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THIS IS THE LINE I WORK ON!!! Isaac Sellers (Sollers) and Elisabeth Blackmore. Neat! Our line is thru their daughter Ruth, that married Matthew Perkins. Happy to excange. Janice Burton 

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Isaac Sellers/Sollers b. ca 1747, possibly in Montgomery Co. MD
He is "said" to be the son of Samuel Sollers, who d. 1784 in Lurgan Twp.
Cumberland Co. PA. Samuel's will was probated there 15 Mar 1784 (vol 2,
#3, pg 62.
Samuel listed 4 children: 1. John b. ca 1750, PA. 2. Samuel b. ca 1752,
PA. 3. Isaac (ours!) b. ca 1747-55 PA. 4. Margaret b. PA.
Samuel owned at least 100 acres in Hopewell Twp, Cumberland Co. PA. It
is likely he had a brother Nathaniel who d. 1789 in Lincoln Co. KY.

Isaac Sellers death is told in in the Draper Collection, under Kentucky
records, Spencer Records' Diary, (23CC1-108), 1789-series CC, pg 62-63.
His death was ca 1 Dec 1789 in Mason Co. KY.  "He was scalped, murdered,
and buried near his hunting camp near the North  fork of Licking"
His Estate papers are found in both Allegheny Co. PA and Mason Co. KY

I have Rev. War papers for an Isaac Sellers, from the Washington Co. PA
Militia.  He served as both a Private and Sargeant. Information found in
Vol 2, pg 692 in the PA Rev. War Records. Is this the right one?

The children of Isaac Sellers and Elizabeth Blackmore:
1. Nancy (Ann) d. 3 Aug 1823, Livingston Co. KY. m 7 Oct 1789 to
Laban    Record (brother to Spencer Record who documented Isaac's death)
   I have a family sheet on this family.
2. Mary (Jane) m. Alexander Buchanon 30 May 1797, Mason Co. KY
   I have a family sheet on this family
3. Ruth (mine!)b. ca 1778-82 PA m. 7 Sep 1797, Matthew Perkins,
Bracken    Co. KY. She d. between 1860-70, Clermont Co. OH
   Have limited family sheet for her.  Having trouble documenting
her    children.
4. Eleanore d. Clermont Co. OH, m. Samuel Lowe
5. Samuel b. 12 Jan 1784, m. 1803 Elisabeth Train, St. Claire Twp.   
Washington Co. PA.
6. Elisabeth m. 1st Samuel Ward, 2nd Jonathon Lyons, in IL
7. Isaac Jr. d. before 1825.

I also have information on the Blackmore Family.

JANICE, thank you - we will keep adding/linking to this family and perhaps will PROVE more down the road- I would like to see your child of Ruth/Mathew you connect to and WHERE they are? We don't have much of anything on her - We have Bracken Co marriages for PERKINS and CLERMONT co marriages for PERKINS - 1830/40/50/60 = CLERMONT CO, OHIO DID your child stay there or did they go where? that might help find some of the rest- I see NO wills and I didn't even see a land grant for Mathew- have you read the history of CLERMONT CO? When I did Bracken/Mason Co, I just did SELLERS! THERE might be something on them in those histories! I'll try and post what we have on CLERMONT (NOT much- but a start and perhaps someone else can help! THIS is all I have on ISAAC SELLERS WAR - I don't show they ever had a claim on it- Is there any other info in your papers? ADVISE-   March 4, 1782, ISAAC SELLERS Sgt in Capt Joseph Cissna's Co, Second Battalion,  Wash Co, Pa  Thanks Janice, marie, iowa

I own the "Hx. Clermont Co. OH", and have read "Hx. of Brown Co. OH",
where I have obtained much info.

I know quite a lot about Ruth, but little about her husband Matthew
Perkins, other than their marriage in Bracken Co. KY, with bondsman, Levi
Perkins.  I followed him too, but I havn't found where in PA the Perkins
were born or their parents.

The child of Matthew and Ruth that is our direct line is:
Aaron G. Perkins, b. ca 1803, Bracken Co. KY.
He m. Mary Ann Richey, 11 July 1829, Clermont Co. OH
They lived in both Clermont and Brown Co. OH, and eventually followed
their daughter Harriet Ellen Perkins and her husband William E. Burton to
Owen Co. IND. in 1860.  The Burtons moved on to IL. but Aaron and Mary
Ann did not. 
Family tradition says he was killed by a train, but I don't know when or
where.  Mary Ann returned to OH by 1870, and is listed living with her
sister in Brown Co. OH.

