From: JANE

Wanted to let you know about a change.  Jane's page--formerly
> JRamsey587@AOL.com--new address is Spicetea@mindspring.com.

Young Sellers, son of Robert Sellers (Washington Co IN) married Ailey (Alice)
Monical in Morgan Co IN 1830.  She died 1840-1843 in Morgan Co IN.  He
remarried to Perlina Williamson in 1843.  By 1850 census, no trace of Young
Sellers.  His son Robert Young Sellers was living with Monical family in 1850
in Morgan Co.  His son Peter Sellers was living with Monical family in Clay
Co IL in 1850.  What became of Young Sellers?  Did he died 1843-1850?
 When/where?  When did Alice Monical Sellers die?    Any information greatly
appreciated and willing to share what I have.


There should be guardianship papers on the children - probably Morgan
Co- are they available?

Are you connected to one of his children? Where did they go?
We don't have much on these counties and would like a small chart of
and can add to this counties for others and perhaps they could link to
your family!

MOSES- YOUNG'S brother started the Sellersburg cemetary ca 1850 in Clark
Co, In- don't know if any unmarked graves in the SELLERS section?


probably go WAY down to the states/counties and look around
Thanks, marie, iowa

JRamsey587@aol.com wrote:
> Appreciate the response. So far, no record of land ownership, no wills, only
> a couple of 18 yr olds living with uncles. One of the sons (Robert) is my
> g-g-gr-father. I even have his old family bible--but he neglected to enter
> the birth & death dates of his parents. Wish he'd been better about keeping
> records. Maybe I can run across a descendant of his twin brother. Thanks.
> Jane

UNCLE MOSES SELLERS had a bible also=
dad, ROBERT , born 3-10-1765 (extracts, I have don't show death date,but
would be in there?)
his will written 11/1827/probated 2/1828

mom, Sarah Hall, born 2-9-1767, married 4-29-1767
mentions markers? in SHARON CEM (i believe, Wash Co)

ROBERT SELLERS had land in 1817 wash co, ind
and is divided by 1/11th in will
SON, JOHN dies/probate in 1839 - YOUNG is listed as heir =
1846 more? probate of JOHN SELLERS, dec'd = does NOT list YOUNG SELLERS
ALL from WASHINGTON CO, IND court records - mine are extracts,etc-
YOU would want copies of originals - but, you know where they are!

I still would like a small chart on your Robert and any info you have on
twin? brother Peter-
IF YOU look at our web pages, you can see how we link from one county to
another, where children went, etc.
PLEASE HELP - we don't have much/any on the children-
marie, iowa

Dear Marie--

Happy to share what I have, but I'd rather do it by snail mail--so if you'd
care to give me your snail-mail address--would be happy to send it.
(Translation- I'm pretty green at downloading files on the computer). If
Young Sellers is listed in 1846, that's a pretty good indication that he was
still alive---well maybe. Info on Peter is pretty sketchy and you'll see
why when I send you stuff.


JANE, thanks - I haven't checked/posted SHELBY CO, IL, did some of this
family go there?
WHERE did they go/about when?

Marie Sellers Hollinger
12871-285th Street
Mason City, Iowa 50401-9118

We have another member working on the ROBERT SELLERS family SR- but, I
don't believe he is a member now (was member of Prodigy, a few yrs ago)
connected to daughter Sarah, married Duckworth-
Don't have anyone working on YOUNG, maybe enter his name and connect to
your page - I just posted our letters under MORGAN CO,IND, so people can
contact you/people working this county!
Thanks for sharing SELLERS,
marie, iowa

Dear Marie--

Yes, he was still living in 1839.  He married for the second time to Perlina
Williamson in 1843.  Have also checked the 1850 mortality index for Morgan
Co.  That covers a period from Jun 1, 1849 to May 31, 1850--and he is not
recorded as dying during that period--nor is any of his family.  Young
Sellers is very frustrating.  I just want to know when/where/why he died
 (ditto for wife).  Its been a road-block for me for years.

Again--will be happy to share info, but need snail mail address.

