceme. Book also Dekalb Co. Marriage book 1848-1900 if you
need to look up anything.

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Reposting in case any new members have info.
Mathew Sellers (Cellers) b 1783 NC d 1862 Dekalb Co. TN
m Charlotte Hart d/o Thomas Hart and Polly.
thought to be son of Benjamin Sellers  (no info on him)
Thought to be brother or related in someway to
Jordan Sellers b 1780-1790
Dury Sellers
Archibald Sellers
Lard Sellers
children of Mathew are
Dennias Sellers m ? Smith
Mary Sellers m ? Brasswell
William Sellers b abt 1814 m Frances Melvina Bradford b 1814 TN
children of William and Frances are
    Paralee Sellers b 1847 m Hames Hale
    Laura Sellers b 1849
    Martha (Molly) Sellers b 1851
    Charlie Sellers
    Colista Sellers b 1854
    William Sellers b 1856
    Palmagnola Sellers b 1859 all born in Dekalb Co.TN  I think.
Canzada Sellers b abt 1828 m 1850 Leroy Lee Williams
Chairty Paulene Sellers b Nov. 16, 1822 TN d Jan. 23, 1892 Dekalb Co TN
m abt 1842 Robert N. Cathcart
Mathew was in Dekalb Co TN in very early 1800's.
Okla city

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Reciently I bought the book A Bicentennial History of Dekalb Co. TN by
Thomas Gary Webb. They are talking about old indian boundry crossing Dry
Creek on page 37 it says,
On the creek below the mill the Meltons and Sellers families were neighbors
to each other in 1811. the Sellers family were Drury, Archibald, Mathew,
John,and his son Jordan.
on page 93 talks about Drovers, Mathew Sellers is listed, on Page 149 talks
about how many slaves owned
You may have this already if not will copy it for you word for word.


JEAN- sometimes these histories have TOWNSHIP HISTORYS-
anything on 4TH district (where Mathew lived in 1850) or LIBERTY 2
SOMETIMES you need to read this township and then ALSO the township it
was made from! and maybe even township before that!VERY IMPORTANT -
Thank You-
The LIBERTY,TN may be in WILSON CO,TN (where some business done)

marie, iowa

JEAN - thank you! I am still looking up/posting,etc, but, I did find ONE
of the deeds/grants, etc=

January,1796 Brunswick Co,NC court, Deed registered from
in WESTERN TERRITORIES. described in 10-16-1795 deed as on
the CUMBERLAND RIVER in Davidson Co, (now Tennessee) This
land later became part of WARREN CO, TN
(excerpts by FRAN
(READ originals,msh)
There is another deed/grant in MONTGOMERY CO,TN, which I can't
connect-it was in 1798 (to a MATHEW SELLERS)
NEED more history/deeds?
MUCH as been proven on BRUNSWICK CO,NC and I am sure there are other
counties that have NOT been PROVEN ?
THIS is about ALL I have - BUT, will continue to add/post info to any
county/state - ESPECIALLY, if children went to differant county, and
someone lived with them or next IS good info. THANKS, Jean-
marie, iowa

I have a book A Bicentennial History of Dekalb Co. TN by Thomas Gray Webb.
on page 37 it says on the creek below the mill the Melton and Sellars
Families were neighbos to each other in 1811. There were several in both
families: the Sellars family were Drury, Archibald, Mathew, John and his son

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>JEAN - I just saw a HART/SELLERS marriage or land deed transfer
>yesterday, when I was working in NC - can NOT find today- have a lot of
>papers to put away and perhaps will find again, doubt it.
>I don't have DeKalb Co,Tn history, but see many SELLERS /Harts listed in
>We need to know what county in NC they came from and went to-
>Also, Harts, Brasswells, Meltons=
>Thanks for sharing SELLERS.
>I do have excerpts from Mathew SELLERS will of 1857/60- listing 5 kids
>and wife,
>If you know where any went to, so we could connect to another county,
>might help others.Thanks for sharing SELLERS.
>marie, iowa

JEAN - Mathew SELLERS ca 1783/1868 will of Dekalb Co,Tn dated 1857 and codicil 1860= wife Charlotte dau Mary Braswell son William dau Dennias Smith dau Charity Kithcarty dau Canzada Williams Wit in 1857 - James A. Dunhann, John C. Cris, Mason M. Brien Wit in 1860=Joseph Clark, Edward Roberson, Francis Turnerd (he had considerable amount of slaves and land is NOT descriped-he had grandkids of deceased children, which he cut out of will) So from memory= this is yourMathew SELLERS 1781/3 - WE don't know parent- Someone did think there was an older Mathew Sellers here - But the one that came about 1800 to this area (may be called another county) probably same? GO to the minutes of the oldest county , these 3/4 counties made from and read - believe  we have some info posted. but, no PROVE on where they came from BUT, some of the other families seem to connect to NASH CO, NC and there, we have some in fo on John SELLERS and his land.- BUT, no direct relation to the SELLERS there! I thought we had posted Mathew Sellers will before, but, don't see - quite lenghty and not much info in same, except slaves names and amounts.- Maybe I could scan a copy to you - Santa did bring - pages must be pretty good to scan/send - but, these pages aren't too bad of shape - may practice! marie, iowa
Jean Owens wrote: >  On Carolyn's web page someone is writing to Carolyn about Mathew > Sellersin connection with my info. You were talking about a will of > Mathew Sellersdec/d 1861 son of Wm. Is this Mathew mine b 1783 NC. If > so his fathers name was Wm?Do you have any other info?JeanOkla.City