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Hi, my name is Janie Sellers and I am looking for information on my
grandfather John Lafayette Sellers who died in Washington County, Ga.  I was
told there is a sellers list. Could you please send info.

I'm looking for information on my gf John Lafayette Sellers b.Washing Co.
Ga. d.Aug. 14, 1938 Washington Co. Ga. His wife's name was Ella Blunt.  His
father was William Sellers. I think his mother's name was Elizabeth Launer.
Please help!

Thanks. I would give Us some Ages with these names.
Otherwise, we don't know which John or William SELLERS.

WE also Need any of the kids of JOHN and ELLA SELLERS, so the younger people can Find your family.

WHERE/WHEN any born/married/died is important in Proving!

WE only have a limited amount of info on WASH Co, GA and I didn't see these names?
I May Not be checking correct time area or place?
HAVE to Know this INfo, so others can check files for those
names/ages to match.

SHARING their kids/ages/places etc May be your best bet.

THANKS for understanding and sharing.
marie, iowa

John Lafayette Sellers (Fate) and Ella Blunt Sellers were my grandparents. There children are James, George, Hubert,
  Buddy, Cecil Daniel (my father) Martha, and Darnese. I think there are more sons. I don't know the birthdate of John or

  How old is Dad = CECIL DANIEL SELLERS?


  I did see a WILLIAM AND ELLA SELLERS in 1900
  decatar co, ga,
  BUT, no child CECIL DANIEL = or was he born later?

  YOU must SHOW dates/ages/places with your NAMES.
  SO others can find You and Your families.

  THIS INFO is available, you must try and find it and make a little chart or list, so we Know Where and When to look in
  records, etc.
  Thanks , marie, iowa

My father Cecil Daniel Sellers was born April 8,1923 in Washington Co. Ga. Died
December 28, 1996 in Carroll Co. Ga.
My Grandfather John Lafayette Sellers, went by the name Fate, was born in Washington
Co. I think around 1888. He died on Aug 14, 1938 in washington Co. According to his
death certificate his fathers name was William Sellers and his mothers name was
Elizabeth Launer. I do not have birth or death dates on either of them.