YOUNG SELLERS had land = 1/11th of ROBERT/SARAH SELLERS in Wash Co,In-

AND HIS brother JOHN SELLERS had 1/11th of land also= and when he died
and probate was 1839? = YOUNG was listed as l/11th heir-
BUT, when another probate on JOHN SELLERS in 1846? YOUNG SELLERS is
NOT LISTED as heir - DEAD?
HAD to have probate on YOUNG SELLERS, somewhere - I believe LAND was ALL
IN WASH CO,IN then - My records may NOT COVER the later years-
MOSES SELLERS was adm for brother JOHN SELLERS - perhaps for YOUNG
SELLERS, also ? - although, I never knew WHY he went to MORGAN CO,?
OR was there another SELLERS here?(MEMORY, tries to remember a JAMES
SELLERS, close to this area- BUT, do NOT see on charts right now!

IS this BROTHER, Robert Sellers in Shelby Co, Il?? married Nancy Rodman?
I just have NOT worked on this family -  to LINK to other counties=
NEED your input/
THANKS,marie, iowa

Dear Marie--

Why was Young Sellers not listed in his brother's will--maybe dead, but maybe
just because he had his own family to be concerned with.   Young Sellers had
sold his land in Washington Co.  As to why he went north to Morgan Co--that's
easy.  The Monical's had lived in Washington Co IN at the same time.  I would
imagine that he went north to marry Alice Monical after her family moved.
 (Speculation).  If Young Sellers had no property--homestead or whatever,
(and he did not own any real estate in Morgan Co--at least as far as I've
been able to determine)  there might very well not have been an estate.  Just
personal belongings, etc.  Will print up my material and send it this week.

Jane - TN

YOUNG rec'd 1/llth of his parents land= HE HAD LAND in 1839?
When brother John died ca 1839 - Young is still listed as 1/11 owner
when another probate is held on brother John, Young is NOT listed in
1846- BUT, after rereading, EACH heir signs off their part and sells to
a Mr Carter - BUT, Young's part is NOT listed in 1846-
There may be MORE files in Wash Co, In, that were NOT included in my
exceprts - BUT, you'd think Morgan Co would be where they would be-
marie, iowa



Found Robert Sellers missing twin in Macon Co IL census 1860.  Listing for
Sellers Peter age 27, b IN.  Occ. Farmer.  Property $600.00 - 350.00  Also
listed Hannah 43, b VA, Sarah 5, b IL, Benjamin 1 b IL.  Also found a scrap
of info in my files that says Hannah's maiden name was Berry.

Also found 1850 - Keokuk Co IA.  the widow of Young Sellers--(Perlina
Williamson) now married to Thomas Hendrix 58 b NY, m. 20 Nov 1848.  Pollina
44 KY (Perlina Sellers) with Landers kids, with Williamson kids and with Hanna
h Sellers age 13.

Probable scenario--Young Sellers died, teen-aged boys (Robt & Peter) farmed
out to Alice Monical's brothers (or maybe boys farmed out about the time of
the marriage to Perlina) and Perlina moved on to IA, taking Hannah, her
stepdaughter with her.  --along with children from her marriages to ? Landers
and ? Williamson.  Whether she married in IL or IA, have no clue.
            Jane - TN

JANE, thanks-
this KEOKUK, IOWA info looks good-
married in 1848 Keokuk, Iowa-
Looks like Hannah born 1847 would be HER /and YOUNG SELLERS daughter-
they were married 1843 - (NO-see correction below,msh)

Don't know about MACON CO, IL?
WOULD like to read the 1860 MORGAN CO, IN census for the ROBERT and
PETER SELLERS listed there -

THANKS, Jane, and I know I owe you a letter from before!

