According to the 1830 census of Brunswick Co., North Carolina, my great-great-great grandfather
Almond Lewis Sellers (7.31.1807) lived there with his wife Prudence Robbins Sellers (3.3.1808)
and one child Edmond Eldred Sellers (1.1.1830). In the family bible of Almond and Prudence it is
listed that Almond had a sister Rebecca Sellers Boyd. Almond and Prudence left North Carolina in
late 1834 or 1835 and headed to Florida with three children in tow, a fourth was born around
Tallahasee, Florida 1836.
Any information related to Rebecca Sellers Boyd would be greatly appreciated.
Any information on the father & mother of Almond & Rebecca and whether they had any other
Any information on the Sellers of Brunswick Co., North Carolina around the time period of the late
1700's and early 1800's would be greatly appreciated.
thank you,
jayson sellers

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JAYSON, Is Rebecca Sellers Boyd the child you connect to? What we like
is the name of the child you connect to , who/when/where they married
and where they went and their kids names, etc.
We have several working on the Brunswick SELLERS and will link your name
to them and your page. Will add your family info/chart to your page,
Soon as you send! Thanks, marie, iowa
This is your page which links you to Brunswick Co, NC and others. We do
need more Texas info posted on some of these families. If you have
collected some info, please send.

The child I connect to would be my great-great-great grandfather Almond Lewis Sellers, born July
31st, 1807 in Brunswick County, North Carolina. I currently have most of the information
concerning his lineage. (I will be more than happy to share, though it will be a very long e-mail) What
I would like to establish is:
1. Did Almond Lewis Sellers have any siblings other than Rebecca Sellers Boyd?
2. Who were Almond Lewis Sellers' parents? (An Eldred Sellers is mentioned in the 1830 census as
living next door to Almond & Prudence Sellers, Almond also named his first born son Edmond
Eldred Sellers.)???

Almond Lewis Sellers, born: July 31, 1807 - Brunswick Co., North Carolina
            died: Jan. 7, 1879 - Coryell Co., Texas
            married: Jan. 15, 1829
            Prudence Robbins, born: March 3, 1808 - Brunswick Co., North Carolina
            died: Sept. 8, 1869 - Coryell Co., Texas

            Edmond Eldred Sellers
            Penelope Jane Sellers Boyd
            Mary Eliza Sellers Boyd
            Prudence Sellers
            Christopher Columbus Sellers
            Solomon Reeves Sellers
            Joel Lewis Sellers
            Sarah Ann Sellers Babb
            Elizabeth Margaret Sellers Young
            John Almond Sellers
            Simeon Sellers
            Angeline Sellers Knotts

Joel Lewis Sellers, born: January 27, 1841 - Pike Co., Alabama, would be my great-great