Aarons sister Elisabeth Dobbins moved to Fulton Co. IL.

Matthew didn't leave a will unfortunately, and he only owned a little

                      Still Digging!   Janice Burton

From:          jmrwpb@juno.com (Janice R Burton)     To:          mari@netins.net Hi Marie_ I'm not sure what to believe about Isaac Sellers right now.  Robert C. Sollars at sollars@concentric.net , informs me that "the Isaac Sollars that attained the rank of sergeant in the Rev. War, lost his life at Ft. McIntosh, just above Pittsburg".  He says some of the DAR people joined assuming the McIntosh Isaaac was ours. He also tells me that Isaac Sollers b 17 Feb 1749, Baltimore MD is s/o Abraham and Ann of Anne Arundel Co. MD, and the HE married Elizabeth Blackmore in Frederick Co. MD in 1772. He states she is the d/o Samuel Blackmore. Where did all these different interpretations come from.  I am confused, big time!!! And then there is Isaac Sellers s/o Samuel Sellers/Sollars, supposedly b. ca 1747-55 in PA.  This Isaac had brothers John and Samuel and sister Margaret.  Old Samuel had a will probated 15 Mar 1784 in Lurgan Twp Cumberland Co. PA.  Supposedly he had a brother Nathaniel, and MAY BE the son of David. (but don't bet on it) Anyway- - -I havn't a clue anymore as to who our Isaac really is.  Any bright ideas?                                         Befudled,    Janice
JANICE, I had heard about Abraham SELLERS, being parent of Isaac Sellers- proven how, ? I did NOT know that Isaac SELLERS, PA REV WAR, died in FtMcIntosh- MUST BE papers available - NEED COPIES OF proof= SOME have posted the Samuel SELLERS died 1784 Cumberland with children =Isaac, JOHN, SAMUEL, MARGARET and a brother Nathaniel as POSSIBLE  Connection to KY 's ISAAC that died 1789-(Mason and Harrison Co's)and connection to PA (Alleghany and Wash Co,PA) AND we also have an ISAAC that died ky in 1799 Harrison and ?) that some believe connected to same SANUEL died 1784- I am trying to make some links from the Samuel in Harrison Co, Ky, Rev War, that was  enlisted in  1777 CUMBERLAND CO,PA - to make a clearer picture- Have posted some info under Alleghany/Washington Co,Pa and we probably need more under Cumberland Co, etc We probably need some newer wills , perhaps on the SELLERS that stayed in Pa- The Samuel Sellers in Harrison Co, was also in McIntosh's indian expedition! have his papers- Never tried to get ISAACS, I quess - BETTER TRY- marie, iowa

JANICE, thanks, makes you wonder about some of those DAR papers?
If you read all of our letters and see how many are trying to connect to the
same SAMUEL SELLERS" ! Must prove out the info!
Robert C. Sollars is a good researcher and I'm sure this is proven out -
Many good church records in MD for baptisms, etc.
We had a Paul and Abraham SELLERS/SOLLARS from Bucks/Mont Co,Pa that went
to  Md - but, believe they immigrated ca 1728, so, must be a differant
Send your chart when you get it remade and tell me what to delete.
Thanks for sharing - that's how we made corrections/progress. marie, iowa
Janice R. Burton wrote:

> Two things have come to light:
> 1. The Isaac Sellers/Sollers that served in the Rev. War lost his life
> at Ft. McIntosh, just above Pittsburgh.  Apparently several people have
> joined the DAR mistaking the McIntosh Isaac for ours.  Too bad.
> 2. I have rejected Samuel Sollers as the father of the Isaac that
> married Elizabeth Blackmore. (It looks like anyone researching an Isaac
> tries to tie him to the Blackmores). Based on research of Robert C.
> Sollars, my Isaac was b. 17 Feb 1749 in Baltimore MD, s/o Abraham and
> Ann Sollers, of Anne Arundel Co. MD, and that he m. Eliz. Blackmore in
> Frederick Co. MD in 1772.
> Robert Sollers also declares the father of Isaac, Abraham Sollers was b.
> ca 1712 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co. MD, and died there before
> 1776.
> More on this another time.    Janice

I am searching for information on Harrison Perry SELLERS mother-in-law,
a PERKINS, and received this information. I am passing it along in case
it may be of interest.

