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ok here goes....... my name is Jamie Lynn Hyldahl born
8/20/84 my mother is
Robin Diane Sellers born 3/26/63 hre dad is
Donald sellers born 12/11/36 his father is
Carl Sellers born 7/27/1904 died 2/1984 his father is
William Sellers born 1861 died 1930 his father is
minyard Sellers born may 26, 1836 and his fathers is
James Sellers the 3rd born on may 8, 1824 died 1900 his father is
James Sellers the 2nd born october 29,1792 died dec 14, 1853 his father
James Sellers the 1st born in 1759 died dec 20, 1843 in the revolutionary war in NC

Maybe, start with Minyard SELLERS 1836 and list his wife,marriage and kids and
WHICH child you connect to =
and who married/when, etc
and their child , etc.

THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

       Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:59:11 EST

Ok Minyard Sellers born May 26, 1863 in Grainger Co., TN
Died july 7 1863 married Polly Trunbough .
His father James Sellers the 3rd born may 8, 1824 died 1900 he married Katherin Bowers born April 9, 1827 they married on feb 28 1847
James Sellers the 2nd born october 29 1792 died Dec
14, 1853 married Elizabeth Brock on April 22, 1817.
James Sellers the 1st married a woman
named Sarah ? he was born  in 1759 and died dec 20 1843
his father is George Sellers and George Sellers mom's name is Mary ?

    Elizabeth Brock's parents are George Brock born abt 1791
and Amey Dyer. Amey's parents are Elisha Bluford Dyer born1750 Caroline Co.
VA and died Feb 1816 in warren Co, KY his wife is Amy Laws born 1748 and
died 1812 Elisha's parents are John Dyer born about 1710 Atrim Parish, VA and
died 1773 hailfax co, Va and his wife is priscilla Bluford

Katherin Bowers parents are Andrew Bowers born about 1798
his wife is Katherine Howeth born Aug 14, 1800 and died Aug 30, 1841 her
dad is William Howeth.

hope this is helpful.......Jamie Hyldahl

JAMIE, thanks, appreciate the info and also the notes on the BROCK family.

WHAT I really would like to have is MINYARD SELLERS' kids, where born and where they went to , so we can link them to MO? and etc. and follow where they went.

I see you have JAMES SELLERS 1759 connected to a GEORGE SELLERS. Kinda interested in any proof on this?
Thanks for helping. I did link you to the Grainger Co, TN page where many of these families started.
AND would like to link you to MO, etc where your family went and I'm sure you can tell me faster than I can look up!
Thanks, marie, iowa

       Fri, 25 Jan 2002 14:11:23 EST

Do you have a fax because I don't have all this stuff on my
computer just hand written or printed. I have things that you would like
to see. I'll try to find the info you are asking but I have so many papers I
am having a hard time finding what you are asking for.   Jamie

       Tue, 29 Jan 2002 23:12:14 EST

I have tried to send you a fax but it says I have the wrong
area code or wrong number or something like that. I have the info you
would like to have..... Someone just sent this to me I hope this helps a


                     WINWORD File (application/rtf)

JAMIE, thank you for sharing chart on JAMES SELLERS 1759 and
his family.

I don't know if these can ALL be proven or Not?
WE NEED more documents for proof?

Will send thru our SELLERS group for help. As most of them
are the ones who
have shared the documents on these families.

I will point out what we/I DON'T have Or see documents on=

JAMES SELLERS 1759 did NOT have a son BORN 1802.
per the 1810 NC BURKE CO, NC census

It is Possible JOHN SELLERS 1802 misstated his age
If born 1802 and married 1822 , would he have a bondsman on
his marriage?
Land records may show a connection to help prove?

ROBERT SELLERS could be born 1800 (wife Mary was born 1801
in 1850 census)

IN 1815 GRAINGER CO, TN we only have JAMES SELLERS Land and
we have
NO 1820 census, so we must use land records and county
minutes for documents.

Marriages and all possible kids of JAMES SELLERS 1759=
 SELLERS, James         B620 BROCK, Elizabeth
SELLERS, Robert        I342 IDOLS, Mary
 SELLERS, Syntha        D325 DOTSON, Samuel Jr.
 (SELLERS, Rebecca      J250 JACKSON, Jacob
(per 1850 census, Rebecca was born ca 1798 NC)
JAMES SELLERS 1759 does not have a daughter living at home
this age IN 1830
IF Sarah SELLERS is his dau or BETSY SELLERS 1800 is dau and
living at home)

YES, we have maybe 3-4 females that may have married and
stayed in NC? or
married and came with?
Some of the Land records in Burke Co, NC, may help show
these other marriages?

WE are in GRAINGER CO, TN in 1815.

JAMES SELLERS 1759 and female 1760/70 have a
male 1810/15 and a
female 1800/1810

1832-34 Grainger Co,Tn Tax List=
James SELLERS, 100 acres

ARE these SON'S?

ROBERT SELLERS dies before 1840 = widow Mary SELLERS born ca

1840 JAMES SELLERS 1759 is living in Bradley Co, Tn with
female 1790/1800 and
Close to David SELLERS 1810/20

JAMES SELLERS 1759 dies ca 1843 = 3 heirs =
JAMES SELLERS and two others, unnamed

James Sellers,  son 1791
SARAH SELLERS? UNMARRIED daughter? (NOT married in 1843)
or possible dil, but , others aren't named
and if a dau SARAH married a GOFORTH? when/where? she
wouldn't be a SELLERS,
unless married after 1843.

NONE of the other widows (MARY, )  are included in HEIRS?
are they?

AND, yes we have an ELIZABETH SELLERS 1800 here in 1850
WHERE has she been?
IS she a dau or dau in law?

WE only have 3 HEIRS in 1843?

ANY HELP explaining these questions, would be Appreciated.
Thanks, marie, iowa

About James Sellers, Sr.:
Military service: Bet. 1779 - 1780, Revolutionary War

Children of James Sellers, Sr. are:
 2 i. Margaret2 Sellers.  She married Clemmons4.
 3 ii. Nancy Sellers.
 4 iii. Ruth Sellers.
 5 iv. Sarah Sellers.  She married Goforth4.
+ 6 v. James Sellers II, born 29 October 1791 in Chatham or
Burke County,
North Carolina; died 14 December 1853 in Dillard, Crawford
County, Missouri.
 7 vi. Rebecca Sellers4, born 1797 in North Carolina4.  She
married Jacob Jackson 10 March 1831 in Grainger County County, Tennessee4.
 8 vii. Elizabeth Sellers, born 1800 in North Carolina4.

Notes for Elizabeth Sellers:
Was still in the 1850 Grainger County, Tennessee census.  ld

+ 9 viii. John Sellers, born 12 August 1802 in North
Carolina; died 19 September 1860 in Grainger County, Tennessee.
 10 ix. Robert Sellers, born 18054; died Abt. 18404.  He
married Mary Idol4 30 January 1823 in Grainger County County, Tennessee4.

(I forwarded letter from  Rollie  that was for JAMIE GRAVELLE and it confused her and me , msh)
Then I forwarded the Original letter from JAMIE GRAVELLE that pertained to SIMPSON)