SELLERS FAMILY GENEALOGY WEB PAGE and we are behind on postings=
very plain-lots of info-very LONG index-

marie, iowa

> You're wrong about Hannah Sellers, I think.  In 1850, she was 13.  That would
> make her date of birth ca 1837 and mean she was born 6 years before Young and
> Perlina were married--that would imply that she is  the daughter of Young
> Sellers by his first wife, (Alice Monical Sellers) not his second, Perlina
> (maiden name unknown) Landers Williamson Sellers.  Besides, Young and Alice
> Sellers had aleady named their sons (Robert & Peter) after their respective
> fathers Robert Sellers and Peter Monical.  The next progression would be to
> name their daughter after one of their mothers--and Hannah is the name of
> Alice's mother. (Hannah Yates Monical).  Question:  How/why did Perlina go to
> Keokuk Co IA?
> Jane
JANE, right! can't subtract! - I just quick glanced at census for
names/neighbors- sure, she came with someone- see if I have anything
else on Keokuk,Iowa, or if they stayed here, etc.
marie, iowa


Appreciate any lookup--wonder what the 1860 census might show.  Thanks--


             Robert Sellers (1765-1827)

             Jane <spicetea@mindspring.com>


Saw a recent posting for Robert Sellers in Washington/Clarke Co IN and
his children and wanted to respond.

Robert Sellers b 10 Mar 1765, d late 1827 m. Sarah "Sally" Hall b 9 Feb
1767 d. 7 Sep 1860.  Their children as follows:

1.  John Sellers b 1784-85 Burke Co NC m. 27 Nov 1827 (Washington/Clarke
Co IN) to Mary Johnson.        (Recheck-see my note below,msh)
2.  Elizabeth Sellers b 12 May 1785 m. Benjamin Simmons
3.  Sarah Sellers b 22 May 1787 m. John Duckworth
4.  Rebecca Sellers b 4 Dec 1788 n, Samuel Hartley
5.  Anna Sellers b 28 Mar 1790 m. Jacob Fisher
6.  Moses Wilkerson Sellers b 22 May 1796 Burke Co NC d 1 Jan 1868 m.
22 Feb 1817 Margaret Littell b 23 Jan 1797 Fayette Co PA
7.  Rachel H Sellers b 16 Aug 1798 d Washington Co IN m. 27 Feb 1817
Elder George Campbell d before Aug 1847
8.  Robert Sellers Jr. b 1800-1802 in TN d 1847-1850 Shelby Co IL m 29
Oct 1822 Nancy Rodman b 1804 NC
9.  Young Sellers b 1803-1804 TN/IN d 1843-1847 Morgan Co IN m. 24 Nov
1830 Alice Monical b 1810-1820 KY/IN d 1840-1843 Morgan Co IN.  Young m.
2nd 2 May 1843 Perlina Williamson
10.  Candace Sellers b 28 Feb 1805 IN m. 16 May 1833 James Cunningham
11.  Ambrose Carlton Sellers b 1807 IN m. 12 Aug 1830 Polly Shepherd
12.  Joshua Sellers d pre 1847 m 2 Jan 1823 Martha Hume

Robert is my 4 g-grandfather and am descended from Young Sellers & Alice
Monical.  Am interested in any help that would narrow down the birth &
death dates of Young and Alice Monical Sellers.  No record of owning
property in Morgan Co IN, no wills, no letters of guardianship for minor
children and they fall between the cracks on the 1840 & 1850 census.


JANE, thanks - recheck IN marriages - I can't find your posting =
1.  John Sellers b 1784-85 Burke Co NC m. 27 Nov 1827 (Washington/Clarke

Co IN) to Mary Johnson. = (WHERE ? msh)

I did find LA =Louisiana
  St. Landry Parish
  Johnson, Mary married Sellers, John on 27 Nov 1827 in St. Landry
Parish, Louisiana 

JANE, re: YOUNG SELLERS - His brother Moses SELLERS bible lists Young as
5-4-1805 - no death dates on kids.
I have been unable to get a copy of the Sellersburg Cemetery -
Believe this is on our Wash Co, IN page
Bible is/was still in family, Warren Stewart Sellers, Jeffersonville, In

I have a picture of him holding it, but, I haven't seen - I could
probably try and scan it, it anyone interested.
1840 Morgan Co, In = YOUNG SELLERS*, page 125 - Have you/anyone READ? is
Alice on that census?
Isn't Hannah 1837 last child?
If Alice is on 1840 census - can't estimate any closer than 1840-43