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> Subject:      PERKINS
> Susan
> I have no direct connection to give you, but here is my file card of
> info on
> Rebecca PERKINS in hopes that it will help.
> Good hunting - Jim
> PERKINS, m 1
> Apr 1832 to Abram LIMING in Clermont Co OH, d 22 Jan 1875 in Hancock
> County
> IN. The 1870 c of Hancock County shows that she was living then at age
> 58.
> In her name was $4800 of property, quite a sum. John, her unmarried
> son of
> twenty-six years, was farming the property. Lucinda, her divorced
> daughter
> of thirty-five was also living there with daughters Sophronia (12) and
> Eliza J (10).  Rebecca's  parents Matthew PERKINS and Ruth SELLERS
> were m 7 Sep 1797 in Bracken Co KY. He was b ca 1775 in PA and she
> 1778-82
> PA. Ruth SELLERS was dau of Isaac SELLERS and Elizabeth BLACKMORE
> Matthew and Ruth had moved from KY to Clermont Co OH by 1820 (1820
> Census),
> and were living in 1850 (1850 Census). They had thirteen ch according
> to
> the 1820 Census. Known ch were: Aaron G PERKINS b ca 1803 KY m Mary
> Ann
> Richey 11 July 1829 Clermont Co OH, Elizabeth b ca 1802 KY m James
> Alexander DOBBINS 14 Dec 1826 Clermont Co OH, Lucinda m John LAMBERT
> 11 )ct
> 1829 Clermont Co OH, Rebecca m Abraham LEMING 1 Apr 1832 Clermont Co
> OH,
> Elenor m John LAMBERT 11 Oct 1829 Clermont Co OH, Jane m Nathan FENTON
> 18
> Mar 1838 Clermont Co OH, Hamilton H. m Eliza Ann HAMILTON 5 Jun 1843,
> and
> Isaac m Margaret EMERY 13 Sep 1820 Clermont Co OH. 
> Information on the PERKINS family, parents and siblings of Rebecca,
> comes
> from Janice R. Burton at jmrwpb@juno.com. You may want to contact her,
> and
> when you do, send on my regards.

JANICE - Thanks for sending ANY corrections - I believe I posted a
letter from you before on this subject, but , didn't study it. - Please
try and answer my questions to your info and will see what we have/need.

Janice R. Burton wrote:

> This is to clarify previous information submitted.
> The Isaac Sellers (Sgt) tht fought at Fort McIntosh also died there.

Who is this Isaac SELLERS - where do we have him listed?

>  He
> was NOT the Isaac that married Elizabeth Blackmore!
> That Isaac (that m. Eliz.) was b. 17 Feb 1712 in St. James Parish,
> Baltimore MD.  He m. Elizabeth Blackmore ca 1772 in Frederick Co. MD,
> and d. in Dec 1789 in Mason Co. KY/ (Actually he was killed by Indians
> in a Hunting Camp.)

We do list an ISAAC SELLERS/ELIZ BLACKMORE as died ca 1789 Mason Co, KY
with land in Allegheny, Pa in 1789 (which was Westmoreland /Washington

I show NO proof to BLACKMORE.- Should check the BLACKMORE records and
the MARDLAND church records. WE have several posted on SELLERS from the
MD churches - probably more not posted.
AND maybe BLACKMORES there and NOT posted/extracted-
IF SOMEONE has posted an ISAAC SELLERS born 1712 St. James Parish,
please send OR quess we could read it ourselves, you did give us the
But, we would need to prove the marriage or a will of BLACKMORE with
daughter Elizabeth SELLERS
AND we need to prove if same ISAAC SELLERS-

There are several BLACKBURNS connected to the JOHN SELLERS family of MD

> He served in the Rev. War as a Private, in the Youghegenia Militia,
> Westmorland Co., from 14 Sep 1778 to 1 Jan 1779.  He served under
> Commander Capt. James Wright.  He received a Warrent #294 in 9 June
> 1789.

PA archives did list one ISAAC SELLERS with Rev War - believe it was
under Wash Co,Pa archives - I did post this unit # on page - have NO
other info, except name of unit they listed.

> This Isaac is the s/o Abraham Sollers and Ann of Ann Arundel Co. MD.
> Abraham Sollers was the s/o Robert Sollers and Mary Selby.  Robert
> Sollers was the s/o John Sollers and Ann Sabrell/Sabrett.

ROBERT SELLERS will of 1749 MD does NOT list an Abraham SELLERS, so, we
must have land deeds to son Abraham to PROVE? =AND then a will or land
deed of Abraham to son ISAAC=.

> Hope this straightens out a lot of misconceptions.
>                              Janice Burton

JANICE, thanks - We need the above source of info/proof/documents  to
prove anything. If  I/WE don't have, WE  will order it. WE want ALL
documents posted - there's enough to speculate on-  marie, iowa